The Best Careers For Virgo Zodiac Signs

These mutable signs can bob, weave, duck, and dodge all of life’s curveballs.

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The best careers for Virgo zodiac signs include wellness coaches.
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When you dig into your zodiac sign’s strengths, you have a better sense of which career path is the right fit for you. When it comes to ultra-organized Virgo, they work best in an environment that allows them to utilize their eye for detail and communication skills through writing, reporting, or organizing. On the other hand, Virgos rule all things health, which makes the earth sign ideal for careers that allow them to support others in their wellbeing journey. Virgos are organized, caring, and always come prepared when plans go south, which is why the best career for Virgo zodiac signs is one that deals with the welfare of others, such as a wellness coach or nutritionist.

“Virgos ultimately need a role that challenges them intellectually,” Lauren Ash, an astrologer tells Bustle. “The ideal environment for Virgo is one where they have relative autonomy in how they approach the work they do while still allowing them a bit of creative freedom in how they get their work completed.” When Virgos have free reign, like sorting out meal plans or structuring their clients’ wellness routines, not only are they uplifting others, but they’re expressing their exceptional organizational skills.

You don’t need to be a Virgo sun in order to thrive as a wellness advisor. For example, if your Mars placement, which rules ambition and impulses, is sitting on Virgo territory, you likely have the skills to guide others on their wellness journey. You can also look at your tenth house ruler to discern whether you’d thrive in this environment since it’s the placement that symbolizes your public image and profession. If Virgo is in your tenth house, odds are you feel a strong calling to structure others’ routines and help your clients to become the healthiest version of themselves.

Virgo Career Compatibility, Explained

There’s a lot to be said about Virgo’s sense of practicality, and there’s a reason why they’re known for being the altruists of the zodiac. They’re ruled by the sixth house, which governs all things related to routine and overall well-being. That said, it makes sense that combining these, they’re well-equipped for careers that involve coaching others through ailments and improving their physical, mental, and emotional health.

“To work their absolute best, Virgos need structure and guidelines for success; this is due to the Mercurial influence of their communicative ruling planet,” explains Ash. Mercury rules all forms of speech, logic, and travel. That’s why Virgos thrive when they organize around busy schedules and find solutions when things go wrong.

Being that Mercury is responsible for communications, “a career in court reporting, copywriting, technical writing, internal communications, or even social media management allow them to use their quick–thinking minds and silver tongues on the clock,” explains Ash. So even handling a spa’s social media or organizing administrative tasks on the backend for a dietician’s office also works for a Virgo.

Health and wellness aside, Virgos do well as a publicist or when they’re running their own PR agency. While they prefer to have a carefully thought out plan, as an earth sign, they’re fully aware of the possibility that they might fall through. But they don’t sweat it, though. They’re a mutable sign, after all — meaning they can bob, weave, duck, and dodge all of life’s curveballs. That’s why they’d also work well with communications, planning daily schedules, and booking out interviews for clients.

Regardless if they’re putting together a schedule, organizing meal plans for their clients, or planning out social media content, Virgos thrive when they can be challenged by life’s unexpected twists and turns. “[Virgo’s] keen and practical eye for detail make them a great fit for these types of open–ended careers,” says Ash. “Their dedication to building stable routines and structures will surely set these places up for future success. It’s a win–win–win!”

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