28 Practical Gifts For The Virgo In Your Life

From planners to plant hangers.

Virgo zodiac signs

If you have a Virgo in your life, you probably appreciate their practical sense and exceptional party planning skills. Their poise and eye for detail are what make them the perfectionists of the zodiac, but that’s only part of their Mercurial charm. The altruistic wordsmiths are always looking out for others, and with their birthday season around the corner, knowing the best gifts for Virgo zodiac signs is a must.

Picking out the perfect present requires knowing a bit about Virgos. For starters, the maiden is an earth sign, meaning they’re realistic and goal-oriented. They’d appreciate gifts like planners, desk organizers, or other stationery goods. Since they’re ruled by Mercury, the planet governing communication and travel, the mutable sign is a major bookworm and explorer at heart.

“The number one rule for Virgo gift–giving: the more personalized you can make it, the better,” Lauren Ash, an astrologer tells Bustle. Virgos are all about acts of service and value when others can go the extra mile to find a niche gift. And while some zodiac signs may melt at gestures with a wow factor like concert tickets (looking at you, Leo), Ash says a Virgo’s gift should ultimately have utility.

Whether you’re shopping for a Virgo’s green thumb or their curious mind, there are plenty of ways to uplift the kind and organized earth baby. Keep reading for the best gifts for Virgo zodiac signs.

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Plants & Accessories

As earth signs, Virgos are all about watering their garden — literally and figuratively. After all, earth signs are deeply connected to the natural world. “Any gift that allows them to enjoy time amongst flowers or nature is a win,” explains Ash.

Practical and sustainable, this indoor herb garden kit is great for Virgos with a green thumb. With nearly over 4,000 five-star ratings, reviewers agree that you can foster plants, even if you’re not a pro.

Top Review: “I have no experience with plants but was able to get all nine herbs to grow seedlings! I got these a couple of weeks ago, most sprouted immediately, but rosemary just sprouted today. I am so impressed!”

While succulents brighten up a room, they can also promote calmness and serenity to a hard-working Virgo’s space. Shop Succulents’ variety pack comes with 20 unique and fully potted succulents.

Top Review: “I am rarely awed at something enough to go straight to write a review — but, these are SOOOOO CUTE! All 20 different varieties, very different ones too, I love them!”

For the Virgo who spends their time indoors, they’ll appreciate the beauty and utility of a hanging planter. Mkono’s handmade, boho-inspired macrame is not only stylish but comes with four different holders that will brighten up a space.

Top Review: “Love all four of these! The material is a beautiful natural basket rope and the designs are really nice. I set up three of them together in a corner in my room and they make my room look so different; they add such a beautiful feeling to a room! Definitely recommend this product!”

Virgos thrive outside, so why not bring nature to them? The AeroGarden Indoor Garden comes with a LED grow light and has over 13,500 five-star reviews. Since it’s easy to use, you don’t need to be an expert to add a fresh vibe to any room. Virgos will be reminded of the beauty of the outdoors — even if they’re stuck inside.

Top Review: “I got this as a birthday present for my husband, the classic man who's impossible to buy for, and he was thrilled with it. He's a by-the-numbers kind of guy and followed the directions carefully. As a result, all six of the herbs have germinated, and we are already using some of them (basil, thyme, and dill) only three weeks later.

With over 3,000 five-star reviews, Buteny’s grow plant light aims to assist in fostering all sorts of plant babies, from flowers to succulents, to cacti. The adjustable lamp arms make it accessible to use in different setups — and you don’t need to be an expert, either.

Top Review: “I received this product on a Wednesday and plugged it in immediately for the seedlings that I had started in my dining room. I had started seeds for early spring flowers that were almost guaranteed to grow zinnias, cosmos, and cat grass for my indoor cats to enjoy.”

Support Virgo’s green thumb with Gepege’s ceramic planter. It’s a two-piece set and comes with removable ceramic saucers. They’ll add to your plant-loving Virgo’s collection, and their simple design can tailor to any Virgo’s unique style.

Top Review: “I'm SO happy with these flower pots. They are a great size, nice quality ceramic, and the drainage dishes are very useful...Great quality for the price. I'll definitely consider ordering more if I need them in the future.”

Productivity Gifts

Pragmatic and hard-working, Virgos look for all the ways they can maximize their productivity. That’s why Virgos would appreciate gifts that help them stay organized so they can focus on the task at hand.

Having a system is important for Virgos. Mindspace’s office desk organizer has six compartments and a drawer, so Virgos can keep their workspace comfortable, tidy, and orderly when they’re planning out their next big party.

Top Review: “This is a product I would get for anyone needing quick supply storage for their office whether it be for home or work.”

