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On how your October horoscope will calm the chaos, why this is an underrated episode of 'Friends', and more.

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Romance Authors Are Mobilizing For Reproductive Rights

When it comes to reproductive rights, romance authors are their own political power. The billion-dollar industry made up 23% of the overall U.S. fiction market in 2016 and has a dedicated audience, 82% of whom are women, per Romance Writers of America. Despite its popularity, the genre is still often degraded to non-serious, non-literary works, even though their stories center agency for women and underrepresented groups. But disregard them at your own peril. Read More


Your October Horoscope Will Finally Calm The Chaos

Mercury retrograde officially ends on Sunday, and that’s only the first sigh of relief to breathe in the coming month. It’s already a week into Libra season, and once Mercury makes its way to the charming sign on October 10, flirtatious energy will amp up your charm and inspire you to make the first move. Read More

30 Creative Ways To Slide Into Someone’s DMs

If a Friday during Libra season doesn’t give you the extra cosmic push you need to make that move, then don’t worry, here are some tips for you. There are a few ground rules to abide by to make sure you’re not coming off as cringe, but ultimately, you should be just fiiiine. Read More


24 Years Ago, Friends Dropped Its Most Underrated Ross & Rachel Episode

SO many classic episodes center around one of pop culture’s most famous fictional couples. Whether or not you agree that Rachel made the right decision to get off the plane, don’t worry: this episode happens a lot earlier. Read More

Trainers Reveal When It's Better To Run Before Or After A Workout

If you thought, wait, isn't the run the workout? then congratulations, you are me five minutes ago. Anyway, making sure that you’re structuring your sweat sessions to help maximize your energy levels and avoid injury is crucial — here, personal trainers and fitness coaches share what makes the most sense. Read More


Libra season is treating you well. Read More


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