4 Things To Do & 3 Things To Avoid This Aries Season

It’s the astrological new year. What are your resolutions?

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Out with the old, in with the new. Not only does Aries season (March 21 - April 19) beckon the start of spring, but it also marks a new astrological year. It’s all about action, making bold moves, and reinvention. Ready to thrive as your best self? Follow these dos and don'ts.

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DO: Reinvent Yourself

Aries season kicks off the new astrological year, which is reason enough to rebrand. But the fire sign is also ruled by the house of self, which governs your physical image. Here's your sign to try out a bold haircut or revamp your closet.

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DON’T: Make Impulsive Decisions

Aries are known for acting on their impulses. Since Mars, the planet of aggression and impulses, will enter emotionally sensitive Pisces on Apr. 14, it puts the pressure on them to react passionately, so avoid making rash decisions.

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DO: Take Action On Your Goals

It's time to make moves all season long. Firestarter Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet all about action and passion, making it an ideal time to set the plans you've made this year into motion. What are steps you can take now to fulfill your goals?

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DON’T: Forget Self-Care

Venus, the planet of love and aesthetics, moves into Pisces on Apr. 5, sprinkling a bit of dreamy-hopeless-romantic vibes during Aries season. Since Aries is ruled by the house of self, it's a great time to focus on self-care as well as manifest your goals.

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DO: Make The First Move

Aries isn't the type to wait on others to reach out first, so this season is all about taking initiative. Whether it's asking your crush out, hosting a night out with new friends, or starting a new professional venture, take action on the things you want!

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DON’T: Skimp On Shadow Work

It may be Aries season, but there's still lots of Pisces energy floating around, specifically in Venus, the planet of love, and Mars, ruler of passion. The water sign is all about the subconscious, so it's a good idea to reflect on your shadow self.

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DO: Take Risks

What are things you've always wanted to do but fear holds you back? Being a risk-taker is an Aries hallmark, so you're going to want to take a few notes from the gutsy fire sign when it comes to trying new things and check those items off your bucket list.

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