For the Virgos in your life who have way too much on their plate, the Legend Planner brings order and stability into their busy schedules with time slots that allow you to plan down to the hour. With nearly 1,800 five-star reviews, reviewers say the Legend Planner will help the recipient of this gift stay on track.

Top Review: “I wish I had found this planner years ago! Worth every penny. I’ve been using it for three weeks and my productivity and healthy habits are way up!”

With Mercury governing all things communication and travel, Virgos love to explore different places. MALEDEN’s travel journal is made with unlined paper, so you can write, doodle, or use it as a photo album on your next adventure. Plus, it’s made of vegan leather, so it can appeal to the plant-based Virgos in your life.

Top Review: “I absolutely LOVE the 6-ring binder feature, which has been impossible to find in the brick-and-mortar stores I have visited. Extra paper can be added as needed, and if I make a mistake, I can easily remove the page without having all those stray bits of paper that usually get stuck in a regular spiral-type notebook.”

Virgos love to expand their knowledge, thanks to their planetary ruler, Mercury. And the mutable sign can relate to the flexibility of Coavas’ folding bookshelf. Not only is this bookcase functional, but it also has over 2,000 five-star reviews, so you can feel confident that Virgo can fully express their inner bookworm with style.

Top Review: “Love this bookshelf! It is the perfect height for my home office! Very sturdy shelves. Deep to hold a big printer on it too! Easy to assemble with no tools needed!”

Paper Mate’s flair felt tip pens give Virgos a ton of hues to keep themselves organized — from making plans to taking notes to editing. Each color is bold, but they won’t bleed through paper, so the perfectionist Virgo won’t have to worry.

Top Review: “All of the colors in the 24 pack are different. They don't bleed through on my planner's pages and are easy to write with.”

Travel Accessories

Mercury isn’t just the planet that rules communication, but it governs short-distance travel as well. Since travel can sometimes be a wildcard (hi, Mercury retrograde), it helps when Virgos have accessories that can help them stay organized even when things don’t go as planned. Backpacks, luggage, and portable devices help Virgos who are always looking forward to their next adventure.

When Virgos are on the go, it’s essential that they’re equipped for all of life’s changes and uncertainty. The Fjallraven Kanken backpack is sturdy, long-lasting, and water resistant.

Top Review: “Great bag for traveling or everyday use. Material is water resistant and lightweight.”

Wherever Virgo’s adventurous curiosity takes them, they’d be better off with luggage with features that allow them to stay connected. LEVEL8’s Road Runner Pro has a durable hard shell exterior and flexible 360-degree wheels and its front pocket is reserved for laptops and other electronics and has a built-in USB charging port.

Top Review: “My husband looked for MONTHS for a bag after his last one broke. He found this one and we decided to give it a try. MAN, is he happy! Extremely easy to move, very spacious, and super functional.”

Chatty Virgos need to stay hydrated. Hydroflask’s reusable water bottle is both practical and eco-friendly — two things the earth sign can appreciate. Plus, it comes with a convenient detachable straw lid, making it, especially the perfect travel companion.

Top Review: “Keeps my water cold all day, which is a must in the southwest. It’s nice and durable, and it keeps the color really well. Saves on dishes and running the dishwasher as often.”

Virgos need to stay connected while traveling, and the iWALK’s mini portable charger is so small, so it’ll fit in even the snuggest of clutches.

Top Review: “It’s great for travel without the USB cord and it’s perfect to put in your purse or pocket. It also charges my phone in minutes!!”

Health & Wellness Gifts

Virgos are ruled by the sixth house of wellness, health, and routine. And when the hard-working earth sign isn’t focused on their jam-packed schedules, they’re busy working on themselves. Spa-inspired wellness gifts, from yoga mats to journals, work to fit into their self-care routine.

Virgos love a good spa day, especially after a long day of running errands. On the days the maiden can relax, a towel warmer comes in handy for a luxe spa day or when they want to add a bit of comfort to their skincare routine.

Top Review: “I’ve made it a point to indulge in certain aspects of my life that are relaxing and comforting. Definitely worth the investment for pampering yourself.”

Practical and luxurious, you can’t go wrong with a bathrobe when shopping for a Virgo, who’s all about health and wellness. Monarch’s microfiber plush robe comes in X-Small to XX-Large and is carefully designed to avoid pulling or tearing.

Top Review: “The robe is so soft and luxurious. It makes me feel like a queen. I'm so very happy with my choice. I just love wearing it, especially during the winter.”

As an earth sign, Virgos take any chance to ground themselves. Gaiam Essentials’ thick yoga mat encourages the busy bee to take a break and stay focused on the present moment. Plus, it has a convenient carrying strap.

