Bustle Newsletter: April 27, 2022

Olivia Rodrigo is seeing someone new, Kim K's favorite sleep tracker works surprisingly well, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
Olivia Rodrigo
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Kim K’s Favorite Health Tracker Fixed My Sleep In 3 Weeks Flat

The Oura Ring, which has been a staple in Kim’s wellness routine (or at least in her branded Instagram posts) for a while now, legitimately improves upon some other popular sleep trackers’ shortcomings. For one, rather than just informing you that you did a bad job of turning your brain off the night before, it’ll make actionable suggestions about when you should get in bed the next night and how much physical activity your body can handle that day. Considering all the benefits that come with getting enough quality sleep at night, it’s something that’s worth prioritizing. Read More

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Olivia Rodrigo Might Be Dating A DJ

Granted, he had a profile in GQ a couple years ago, so he’s a really famous DJ, but still.That doesn’t change the fact that I have to fight the urge to send her an Insta DM that she will never see that says, “GIRL, run!” The two have apparently been seeing each other since the Super Bowl. Read More

The Trailer For The Circle’s New Season Is Notably Spicy

And not just because they upped the cash prize to $150,000 from $100,000. (Why don’t all game shows do this?! Survivor should have a $1,600,000 prize now to keep up with inflation! This is the tiny, insignificant hill I will die on.) But also, it looks like a certain English pop group might make an appearance. Read More

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We’re Officially Entering Our Villain Era 💅

After what feels like ages of “that girl” propaganda telling you to gargle green juice, go bankrupt on matching workout sets, slick your hair to your scalps, and read one book per week, a new era has arrived just in time for a summer of debauchery. Read More

These 10 Best Beauty Moments At Coachella

The celebs really came through with their best aughts-inspired looks — I haven’t seen so much bottom eyeliner since eighth grade. Special shoutout to Megan Thee’s unicorn-esque pastel locks, Hailey Bieber’s tendril braids, and baby space buns as far as the eye could see (which is pretty far in the desert). Read More


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Take a timeout. Read More

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