Bustle Newsletter: July 15, 2022

On whether relationship "expiration dates" work, why "sunburn blush" is the breakout beauty trend of the summer, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge

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My Partner Is Moving In 3 Months. Should We Just Break Up Now?

“I am of the mindset that any and all efforts to mitigate heartbreak are doomed to fail,” writes Bustle’s sex columnist Sophia Benoit. “The sadness you’ll feel is the sadness you’ll feel. It’s not like you’re going to be crying in bed thinking, ‘Oh, thank God I’m only at 74% capacity for heartbreak!’ Whatever space this relationship occupies in your life and in your heart (even if you aren’t saying “I love you”), you are going to have to mourn when it ends, however it ends. Read More

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“Sunburn Blush” Is Summer’s Breakout Beauty Trend

The look is a little bit e-girl and a little bit cottagecore and a little bit clean girl who fell asleep in the sun for 20 minutes too long, all rolled into one. Add some faux freckles on top to really complete the vibe. Read More

20 Ways To Rock A Neon Manicure This Summer

Sure, the internet is all about Hailey Bieber’s “glazed-doughnut” nails RN, but truly what is summer for if not to play with the loudest possible nail colors and designs? I say, go nuts. Read More

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The Alo Sports Bra That Supports My 34D Boobs Is $9 Off At Nordstrom's Annual Sale

“It's a go-to for dates and for hiking,” says Kelsey Stiegman, Bustle’s senior fashion editor. The brand’s leggings also have a cult-following that rivals Lululemon, and they’re on sale, too. Click through to see everything we’re adding to our carts this weekend. Read More

Why Ada Calhoun Scrapped Her Book About An Artist To Write About Her Father

Ada Calhoun is Type A. The author doesn’t procrastinate, can steadily write for 15 hours straight if uninterrupted, and loves a deadline. But when she set out to write a biography of poet Frank O’Hara, her modes of production were tested. It was also a case of history repeating itself. A few years ago, Calhoun discovered that her father, New Yorker art critic Peter Schjeldahl, had tried to write O’Hara’s biography — and failed. Sure that she could succeed where he could not, Calhoun set to work on it. But as she did, she encountered a Type A person’s worst nightmare: the need for a plan b. Read More

Why San Juan, Puerto Rico Is Ideal For A Low-Maintenance Solo Vacation

For Americans, a trip to San Juan has all the trappings of an international vacay (a gorgeous old city, historical sites, dynamite local cuisine) and none of the inconveniences (customs line and currency exchange), which makes it a perfect destination for a solo experience — especially if it’s your first. Read More


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