26 Cool Neon Nail Ideas For Summer 2023 & Beyond

Save these designs for your next mani appointment.

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When it comes to summer nail art, there truly are two teams of note: The mani minimalists who prefer milky whites hues and high-shine neutrals. And on the other end of the spectrum, the manicure maximalists who believe that more is more.

As for the latter nail art aficionados? Lucky for them, countless designs have been taking centerstage, being worn by A-listers and at-home painters alike — including juicy watermelon designs, adorable Lana Del Rey-esque cherry details, trippy mushroom nails that give serious ’70s vibes, very Barbiecore pink French tips, strawberry nails that are oh so coquette, and countless others.

As for some on-trend hues for the warm summertime months, it goes without saying that neon lacquers are *everything* at the moment (especially thanks too buzzy, headline-making manis à la Hailey Bieber, for one). And especially when planning your vacation-ready aesthetic for those upcoming getaways, a vibrant mani-pedi moment is a major green flag.

Craving a fresh new set that will instantly add a whole lot of color to your life? From colorful chromes to bright checkered patterns, here are 26 neon nail art designs for 2023 that you’ll immediately want to show your go-to manicurist or attempt to recreate at home.


Purple Chrome Vibes

Chrome nails have been having their main character moment — and this neon purple hue will truly pop against a summer tan.


Glowing Green

Take cues from Hailey Bieber and tap neon green hues for your nails.


Barbie Aura

This pretty pink nail look uses takes the aura nail art trend to new heights with 3D chrome details.


Fruit-Filled Tips

Five fruits are better than one, IMO (especially with some neon blue French tips).


Otherworldly Neons

An out-there manicure is even more bold when neon lacquers are involved.


Animal Print

Animal print is bold on its own, but you can go all in by going neon. Mix all different shades with the design for an unforgettable look that channels Lisa Frank vibes.


Flower Power

Soften up the drama of a long coffin nail and paint neon-colored flowers against a bare background.


Abstract Watermelon Art

Alexa, play Watermelon Sugar.


Pick Your Colors

Tap different hues on each tip for a neon Skittle mani.


Neon Pool Water Nails

ICYWW, pool water nails are the nail art of summer.


Fire Hot

Opt for neon orange nail lacquer for a fiery hot manicure.


Pretty Frenchies

It wouldn’t be a nail roundup without a French mani. Opt for thicker and more rounded tips in a highlighter yellow shade for a modern spin on a classic look.


Dotted Lines

Pick your two favorite neon hues and create an optical illusion on your nails.


Go For Barbiecore

Lean into the on-trend Barbiecore vibes with this patchwork pink set.


Colorful Squiggles

These electric squiggles tap a different hue for each nail.


Invisible French Nails

ICYMI, invisible Frenchies are *that girl.*


Watercolor Swirls

Upgrade a high-shine lip gloss mani with some neon-hued swirls.


Rainforest Dew Drops

Metallic green polish met with 3D water droplets are a match made in heaven.


Checkered Print

This patchwork manicure is a summertime dream.


Solar Neon Hues

Hailey Bieber started summer early with her neon yellow set this past spring.


Groovy Vibes

Get into the ’70s vibes of love and good times with this psychedelic neon 3D mani.


Neon Matte

These abstract geometric shapes in neon shades are intricate and true pieces of art. Match it with a matte finish for unexpected twist.


Faded Finish

It might seem like softening the brightness defeats the purpose of having neon shades, but they actually work really well together.


Reverse French Skittle Nails

Create some playful Skittle nails with these reverse French designs.


Lemon Print

Neon yellow lemons are perfect for those European adventures and beyond.


Rainbow French Tips

Just because Pride month is over, doesn’t mean the rainbow nails need to be over, too...

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