Bustle Newsletter: July 8, 2022

On Selena Gomez's very good Only Murders sweaters, how to spruce up your outdoor space, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 27: Selena Gomez attends the Los Angeles Premiere of "Only Murders In...
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How To Make Your Small Outdoor Space Feel Like A Resort

In case you haven’t heard or experienced it yourself, air travel suuuuuuuuuucks right now. Not only is it super expensive, but flights are being delayed and canceled left and right. The price for rental cars has also risen, and ditto for gas. So to sum up, taking a proper vacay is harder this summer than usual, so we asked design experts to break down the best way to bring the luxe resort vibes to your own little patch of paradise. Read More

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Selena Gomez’s Only Murders Outfits Are My Entire Fall Style Mood Board

It’s honestly a little bit cruel that this show is premiering smack in the middle of summer, because Gomez is exclusively styled in the coziest, slouchiest, cuddle-up-with-a-mug-of-something-hot-iest sweaters I have ever seen. And despite my sweating through every 36-minute episode, I am taking a lot of mental notes for the fall. Read More

The Best Early Amazon Prime Day Deals To Shop This Weekend

Prime Day doesn’t ~officially~ kick off til next week, but the retailer is celebrating early. Grab the Revlon hair styler with a cult following, my favorite zit stickers, and a fresh supply of face masks (the BA.5 variant ain’t no joke y’all) all on the cheap. Read More

20 Chic & Discreet Side Boob Tattoo Ideas

Historically, the side boob was prime real estate for a discreet tattoo, but since Love Island hath brought the reign of the boob cutout silhouette, that may not be the case anymore. Still, probably the safest bet if you’re just trying to avoid flack from your mom. Read More

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Help! My Partner Won’t Stop Talking To His Ex

“You have been begging him to be good to you and guess what?” writes Bustle’s relationship columnist Sophia Benoit. “In an actually healthy relationship, you don’t have to ask the other person to be good. They want to treat you well. And even if they have a completely platonic friendship with their ex — which is certainly possible for some people! — they never make you doubt or question their commitment to you because they don’t cross boundaries.” Read More

Iman Vellani Dragged Captain Marvel On Letterboxd. Now She's In The Sequel.

Prior to Captain Marvel, Vellani’s MCU fandom knew no bounds, but she gave the movie a measly 2.5 stars on her Letterboxd: “These stars are not for Brie Larson, I will sacrifice my own life…for Brie Larson,” she wrote. So how’d the 19-year-old end up as the star of the Ms. Marvel, the sequel? Her aunt, a WhatsApp message, and a fateful local audition. Read More


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