Amazon Keeps Selling Out Of These 72 Cheap Things That Make Great Gifts

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As someone who spends nearly every single one of her waking hours perusing Amazon, if you lean in close I'll tell you a secret: the things that are always selling out are some of the best finds on the site. Think about it. If something is always out of stock, it must be pretty popular, right? And while popularity doesn't necessarily equate to quality, I've made sure to do my research before putting this list together — that's why all the cheap, awesome things you'll find below are absolutely worth the money, and they also happen to make some pretty great gifts.

But if you're still a little skeptical? Not a problem, as even the most cursory glance at the products I've gathered for you will change your mind. For example, there's an affordable set of curtain lights that cast a romantic glow no matter where you put them — and they're even durable enough to be used outside for the ultimate party. Or, if you're more into gadgets than you are decor, there's also a handy digital alarm clock with a wireless phone charger built into the top. There are floating shelves that won't break the bank, bartending kits to get the drinks flowing at home, and even a compact knife sharpener that takes up very little space.

So what are you waiting for? These affordable Amazon finds won't stay in stock for long — better keep scrolling and add a few to your cart while you still can.


These Buttery-Soft Leggings With 15,000 Five-Star Reviews

A reliable pair of leggings makes a great gift for anyone who appreciates athleisure’s versatility, comfort, and style and these have rave reviews from thousands of fans who repeatedly dubbed them the best they’d ever owned. With more than 20 colors available, plus a range of styles including full-length, capri, and pocketed, you’re bound to find the perfect choice for the lucky person on your list.


An Ergonomic Pillow That Can Help You Sleep Better

This foam wedge pillow can be used in multiple ways, and shoppers swear by it for helping to relieve everything from snoring to back pain. Whether it’s finding just the right angle to sleep comfortably, propping yourself up for reading or streaming, or even elevating legs and feet, you (or someone else) will get a ton of functionality from it. There are two sizes to choose from, and it comes with a washable cover.


A Clever Shelf That Transforms Empty Corners Into Boutique Storage Nooks

This best-selling floating corner shelf makes a functional, sculptural addition to any room. It has five tiers and holds up to 11 pounds of weight, with a height measuring just over 48 inches high that lends well to a variety of spaces. It comes in eight different colors, and, according to reviewers, it’s easy to both assemble and install.


A Tray Table That Elevates Your Weekend Lounge Game (Pun Intended)

A bed tray with folding legs can become almost anything your recipient wants on a lazy weekend. A spot for breakfast in bed? Check. A surface for journaling? Check. A place to prop up a tablet for streaming? Also check. At just under 18 inches long and 12 inches across, it’s an ideal size for all these activities and more. In lightweight bamboo, it’s both durable and water-resistant.


A Gentle Detangling Brush That Works On Literally All Hair Types

Why yes, a detangling hairbrush can be the perfect gift — especially when it has an ergonomic handle, soft yet flexible bristles, and an adaptability that makes it glide through both straight and curly hair, wet or dry. It comes in six different colors, and not only promises painless detangling, but minimal damage to hair, too. More than 50,000 shoppers have added it to their carts for those very reasons.


An Organic Face Oil Loaded With Antioxidants

For the skincare lover in your life, this organic vitamin E oil can be used for a whole host of concerns. It contains sunflower oil, jojoba, avocado, and rice bran, and is available in both scented and unscented options that are safe for sensitive skin. Each serum is made in small batches by a company in South Carolina that donates a portion of their proceeds to nonprofits, making this a gift that truly keeps on giving.


A Brilliant Kitchen Gadget That Saves So Much Time (And Cupboard Space)

This handy clip-on strainer snaps straight onto pots and pans for streamlined straining and draining — cutting down on dishes washed and replacing bulky colanders in one fell swoop. Plus, food stays warmer since you won’t have to transfer it out of already-hot cookware. It comes in four bright colors, and it’s dishwasher-safe.


A Gorgeous Resin Wine Opener For Oenophiles & Novices Alike

This elegant wine opener not only serves an important purpose in the kitchen, but it also offers a variety of stunning inlay choices for the stainless steel handle, from moonstone to rich polished wood, so you can select your lucky recipient’s favorite color. Plus, a bottle opener attachment and serrated knife are also included, so even the outer foil on that wine bottle is no match.


