10 Candles That Smell Like Cologne

Skip the spritz and burn these cologne-scented candles instead.

Written by Carolyn Menyes
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The best candles that smell like cologne have an intoxicating, warm scent with notes of musk, woodsiness, spice, leather, and tobacco. But they also have a hint of freshness that keep the fragrance from being overpowering or overwhelming to the senses. These candles have long burn times, whether they're made of paraffin or soy wax or have cotton or wood wicks.

What To Look For When Buying The Best Candles That Smell Like Cologne


Unlike candles that smell like coffee or candles with a fresh, lemony fragrance, what makes a candle cologne-scented is a little harder to pinpoint. The primary things to look for are a woodsy, musky base with loads of spice yet a hint of sweetness. Other notes frequently found in candles that smell like cologne include (but are not limited to): tobacco, leather, sandalwood, herbaceous, amber, citrus, and patchouli. These candles are notably cozy, warm, and alluring, with many reviewers simply calling them “sexy.”

Wax Type: Paraffin Or Soy

When shopping for candles, you’ll primarily come across two base waxes: paraffin and soy. Paraffin wax is what is traditionally and most widely used in candle making. It’s a by-product of petroleum and it’s a cheaper material, so candles made from this type of wax will typically be more affordable. Paraffin wax can hold color better than soy wax, and it won’t “frost” over time (a natural change that occurs when soy wax tries to recrystallize and thus turns white). This type of wax also has a better scent throw than soy candles.

Soy wax is an increasingly popular choice for candles, and as the name implies, it’s made from hydrogenated soybean oil. Seen as a more environmentally friendly product, soy wax burns slower than paraffin wax and without any visible soot, so a soy candle may last longer and the scent won’t fade as quickly. They tend to be lighter in color and more opaque than paraffin candles, as well. Of course, some candles are a blend of paraffin and soy wax, too. These offer the slow burn of soy wax but the shiny, frost-free look and stronger scent of paraffin.

Other Things To Consider

Another thing to consider when shopping for candles is the total burn time. If you only light candles occasionally, one with a 25-to-45-hour burn time is plenty. However, if you break out the candle lighter every single day, an option with up to 155 hours of burn time may be more appealing.

You may also want to think about the style of wick. The options here have either a classic cotton wick or a wood wick, the latter of which offers a crackling effect that many find soothing. Some of the cotton wick candles have multiple wicks, which are better for larger candles and can help to distribute the heat, light, and scent more evenly.

Finally, there’s simply the aesthetic of the candle and its container. Some of these candles come in chic concrete or black jars worthy of repurposing. Others come in vibrant colors, have a layered appearance, or have a minimalist look that can work with any decor.

With all these considerations in mind, these are the best candles that smell like cologne.

Shop The Best Candles That Smell Like Cologne

In a hurry? Here are the top choices for candles that smell like cologne:

  1. An Intensely Fragranced 3-Wick Candle With A 4.7-Star Rating On Amazon: Bath & Body Works White Barn 3-Wick Candle in Mahogany Teakwood High Intensity, $30
  2. The Popular Musky Candle That Burns For Over 150 Hours: Yankee Candle MidSummer's Night, $16
  3. This Budget-Friendly Soy Candle With A Cheeky Name: Lulu Candles Sexy Man, $15
  4. A Woodsy Soy-Blend Candle With A Crackling Wooden Wick: Manly Indulgence Black Sandalwood, $19
  5. This Striking Black Candle With A Musky Scent & A Hint Of Citrus: Village Candle Leather & Musk Noir, $16
  6. An Herby Cologne Candle That Comes In A Minimalist Concrete Jar: Pacific Jade Sea Of Sage, $20
  7. A Luxurious, Sweet Cologne-Scented Candle With Over 10,000 Reviews: Nest Fragrances Moroccan Amber, $46
  8. This Musk & Leather-Scented Candle That Comes In A Chic Black Jar: FLAMME Candle Co. After Hours, $44
  9. This 3-In-1 Cologne Candle With A Wooden Wick: WoodWick Medium Hourglass Candle, Amethyst Sky Trilogy, $21
  10. A Spicy Sandalwood Candle That Comes In A Glass Jar You’ll Want To Display: Esna Home Aromatic Leather & Tobacco Leaf, $38


An Intensely Fragranced 3-Wick Candle With A 4.7-Star Rating On Amazon

This three-wick candle is a fan favorite on Amazon, with an overall 4.7-star rating after 5,500 reviews. It’s made from a scented blend of soy and paraffin wax and has “high intensity” in its name for a reason; reviewers noted that it throws not just in one room but multiple rooms at one time, and the scent carries even when the candle isn’t lit. The bold fragrance starts with rich mahogany and black teakwood, but it also has notes of dark oak and lavender to add a lighter essence to the woodsiness. This candle comes in a low-profile black jar that’s easy to blend into any sort of decor. Despite its strong fragrance, this candle has one of the lower burn times on the list at 25 to 45 hours.

