Honest Review Of The Coop Home Goods Pillow — I Slept On This Best-Selling Pillow For 1,000 Nights

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In the long quest for products to help me sleep better at night, I’ve tried it all. From weighted blankets that tout cooling properties to smart alarm clocks to melatonin gummies, the sleep science world is full of solutions that have made it into my Amazon cart. But, the one thing that has perhaps helped my sleep more than anything in the past few years? The Coop Home Goods pillow. In fact, after sleeping on it for 1,000 nights, I’m ready to put my opinions on the record in regards to this cult-favorite memory foam pillow. I’ve also asked a few of my fellow Bustle editors to share their opinions, as well. Between four different editors, we’ve tested this pillow for 15,000 hours. So, could it possibly be worth its price tag? Without further ado, here’s an unbiased Coop Home Goods pillow review.

Let me take you back to a February, three years ago, when my search for a new pillow first led me to Coop Home Goods and this memory foam design. At the time, no amount of reviews could convince me that a $65 pillow was worth the price tag. Luckily for me, dear reader, a fortuitous sale came along and the pillow finally felt worth the gamble. Three years later, I’m so happy I purchased it. And, believe it or not, this pillow is worth more than $65 in the value it’s brought into my life.

When it arrives, you’ll open the box to find the microfiber pillowcase and quite a lot of fluff or shredded memory foam filling. One reason this pillow has won over so many fans is that it is super customizable. You can add as much or as little memory foam as you want and then the pillowcase zips closed. I prefer a high-loft pillow, so I stuffed my pillowcase with all of the shredded memory foam that it came with. Fully stuffed, the pillow is definitely on the bigger side and I worried initially that it wouldn’t fit into my pillowcase. But, the queen-size pillow fits easily into my queen-size pillowcases without sticking out.

Within a few nights, I knew I’d found a truly incredible pillow. Thanks to its memory foam design, this pillow really cradles your head for support without any stiffness when you’re sleeping. It felt like I was sleeping on a cloud. A former roommate, an older sister, my mom? I’ve lost count of the amount of people I’ve recommended to buy this pillow. And largely, the reviews have been raves.

Coop Home Goods also offers a fantastic trial period for this pillow — you can use it for 100 nights and return it for free if you don’t love sleeping on it.

Thanks to their memory foam design, these pillows are really responsive and return to their normal shape almost immediately after you lift your head (or hand) off of them.Amy Biggart

For a truly unbiased opinion, I should tell you about the drawbacks. One drawback (aside from the price) that I’ve noticed is that the hexagonal textured design on the pillow is sometimes visible through my pillowcase. However, for most people, this wouldn’t be super noticeable or egregious, and I think the value of the pillow outweighs this drawback.

The hexagonal texture on the Coop Home Goods pillow. Amy Biggart
The Coop Home Goods pillow with all of the memory foam filling. You can see the light hexagonal texture of the pillow beneath this satin pillowcase. Amy Biggart
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For those hot sleepers looking for solutions, this may not be the right pillow for you. Memory foam, even shredded memory foam, has a reputation for trapping heat and is usually not recommended for those who sweat at night. While this is definitely something to consider, I am a hot sleeper who lives in an apartment that gets incredibly warm, and I find that cooling sheets and a lightweight duvet do a lot more to regulate my sleeping temperature than any pillow would (or wouldn’t).

One last thing noted by a few reviewers is that this pillow has a smell when it first arrives. But, the microfiber pillowcase is machine-washable so it’s easy to launder, and three years after purchasing it I can’t confirm or deny that mine smelled when it arrived. If it did, it did not linger for long and wasn’t particularly noticeable. I’ve purchased four of these pillows over the last three years and have no distinct memory of them ever smelling bad.

Aside from my own opinions, this cult-favorite pillow has won over tens of thousands of Amazon reviewers (it has more than 49,000 Amazon reviews and counting), and has earned Consumer Reports’s title of the best pillow with a glowing score of 90 out of 100. After having tested it for three years, I can confirm their assessment that in terms of support and durability, this pillow really shines.

So if my opinion alone doesn’t sway you, join the near 50,000 Amazon shoppers and expert testers who have dubbed this pillow well worth your hard-earned cash. One reviewer wrote, “I’ve tried many pillows. All different types. Foam to Goose down and everything in between. This pillow is THE BEST pillow I’ve ever used in my life. I’m a side sleeper. Ever since I have it—no more neck pain! It feels so luxurious and comfortable. I don’t want to get out of bed! I’m telling everyone I care about to get one.”

And while I’d love to take credit for this recommendation, this pillow is a favorite amongst not one but three other Bustle editors. Bustle editor Kori Perten says, “This Coop Home Goods pillow is the first non-cheap pillow I’ve ever bothered to own, and I never want to go back. It’s supportive enough to feel comfortable for side sleeping without needing the level of fill I’d require from a down alternative option, but I appreciate that it comes with extra fill in case I decide I need more. It’s not firm, but I also don’t sink into it too much. The only thing I dislike about the pillow is that it’s so comfortable my boyfriend sometimes tries to steal it.”

For another perspective, I asked Bustle editor Danielle Kraese what she loves about the pillow. “I bought my Coop Home pillow over two years ago, and the honeymoon still isn’t over… I can definitively say I sleep much better since I got this pillow. I love that the shredded memory foam filling can be customized since I apparently need a fairly thin pillow, and it has just the right amount of loft and support for me. I’m never going back!” she says.

Lastly, according to Bustle editor Wesley Salazar, “Before getting a pair of Coop Home Goods pillows, I wasn’t really sure what a good pillow was. I’d slept on all different kinds over the course of my life, but it wasn’t until I invested in these that I truly fell in love with one and felt a difference when I slept. I can confidently say it’s worth the price. I’ve had mine for over a year and they’re still going strong — plus, I'm comforted by the fact that I can always add more fluff should they start to show any signs of wear with time.”

This pillow has undoubtedly turned my sleep experience around, to the point where I actually enjoy going to bed every night and dread leaving my bed in the morning. If you’re struggling with neck pain, looking to upgrade your sleep experience, or just want the very best of the best, please give the Coop Home Goods pillow a try. I’d stick my (fully-supported and pain-free) neck out for it.