This Pet Hair Brush That Can Detangle The Shaggiest Fur Baby Coat

If there’s a pet-lover on your list, take note of this deshedding brush. It has a dual-head design with two different types of teeth that handle specific needs; the bigger metal bristles are better for de-matting, while the smaller teeth are just right for everyday grooming. It’s great for cats and dogs, and can easily handle both long and short fur.


These Foot Peel Masks That Deliver Pro-Worthy Pedicure Results From The Comfort Of Home

Complete a spa-themed gift basket or stocking with a pack of two foot peel masks, which soften and soothe dry feet. Recipients are pretty much required to pamper themselves, since they take 60 minutes to use, plus ten minutes of daily soaking for the weeks following. The results are incredible, and reviewers’ photos are not for the faint of heart — which explains why, with nearly 15,000 reviews, they have an impressive 4.5 stars. Get them in three scents; aloe vera, tea tree oil, and peppermint.


These Tried & True Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls That Make Meal Prep A Snap

Whether the home chef in your life needs a cupboard refresh, or one of your loved ones is stocking their first kitchen, this set of nesting stainless steel mixing bowls will make a great gift. Sizes range from ¾ quart to 8 quarts, which lend themselves well to everything from wrangling kitchen scraps to tossing a salad. They’re lightweight, dishwasher-safe, naturally rust-proof, and even freezer-safe, too.


A Sophisticated Cutting Board You Can Have Custom Engraved

Yep, you can get customized gifts on Amazon. This personalized cutting board can be monogrammed with the first names, last name, and a date that’s significant to the couple or family you’re gifting it to. There are three sizes to choose from, and you can also select between maple and walnut wood. Whether it’s Thanksgiving prep or a serious charcuterie spread, you can be assured they’ll reach for this thoughtful gift often.


A Dreamy Sleep Mask With Built-In Bluetooth Headphones

If you know a traveler or someone who likes to listen to music or white noise as they drift off the sleep, these wireless sleep headphones may be the perfect gift. They’re designed to block out light and provide and immersive stereo audio experience — they even have a microphone so you can take or make calls while wearing them.


A Pair of Spa-Worthy House Slippers That Can Be Worn All Year Long

Comfy slippers are almost always a good idea no matter who you’re shopping for. With memory foam insoles, a plush fleece lining, and durable rubber soles, these clog slippers are cozy and practical. Six sizes are available that can accommodate a range of adult feet, plus there’s a rainbow of colors to choose from so you can find a match for everyone on your list.


An Infinity Scarf With Not One But Two Hidden Pockets

An infinity scarf with pockets? Yes, please. The lucky people who get this surprisingly functional scarf will be able to enjoy warmth and style along with two inside pockets that can hold keys, a phone, headphones, lip balm, and more. There are a dozen colors and patterns to choose from, and the feather-soft bamboo rayon blend is fully machine-washable, too.


These Quick-Drying Hair Towels That Reduce Heat Damage

These absorbent hair towels mop up more water than traditional cotton terry, which means less time spent under the dryer for healthier hair long-term. The microfiber is gentle on fragile strands, which tamps down frizz, and they stay put thanks to an elastic loop that anchors the twist. They’re lighter than traditional bath towels, too, and come in 10 different colors and styles.


These Cozy Socks That Are Perfect For Cold Winter Nights

Everyone can use more cozy socks (I don’t make the rules). These comfy fleece-lined socks have everything you or your loved ones could need this time of year, including an impossibly deep fleece lining, gel traction dots on the bottom for zipping across wood or tile floors, and a marled cable knit that comes in more than 40 styles — including some with adorable pom poms.


These Wind-Proof Gloves That Work With Most Touchscreens

What’s better than a pair of sleek, warm winter gloves? A pair of sleek, warm winter gloves with touchscreen capabilities. They’re great for casual wear or outdoor workouts in the elements — not only can you still use your phone, but they also have silicone texture on the outer palm for gripping it securely come rain or snow.