One reviewer wrote: “I recently purchased this mahogany teakwood candle from this store and I am so glad I did! The scent is amazing; it's a perfect blend of woody and sweet. The burn time is long and the candle burns evenly and cleanly. [...] It's a great value for the price and I will definitely be buying more in the future.” — Ronnie

Wax type: Soy & paraffin blend | Wick type: 3 cotton wicks | Burn time: 25 – 45 hours


The Popular Musky Candle That Burns For Over 150 Hours

This popular Yankee candle has over 32,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. It’s made from paraffin wax and has a striking dark color that will stand out on your counter or table. This pick comes in a wide variety of containers, wick numbers, and sizes, including a jumbo 22-ounce jar that burns for over 150 hours. With a good throw, according to reviewers, the spicy, woodsy scent has notes of patchouli, sage, and mahogany cologne. One reviewer commented that it filled their entire townhouse in about an hour.

One reviewer wrote: “Sexy, alluring and intoxicating! If you like a lot of aroma to a candle this is a great one. It gives off a great deal of scent and fills the room, but is not too heavy or sickening. I like a variety of types of fragrances in different areas of the house and rarely purchase the same scent more than once because there are so many to choose from. But I buy a new Mid Summer's Night every time I use the last of the candle.” — Charliecat31

Wax type: Paraffin | Wick type: Natural fibers, wick numbers vary by size | Burn time: Varies by size, from 20 – 155 hours


This Budget-Friendly Soy Candle With A Cheeky Name

Featuring a white soy wax and a single cotton wick that burns slowly over the course of about 45 hours, this jar candle has a minimalist design, with a typewriter-style font labeling on the front that shows off its cheeky name: Sexy Man. One reviewer noted that it has a subtle scent that gets stronger the longer it’s lit, which is typical for soy candles. It’s woodsy and musky with notes of leather and burnt vanilla, the latter of which gives it a different profile than others on the list.

One reviewer wrote: “It has a delightful vegetal/fresh top note with a deeper end note of burnt vanilla and book leather. [...] Even without the candle burning you can smell it in the room when light the candle burns slowly and I can tell it will last a very long time. I will be a return customer.” — Drew Jacobsen

Wax type: Soy | Wick type: Single cotton wick | Burn time: 45 hours


A Woodsy Soy-Blend Candle With A Crackling Wooden Wick

The single wooden wick is what makes this soy wax blend candle distinctive, because it provides a soft crackling sound that some find soothing. The candle itself is a simple white wax, but the matte black glass jar offers a striking contrast that’s quite sleek. The base notes of this candle are sandalwood, oak moss, and leather, which add a maturity to it, but it also contains tobacco, amber, patchouli, and a touch of citrus to add to the layered, cologne-like feel. Some reviewers noted this candle doesn’t have the best throw, but at 60 hours, it does burn for a long time.

One reviewer wrote: “The presentation is great, black glass, and the unlit-scent is subtle--enough that if you left the lid off in a small room (less than 100sq/ft) it would permeate the room gently. The lit scent was pretty strong the first half of the candle (30+ hours), now that I've reached more than halfway, it's still there but it is not as strong. It still compliments a room nicely. It has a wood wick which looks nice and burns evenly. The candle also burns evenly which is great. As for fragrance, bergamot and amber stand out the most, with wafts of musk. I only noticed tobacco when it was new. It's not sandalwood in the classic sense (to me), but it definitely is something you'll like if that's what you were going for anyhow.” — BH6W

Wax Type: Soy blend | Wick type: Single wooden wick | Burn time: 60 hours


This Striking Black Candle With A Musky Scent & A Hint Of Citrus

This attractive charcoal black candle comes in a clear jar that will make it stand out on any surface. Reviewers noted that the three cotton wicks burn cleanly without much soot, which makes it stand out among other paraffin wax options, and it will last for about 50 hours. Reviewers found that the throw this candle brand has is good enough to fill a bedroom, which makes this a suitable option for setting the mood. The base notes here are musk and leather, but there’s some herby white thyme, driftwood, bergamot orange, and Amalfi lemon to add a bit of brightness.

One reviewer wrote: “What I love about the ‘Gentlemen Collection’ is the clean burn. I never have to trim the wick and not once have I had soot when I light the wick. So many candles, even with a trimmed wick, will give off so much sooty smoke when first lit, this candles makes me want to say thank you to it every time I use it.” — Patricia Sullivan

Wax type: Paraffin | Wick type: 3 cotton wicks | Burn time: 50 hours


An Herby Cologne Candle That Comes In A Minimalist Concrete Jar

This soy wax candle has a slightly different cologne-inspired scent, with a fresh, bright fragrance that has notes of evergreen trees and grass. Reviewers noted that it’s great for creating a spa-like vibe. Further adding to the spa-like feel is the chic concrete container in a neutral beige hue. Some reviewers found that the throw isn’t particularly strong with this candle brand, but the single cotton wick will burn for 60 hours, which makes it ideal for small spaces like a bathroom.

