Bustle Newsletter: May 2, 2022

On Lizzo's new shapewear line, a next-level minimalist mani, and more.

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I Tried Lizzo’s New Shapewear Brand Yitty And It *Actually* Supports My 38H Boobs

Some people were a little confused when Lizzo announced she was releasing a shapewear line. The queen of body positivity and posting booty on main is promoting… a type of clothing that’s often viewed as fatphobic? Um, what have you done with the real Lizzo and please give her back right now! But, according to the singer, she created Yitty with the goal of changing the way fat people view shapewear, so we decided to give it a try. And we gotta say, 10/10 would shop again. Read More

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Your Favorite Sleepover Game Just Got Upgraded

After watching Bring It On for the hundredth time, making prank phone calls, and playing some exceedingly tame truth or dare, there was nothing better than a round or two of Wii Tennis to round out the night. The next evolution, Nintendo Switch Sports, is here, and it’s grown up a little since the mid-aughts, too. Read More

This Is The Ideal “Fancy Minimalist” Manicure

No, it’s not a French (although we’ve never been mad at one of those, either). It’s the perfect color combo for someone who doesn’t like a particularly loud mani — it goes with everything, it’s elevated, plus, it’s a great complement to all your jewelry. Read More

Your May Tarot Reading Is Packed With Grounding Vibes

May’s predominantly Taurean energy is all about enjoying the stability you’ve created, celebrating the sensory joys of being a person in the world, and nurturing yourself. The takeaway here? Trust that if you’re doing your best, you’re on the right path. Read More

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The Best ’90s-Inspired Met Gala Looks Ever

Ahead of tonight’s pink carpet, we’re revisiting some of our all-time favorite looks from fashion prom. Voluminous updos? Check. Barely-there slip dresses? Check, check. Animal prints? Check, check, check. Read More

Sarah Goldberg Thinks We’re All A Little Terrible

In an interview with Bustle, the Barry star never wanted her character to become the “moral barometer for the show just because she’s the woman.” (Also potentially its only non-murderer? TBD.) But Goldberg is excited to see her play with (and let’s be real, abuse) the iota of power she has this season, just like a certain Succession character we love to hate. Read More


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