Top Review: “It’s plush and provides great protection for my joints, and it doesn’t slip! My favorite part, though, is the lines and guides printed on it. I really appreciate being able to feel centered and know I’m working my body evenly using the markings for my toes and hands.”

After a long day of girl bossing, Virgos need more than a typical self-care routine. Adding Vanity Planet’s detoxifying facial steamer elevates spa time while also serving a practical purpose.

Top Review: “Needless to say I’ve severely neglected my poor skin for the last 10 months and it’s definitely been noticeable. Sick of feeling like garbage, I decided to reinvigorate my skincare routine by finally purchasing a facial steamer. This product is amazing! It’s elegant and so easy to use.”

Mercurial Virgo is always looking to improve themselves — especially when it comes to their sharp communication skills. Kate Murphy’s You’re Not Listening dives into how to effectively communicate by laying out what we’re doing wrong when we’re listening — or not — to others.

Top Review: You're Not Listening should be required reading for everyone. Written in a conversational tone with language just about anyone can understand, Murphy takes you through contemporary society and our challenges with not really listening to what people have to say.”

Virgos hardly have the time to sit still, so they can easily get sidetracked or drained. This Florensi meditation cushion has over 6,000 5-star reviews and can bring a sense of calm. Not only is it a great gift to encourage mindfulness, but it also helps to bring attention to your posture, too — something any Virgo will appreciate.

Top Review: “It’s greatly improved my journey to meditate. I was a beginner and ... I suffer from lower back pain and this cushion has gotten me in a position, when it’s meditation time, to adjust my posture properly and to mediate pain-free.”

Altruistic Virgos are all about preserving the environment, and Lemome’s vegan, eco-friendly notebook is made out of sustainable and natural cork board and comes with a pen holder, expandable pocket, and a bookmark.

Top Review: “This is probably the best journal I have ever used...First off it is very stylish and cute and let's be real — we all want something that we are taking the time to write in every day to be something that is aesthetically pleasing and makes us want to get it out and write in it.”

Birthdate Co. candles deliver the Virgo in your life a personalized, detailed breakdown of their astrological profile specific to their birthdate. It combines astrology, numerology, and tarot to craft unique candles with fragrances to help any Virgo feel special. Plus, it’s made with soy wax, which is non-toxic and burns longer than paraffin wax.

Top Review: “I love their products. They are super courteous and their products are fantastic!!”

Virgos will appreciate their morning coffee in style before a busy day. Fullcci’s porcelain coffee mug set comes with a lid, gold spoon, and a coaster.

Top Review: “This is just what I expected. I love the design, especially the golden spoon makes the cup look elegant. The quality is excellent too! Worth the price. Highly recommend.”

Any Virgo will appreciate the benefits of hibiscus, which is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C. This product is cut and sifted rather than in whole form, so you can use it for more than just tea — but hair and face masks, too. Not only is U.S. Wellness Naturals Hibiscus Flowers Herbal Tea organic, but it’s Climate Pledge Friendly, using sustainable certifications.

Top Review: “This hibiscus is great! I originally wanted hibiscus powder to use as a hair mask, but I ended up buying the cut flowers in order to make hibiscus tea because I love hibiscus tea. I can easily grind the flowers to make a powder, so I felt buying the cut flowers was a better deal.”

Since Virgos rule health, they’d appreciate a tea kettle’s functionality and wellness. POLIVIAR’s stainless steel tea kettle has over 7,000 five-star reviews and is made to last — it’s anti-rust and has an anti-hot handle.

Top Review: “I didn't want to just get a ‘pretty looking’ kettle but one that would work properly. Oh and it does! ...I thought it would be some annoying high-pitched scream but that didn't even disappoint either! So yeah, very happy with this kettle with ALL of its features.”

Hard-working Virgos will love Pure Enrichment’s Himalayan salt lamp while they work from home or wind down after a long day. It’s USB-powered and activated by a simple touch button. With over 1,000 five-star ratings, reviewers love its lightweight and modern design — not to mention salt lamps have the ability to neutralize harmful ions that computers often radiate.

Top Review: “It is so pretty, and looks great among my plants in my sunroom! I like that I can choose the brightness of the light, as I leave it on all day and adjust it accordingly.”

Virgo’s eye for detail may as well be a superpower. The Worlds of Wonder coloring book has over 3,000 five-star reviews and can appeal to the maiden’s perfectionist eye while also bringing calmness to their space.

Top Review: “I love that you can ‘finish’ a single little picture in record time and not have to spend HOURS to be ‘done.’”