One reviewer wrote: “There’s a lot to like about this candle! It’s made with 100% soy wax, has a cotton wick and is hand poured. The company gives 10% of its proceeds to charities that support women’s rights. The candle itself has a clean/modern aesthetic that blends with any decor. The scent is fresh, green, a bit citrusy. I was thinking this might be more herbal/sage, but it’s not. It’s more of a brighter, grassy, citrus scent that reminds me of the way a spa would smell. I’m very pleased with this candle!” — Scentsability

Wax type: Soy | Wick type: Single cotton wick | Burn time: 60 hours


A Luxurious, Sweet Cologne-Scented Candle With Over 10,000 Reviews

With over 10,000 reviews and a 4.6-star overall rating, this Nest Fragrances candle is a popular option on Amazon. It has a sweet, intoxicating scent, with Moroccan amber, sweet patchouli, heliotrope, bergamot, and a touch of eucalyptus. It’s made from paraffin wax, which means it should have a good throw, even when unlit. It comes in a variety of sizes, with one to four cotton wicks, and the burn times range by size, with the 8.1-ounce candle averaging 50 to 60 hours. Regardless of the size you choose, the glass container has a striped pattern on it that gives it a luxe look.

One reviewer wrote: “Moroccan Amber is my home's signature scent. Warm, elegant and sophisticated Moroccan Amber imparts an air of comfort and ease, while at the same time keeping the ambiance fresh and clean. My family and guests love it -- they always remark about how comfortable and secure our home feels. Moroccan Amber seems to make everyone feel welcome and to relax -- especially me!” — Charleigh

Wax type: Paraffin | Wick type: Cotton; available in single, 3-wick, votive, and extra-large 4-wick | Burn time: Varies by size, from 20 – 120 hours


This Musk & Leather-Scented Candle That Comes In A Chic Black Jar

This smoky, musky candle has hints of cedarwood and leather, which makes it a particularly dark, sweet option for your space. What makes this option stand out is the contrast between the chic black matte jar and the bright blue soy wax inside. Because it’s made of soy, reviewers noted that this brand’s candles don’t always fill the room, though others liked that it isn’t overpowering. Available in a 10-ounce jar, the single cotton wick has a burn time of about 60 hours.

One reviewer wrote: “I love the dark musk, leather scent, and the vanilla makes it just sweet enough to burn all the time. The packaging is also super chic. Would highly recommend, I will be buying for all my friends!” — JJ

Wax type: Soy | Wick type: Single cotton wick | Burn Time: 60 hours


This 3-In-1 Cologne Candle With A Wooden Wick

This soy and paraffin wax blend candle is unique among cologne-scented options, because it’s actually three scents in one. Yes, that layered white and purple look in the hourglass-shaped jar isn’t just for aesthetics. This candle has one layer of amethyst and amber scent, one with notes of suede and sandalwood, and a final smell of smoked jasmine, and the fragrance changes and blends together as the candle burns with a solid throw for over a 60-hour period. Notably, this candle has a wooden wick, which gives it a distinctive crackling sound as it burns.

One reviewer wrote: “I really enjoy these candles. They smell wonderful and the sound and light provided by them is very cozy.” — Amazon Customer

Wax type: Soy & paraffin blend | Wick type: Single wooden wick | Burn time: 60 hours


A Spicy Sandalwood Candle That Comes In A Glass Jar You’ll Want To Display

The star of this candle is its luxurious black jar with a black metallic lid that reviewers noted they’ll happily display and repurpose for other uses. Inside of the sleek container, there is a natural soy wax candle with a classic white look, and it burns with a sweet and spicy blend of smoke, saffron, vanilla, honey, tobacco, and sandalwood, for an alluring and warming vibe. It’s available in two designs: an 8.8-ounce candle with a single cotton wick that burns for 50 hours or a 19.4-ounce candle with three cotton wicks that burns for 110 hours. This candle burns clean with a good throw, too, according to reviewers.

One reviewer wrote: “To my surprise and delight, this is so much more nuanced and complex than those two simple accords. The combination of vanilla and lemongrass middle notes gives it a sweet syrupy aroma that reminds me a bit of Carmex lip balm or honey/lemon cough drops. Add to that a spicy undercurrent of sandalwood and you have an intoxicating fragrance that will transport you to a dark and smoky basement boite on the boulevard Montparnasse in Paris. The black glass jar with its "tarnished" silver lid is the pinnacle of minimal chic. This would make an impressive gift for yourself or that special candle-loving someone in your life.” — Blake Fraina

Wax type: Soy | Wick type: Cotton wick, available as a single or 3-wick candle | Burn Time: 50 hours for 8.8-ounce candle; 110 hours for 19.4-ounce candle