A Pretty Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace With Four Premium Essential Oils

Aromatherapy enthusiasts will love this essential oil diffuser pendant necklace, which comes with four oils — there are two sets are available to choose from — along with eight washable colored pads that absorb and hold scents and coordinate with whatever you’re wearing. It’s made of stainless steel, and the locket has two magnets to ensure the pads stay in place.


A Streamlined Hand Warmer That’s Also A Portable Charger

Wait, is it a hand warmer or a portable power bank? Technically, it’s both. This clever gadget is pocket-sized and holds up to 7 hours of warmth with three heat levels to choose from. Even better, it takes only 30 seconds to warm up after being turned on and is easily recharged via USB. Get it in one of four different colors.


This Heated Coaster That Keeps Your Drinks Warm

You don’t have to keep nursing that cold cup of coffee — just keep it warm using this heated coaster. The temperature is adjustable up to three levels so that your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate stays as toasty as you like, and automatically shuts off after four hours for safety. (Plus, the heating plate is splashproof in the event of a spill.)


A Coffee Maker That Can Do Cold Brew

Tired of buying expensive cold brew from the store? Save yourself a few dollars and make your own using this pour-over coffee maker. Not only can it make cold brew as well as regular coffee, but the borosilicate glass combined with the corded cork center looks minimalist chic on your kitchen countertop.


This Sleek Mug That Helps Drinks Stay Warm

Know someone who needs their cup of joe in the morning? Get them this insulated mug — or grab one for yourself if you like to sip coffee slowly. The inside is lined with ceramic so that your coffee’s flavor remains consistent, and each order even comes with a travel lid to help prevent spills.


A Bottle That Infuses Fresh Fruit Flavors Into Water

Looking for ways to cut down on your sugar consumption? This infusion water bottle offers a delicious alternative to soda. Simply add your favorite fruits to the middle, and their flavors will gradually seep out into the water. Plus, each order also comes with an insulating sleeve to keep it chilled.


These Lint Removers That You Can Use Over & Over

Pilling, fuzzies, lint — you name it, these metal clothes brushes can help whisk it away. Unlike sticky sheet rollers, you can use these brushes over and over again without having to buy any refills. “I vacuum every few days, but this tool is incredible,” raved one reviewer. “It gets out SO much dog hair, human hair, dust, etc.”


A Wireless Door Bell With 52 Melodies

Not only does this wireless door bell come pre-loaded with 52 distinct tones (so you’re guaranteed to find one you actually like hearing when company calls) but it also has a range of up to 1,000 feet. That means you can place the speaker nearly anywhere in your home so that it’s easy to hear — and each order even comes with batteries included.


A Wireless Tracker For Keys, Wallets, & More

Always misplacing your wallet or keys? This truly smart item finder can help. Simply loop one of the tags onto your key ring, or slip one into your wallet. Then, when your item goes missing, you can press the corresponding button on the remote to have the tag let out a loud ring, making it easy to locate.


A Window Planter That Keeps Plants Hydrated

With a reservoir hidden inside the base, this self-watering planter can keep your plants flourishing for up to two weeks before you need to water them again. The narrow design makes it perfect for windowsills — and it comes in two colors: white or black.


A Tiny Kit To Grow Your Own Bonsai Tree

Looking for a fun activity the whole family can enjoy? Try growing your own bonsai tree with help from this bonsai starter kit. Bonsai trees can be kept indoors as well as outdoors at any time of the year — and no stratification is needed in order for the seeds to grow, so even black thumbs can get in on the action.


A Funky Cat That Holds Your AirPods For You

Leaving your AirPods sitting out is an easy way to lose them — so let this funky cat hold onto them for you instead. The paws are large enough for every iteration of AirPod, including the pros. Plus, one reviewer even noted that it could also be used to hold pens.


This Air Popper With A Built-In Butter Melter

What’s popcorn without some melted butter drizzled on top of it? This air popper not only lets you enjoy freshly popped kernels, but there’s also a butter melting dish built into the top that softens pats of butter using the machine’s natural heat while it works. And, unlike some air poppers, this one doesn’t require any oil to get your corn popping.


