Astrologers & Psychics Explain Clairsentience

"It’s like walking around with a large antenna that never turns off."

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The meaning of clairsentience is about having psychic feelings.

Whether or not you’ve had first-hand experience with a psychic, most of us are familiar with the idea that certain people are born with a mystical sixth sense that allows them to pick up on information about the past, present, and future. But just as we have five basic senses that help us observe the physical world around us, there are a variety of ways that people can perceive extrasensory information, too. One of the most fascinating is clairsentience, which is the ability to literally feel knowledge and energy. But what is clairsentience and how is it unique from any other psychic experience?

Clairsentience translates to “clear feeling” — and it’s defined as the ability to pick up on extrasensory knowledge via non-tangible feelings. Understanding the meaning of clairsentience is easier when we can discern it from other common psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance (think Raven’s visions in That’s So Raven) or clairaudience (which is when people hear psychic messages rather than receiving them visually). Clairsentience is similar, but it relates to having an innate emotional awareness of psychic information rather than experiencing visuals or audio.

“Being clairsentient is like literally ‘feeling’ everything — as if you’re walking around with a large antenna that never turns off,” psychic love expert Sara Kohl of tells Bustle. “It’s a combination of high-level discernment, spiritual knowing and awareness, and lots of compassion.”

Here’s the scoop on the true meaning of clairsentience, according to psychics and astrologers.

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What Is The Meaning Of Clairsentience?

Being clairsentience gives people crystal-clear access to feelings and energies — whether that relates to something happening right in front of them or something from another place or time. But having clairsentient abilities also implies that someone is accessing information on a psychic level. So while empathy is the ability to share feelings with someone else and intuition is the ability to deduce something without logical reasoning, clairsentience takes things a step further: It’s about knowing and feeling things that haven’t otherwise been revealed to you, either consciously or unconsciously.

“Being clairsentient involves feeling answers to things, like a voice in your head that knows things about the [energies] close to you,” Kohl says. “It also means you will pick up on people's good and bad vibes.” Think of it as having a supernaturally strong sense of intuition combined with a deep spiritual empathy for others.

What Does Clairsentience Feel Like?

Being cognizant of the feelings and energies around us is a natural part of being human, and most of us experience this when we have “gut feelings” about things or simply connect emotionally with people. But according to psychics, the preternatural feelings associated with clairsentience are even more intense and pronounced than what the average person is used to — and often result in deeper and more insightful pieces of information.

“It can be hard for clairsentient individuals to not take things personally, as it is so easy for them to detect people's moods and feel what is going on inside,” Kohl says. “Because of this high sensitivity, they will often be very drawn to positive energy and literally run from anything that seems dark or heavy — as the dark can be too much to handle.” Having clairsentient abilities can feel like a high-powered and psychically-charged version of intuition, so experiencing it is often intense and hard to ignore. That’s why it’s important for clairsentient people to cleanse their energy fields often to ensure they don’t take on the psychic burdens of others.

Clairsentience In Astrology Or Other Mystic Arts

Clairsentience is considered a psychic gift, but it can also be used to enhance the practice of other mystical divinatory arts — such as astrology, tarot, or energy healing. “Being clairsentient allows me to do energy work, as I can see inside of people's energy fields and notice if there is something off,” Kohl says. In her professional practice, Kohl combines clairsentience with energy healing to help clear people’s chakras and remove energetic blockages.

Clairsentience is also helpful with more structured practices, such as astrology. “Astrology is a detailed and nuanced system that requires a great deal of time, study, and memorization to become competent at, [but clairsentience] can help you to integrate, synthesize and flow,” Jessica Lanyadoo, astrologer, psychic medium, and author of Astrology for Real Relationships, tells Bustle. Used in conjunction with other forms of knowledge, clairsentience can bring a greater sense of depth and personalization to almost any practice.

How To Develop Clairsentience

If you’re interested in developing your clairsentient abilities, it’s important to start trusting your intuition and being open to even the most subtle messages that come through. “Anyone can tap into their own clairsentience,” Kohl says. “The most important thing is to ask for it and to broaden your energy field so the desired information can flow.”

If you’re ready to start strengthening your natural clairsentience, practice listening to your inner voice. “When you hear a loving message from your higher self and intuition, trust that it is accurate,” Kohl says. “Your internal guidance will start telling you what to do, where to go, and what is best for you.” The more you develop a relationship with your intuitive senses, the stronger they’ll become.


Clairsentience is more than just feeling other people’s feelings — it’s also about perceiving energy and having an innate knowing of certain truths. Understanding the meaning of clairsentience can help each of us develop a stronger sense of intuition to help us navigate our own lives.

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