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The wildest fashion moments of 2022, why “amnesia plotlines” are so popular in holiday movies, and more.

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Nothing Says Christmas Like An Amnesia Plotline

Lindsay Lohan’s Falling for Christmas is just the latest addition to the extensive collection of amnesia-based holiday rom-coms. “These memory-loss romances tend to unfold in much the same way. Our materialistic, careerist protagonist suffers some sort of snow-related head injury shortly before Christmas, and then is rescued by a hot, charitable stranger who nurses them back to health, with the two falling in love,” writes Madeleine Aggeler, who did a deep dive into the trope for Bustle — including contacting the Mayo Clinic for intel about amnesia. Read More

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Naked Dresses, Nipple Pasties, & More Wild Fashion Moments From 2022

2022 was the best of times and the worst of times: It was the year of Bridgerton boob, but also the return of the most harrowing Y2K trend. Sheer dresses freed the nipple, Julia Fox became an icon overnight, and Kim Kardashian did more than just channel Old Hollywood glamour — she literally wore it. Read More

How To Not Be Jealous, According To The “Queen Of Manifesting”

Unlike its more emotional sister sins, like lust or greed, envy is a far more understated feeling, oftentimes arriving unannounced without warning, leaving you feeling out of sorts in an intangible sort of way. And according to mental health coach and manifestation expert Roxie Nafousi, this subtle emotion might just be holding you back from everything you want in life. Read More


15 Dreamy Perfume Gift Sets For Every Fragrance Lover On Your List

Fragrance is an incredibly luxurious gift to receive, even if it feels like a tricky one to buy. That’s where gift sets come in handy — they’re bound to enjoy one (or more!) of the scents. Whether you’re buying for your friend or family member that already has an impressive stash of fragrances, or a beauty lover who is in need of a new signature scent, there’s something for everyone to love. Read More

Why Portia From White Lotus Is Absolutely An Aquarius

“Everything from Portia’s quirky sense of style to her objective and sometimes-disconnected way of relating to the world totally screams Aquarius,” says Nina Kahn, astrologer and author of Astrology for Life and Wander the Stars. Kahn solves the real mystery that you’ve been dying to know about S2 of The White Lotus: the (probable) zodiac signs of all the characters. Read More

Meet The Rugby World Cup Breakout Star Making The Sport More Inclusive

“I can enjoy rugby at the top level and not change anything about myself, and by doing that, I hope I can show other people that there is a place for us all in rugby, and sport in general,” Sadia Kabeya told Bustle. She shared her journey from South London to the top of professional rugby, and how she hopes to make rugby a more inclusive sport. Read More


Monday never felt so good. Read More

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