These Detoxifying Soaps Made With Essential Oils

Peppermint, tea tree, and chamomile are only a few of the soothing scents you’ll find in this set of herbal soaps. Each bar is made with aromatic essential oils to help leave you smelling refreshed. They’re even cruelty-free, as well as suitable for all types of skin.


A Kit That Lets You Grow Fresh Herbs Indoors

You don’t need to have a green thumb in order to grow your own fresh herbs — just grab this herb garden starter kit. It comes with everything you need to get stared, including pots, dirt, seeds, and markers. Plus, each order comes with seeds for four types of herbs: basil, cilantro, parsley, sage, and thyme.


A Natural Bubble Bath Made With Soothing Lavender

There’s no better way to relax after a long day than with a relaxing soak — and this lavender bubble bath can help calm your mind as it washes away the day’s grime. The plant-based formula is tear-free contains jojoba proteins to help nourish dry skin while you’re in the tub.


A Cell Phone Stand Made From Sleek Bamboo

You don’t have to hold your phone up to watch videos — let this tech stand do all the holding for you. It’s made from sleek bamboo that looks good wherever you put it, and you can even use it with larger tablets. Choose from two shapes: kung fu or horse.


A Faceted Bluetooth Speaker That Gets The Party Started

Not only is this Bluetooth speaker waterproof, but it also features seven color-changing LED lights to help you get the party started. It’s small enough to take with you when camping, yet loud enough that you can hear it from multiple rooms over — and it even has a wireless range of up to 33 feet.


A Snug Fleece Pullover With Stylish Color-Blocking

Pair this pullover with a pair of leggings, and you’ve instantly got a cute yet comfy outfit for running errands (or just relaxing on the couch). It’s made from soft sherpa material, with a kangaroo pocket on the front to keep your hands warm. Choose your favorite hue from more than 10 colorways.

Available sizes: X-Large — 4X


These Luxe Hippie-Chic Rings Built For Stacking

Stack these dainty rings on your fingers to create a cute festival-inspired vibe. They’re made from high-quality copper with gold-colored plating for style — and one reviewer even wrote that “the resin opals and faux diamonds look great.” Each order comes with 10 rings.


A Set Of Modern Metallic Hair Clips That Are Stylish Yet Sturdy

Can’t decide whether you want silver or gold hair clips? This set of 10 gives you the best of both metallic worlds. The geometric shapes lend them a modern feel — and many reviewers with thick hair reported that they were able to successfully hold their strands in place.


These Soft Comfy Ribbed Headbands With A Twist

Tired of hair falling in your face? Use these headbands to keep it held back. They’ve got a cute knot in the middle for a little bohemian vibe — and they’re aren’t so tight that they’ll end up giving you a tension headache.


This Temporary Hair Color That Washes Right Out

If you’re looking to change up your hair without any commitment, try running this hair chalk comb through your strands. The color washes out with a single shower, but can last for up to three days if left untouched. And if you aren’t into blue? You also have the choice of more than 15 other shades.


A Travel Bag For All Your Cables & Wires

Charging cables, external batteries, tablets — this organizer bag has room for all of it and more. Not only is it great for keeping all your electronics wrangled, but the water-repellent nylon exterior also helps keep them safe from rain. Choose from three colors: pink, blue, or black.


The Handcrafted Candle You Can Personalize

I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t appreciate a good scented candle, and this one even comes with the option to personalize the label with your own custom message. The best part? Each one is handcrafted in small batches from eco-friendly soy wax.


A Body Scrub Made With Peppermint & Rosemary

There’s nothing wrong with flaking skin — it’s a fact of life — but if you’d like to exfoliate away all that dryness, try using this body scrub. Soybean oil works to restore moisture while sugar granules gently smooth rough areas. Plus, the blend of peppermint, rosemary, and lavender leve behind an invigorating scent.


A Customized AirPods Pro Case

When you’ve got multiple sets of AirPods in one household, this personalized earbuds case is an absolute must-have in order to keep everything straight. It’s also dirt-resistant as well as shockproof — and your name is custom-printed using a UV laser so that it won’t peel off.


This Discreet Jewelry Organizer With A Small Footprint

Got a ton of jewelry, but not a lot of real estate to keep it sorted? Allow this accessory organizer to help you out. Five separate compartments give you room to keep your rings, earrings, bracelets, and more organized — and the stacked design saves tons of counter space.


Some Dice That’ll Spice Up Boring Weeknight Dinners

Give these fun dice a roll the next time you can’t decide what to cook. Each one is printed with either a protein, cooking method, carbohydrate, or herb — and they’re made so that the ingredients will go well together. Plus, they all come packaged in a convenient drawstring bag.


A Fun Lip Balm That Tastes Like Bourbon

Not only does this chapstick smell and taste like bourbon, but it’s also made with hydrating ingredients — vitamin E, cocoa butter, beeswax, and more. “Fantastic lip balm,” raved one reviewer. “It smells of bourbon without coming off alcoholic. I had dry, chapped, and frankly gross lips when it arrived and now two days later im doing great.”


A Kit That Delivers On-Trend Coffin Nails

Sometimes the only way to get extra-long nails is to put on fake ones — and this manicure kit comes with all the supplies you need for gorgeous, coffin-tipped nails. The nails are break-resistant, and the glue is formulated to last for more than 21 days of wear.


An Adorable Bookmark That Looks Like The Loch Ness Monster

Instead of using that folded tissue as a bookmark, why not have some fun with this little Nessie? Shaped to look like a cute version of the Loch Ness monster, its non-slip design won’t let it slide off your pages if it gets bumped. Choose from three colors: green, turquoise, or purple.


A Gallery Wall That Does The Decorating For You

Got a blank wall in your home that could use some decor? Slip these botanical prints into frames, then arrange them however you like to create a stunning accent. “Very cute addition to my guest room!” raved one reviewer. “Great quality, look like they’re drawn by hand.”


These Handmade Vegan Bath Bombs

Nothing feels better than relaxing in the tub after a long, stressful day — and these bath bombs are a great way to help make sure your skin doesn’t dry out while you soak. They’re made with vitamin E and shea butter, as well as hydrating sunflower oil. Plus, each one is handmade, vegan, and paraben-free in six luscious scents.


A Trio Of Makeup Bags That Look Like Luxe Marble

Instead of letting your makeup roam freely throughout your suitcase, keep it all organized inside one of these bags. Each one is made from high-quality faux leather with a stylish marble print that’s undeniably bougie. And if you aren’t into marble? They’re also available in five other styles.


A Set Of Gel Nail Polish That Won’t Break The Bank

If you like changing up your nails but don’t enjoy paying salon prices, try doing your own gels at home with this set of seven gel nail polishes. The muted earth-toned colors look great against every skin tone and outfit, and the formula claims to last for more than 21 days.


A Botanical Facial Steam That Can Help Soften Skin

The dry winter air can leave your complexion in need of a refresh, so why not try out this herbal facial steam blend? Rosemary, hibiscus, chamomile, and lavender are only a few of the certified USDA organic herbs you’ll find listed under the ingredients. Plus, each bag is packaged in small batches to help make sure that they’re as fresh as possible.


A Cooling Mask That Soothes Tired Eyes

Keep this eye mask in the fridge or freezer and it’ll always be ready to go the next time your eyes are looking tired. It also feels incredible during headaches or migraines, and the adjustable head strap lets you choose how tightly it presses against your face.


These Curtain String Lights That Cast A Fairytale Glow

Connect up to three sets of these curtain string lights to create a dreamy accent wall in your home or hang them across a door frame for a gorgeous entryway. They’re even suitable for use outdoors, and each order comes with a remote so that you can control them from afar.


These Industrial-Chic Floating Shelves That Are Incredibly Well Made

Need somewhere convenient to store your spices, but don’t have enough room for a spice rack? Hang up these floating shelves. The black brackets give them a rustic farmhouse vibe, and each one is made from real, genuine wood — not plastic.


A Digital Alarm Clock With A Built-In Wireless Charger

Don’t let your phone use up all its battery overnight — just lay it on top of this digital alarm clock. The built-in wireless charger can power up any Qi-enabled phone, while the dimmable clock face makes it easy to sleep without being interrupted. Choose from two finishes: black or silver.


A Backlight That Instantly Upgrades Your Entertainment Center

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on fancy lighting to upgrade your entertainment center — just grab this backlight kit. The LED cables are lined with sticky adhesive so that you can place them wherever you like. Plus, they can also help reduce eye strain when watching television in the dark.


The Bistro Pillow Covers You Can Use Outside

Since these pillow covers are waterproof, you can go ahead and use them outside on your patio without having to worry about them getting ruined in the rain. The hidden zipper won’t let the stuffing fall out, and you have the choice of more than 20 rich, vibrant colors.


A Faux Fur Rug That’s Delightfully Bougie

Made from high-quality faux Mongolian fur, this rug adds a layer of glamor to any floor. You can also drape it across furniture to give it a more luxurious look — or simply place it next to your bed for a soft place to step down in the mornings. Plus, the leather-feel bottom helps keep it from shifting around.


These Oven Mitts Made From Heat-Resistant Silicone

Cotton oven mitts are only so insulating, whereas these silicone mitts are heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The textured palms help you grip onto hot cookware without dropping it. One reviewer also raved that they’re “decorative without being over the top and very upscale…well made and very good quality.”


A Set Of Pillowcases Made From Brushed Microfiber

Brushed microfiber has gone through an extra production step to make sure it’s even softer than usual, which means these pillows feel oh-so smooth against your skin. They’re also stain- as well as wrinkle-resistant, with an envelope closure that makes it easy to reach your pillows if need be.


A Budget Cocktail Shaker Set Worthy Of The Home Bar Cart

Some cocktail shaker sets can cost upwards of $50, whereas this one is available for less than $20. Each order comes with two pour spouts, a mixing spoon, muddler, jigger, shaker, as well as a velvet bag to keep it all packaged together. Plus, each piece is made from stainless steel. Choose from four finishes: silver, black, gold, or rose gold.


A Knife Sharpener That Takes Up Hardly Any Space

Plenty of knife sharpeners are large and bulky, whereas this one is small enough to fit into nearly any drawer. The patented V-grip design helps prevent your blade from dragging across the countertop once pulled through — and it even features two slots: one for sharpening, and a second for polishing.


A Brilliant Container That Cools Drinks Without Diluting Them

Melting ice cubes can water down whatever you’re drinking, so why not cool your drinks down inside of this drink chilling container instead? It’s perfect for hot drinks, whiskey, or any other beverage you can think of — and it only takes about 60 seconds to turn your steaming coffee into a chilled cup of joe.


A Glass Teapot That Just Plain Looks Good

Not only will this glass teapot look oh-so elegant sitting out on your counters, but it’s also safe to use on the stove top and microwave. The built-in infuser works great with loose leaves as well as tea bags, while the non-drip spout helps keep your tables clean when serving guests.


An Ergonomic Reading Light That Fits Around Your Neck

Tired of squinting at that book in the dark? Allow this reading light to help illuminate those pages. It fits around your neck so that you can use it completely hands-free, and the arms are even flexible so that you can direct the light in whatever direction you please. Plus, the battery is infinitely rechargeable.


A Glowing Lamp That’s 3-D Printed To Look Like The Full Moon

Not only does this decorative lamp look like the moon, but it’s also been 3-D printed with craters and valleys — just like the real thing. Each order comes with a remote so that you can control it without getting up from the couch. And with 16 LED colors to choose from, it works perfectly as mood lighting or a chic night light.


This Beanie With A Built-In Headlamp

Can’t see where you’re going at night? Allow this beanie hat to help guide your feet. The built-in headlamp provides up to eight hours’ worth of light, while the soft acrylic material helps keep your head and ears warm in cold weather. Choose from more than 10 colors — including a gorgeous shade of juicy orange.


An Apothecary-Inspired Plant Stand That Lets You Propagate Plants In Style

I bought this plant stand to propagate my basil plant — but it looks so good that I’ve decided to fill it with flowers when basil isn’t in season. The frame is made from genuine wood that looks great sitting out on my mantle. Plus, one reviewer noted that “it’s perfect to take up some extra space on my bathroom counter.”