5 Crystals To Manifest Better Sleep

Extremely tired and incredibly wired.

by Megan McCarty
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Black Tourmaline, labradorite, and moonstone are crystals for sleep.
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Your bedroom should be a zone for rest. But between insomnia, anxiety, bad dreams, bedtime tiffs with your partner, and the temptation to doomscroll, getting a good night’s sleep is easier said than done for many — like, for 35% of American adults. According to the CDC, one in three adults in the U.S. isn’t getting enough sleep. When taking a soothing bath or reading the latest Sally Rooney novel doesn’t work, some people turn to crystals for sleep to avoid wasting those precious hours under the covers.

People have been using crystals for sleep since ancient times. Some crystals are thought to calm overactive minds, and others are attributed with the power to clear negative nighttime energy. Don’t confuse a crystal with a dose of melatonin though. “Crystals are tools that enhance the work we do on ourselves,” Kristine Ovsepian, a hypnotherapist and intuitive healer, tells Bustle. “Take a holistic approach, instead of expecting that the crystal is going to be a magic bullet that does all the work for you.” While crystals may magnify your intentions to sleep better, it’s on you to follow through on the soporific energy a crystal lends.

Ready to do the work? Choose one of these crystals for sleep and watch as sweet dreams follow.

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Red Tiger’s Eye

If fretting over your endless to-do list is keeping you awake at night, turn to red tiger’s eye, a member of the quartz family. “Red tiger’s eye is a great crystal to enhance restful sleep because it helps natural sleep cycles, especially if you have an overactive mind or are holding on to negative energy, ” says Ovsepian. Bonus: red tiger eye is also associated with revving up libido, which can encourage another favorite sleep-promoting bedtime activity.

How to use it: Before turning in for the night, Ovsepian recommends meditating with a red tiger’s eye stone resting gently in your hands, with the intention of releasing anxious energy. Then turn in with a red tiger’s eye near your head, whether under your pillow or on your nightstand, to encourage sounder sleep.


“Remember how safe it felt as a child to have your mother nearby as you drifted off to sleep?” asks Ovsepian. That’s the protective energy you’ll receive from a moonstone, since it’s associated with the Mother Goddess. “The moon goddess is a mother figure that can act as a guardian during times of vulnerability — and that includes when we are asleep,” Ovsepian says. If you have insomnia, or simply want to quiet your brain from obsessing over tomorrow’s all-staff meeting, tap into moonstone’s restful, calming spirit. You wouldn’t be the first: moonstone was used in ancient Rome as a sleeping aid, too.

How to use it: Place a moonstone on a windowsill in your bedroom. Its energies change with the moon phases, and will be most powerful during a full moon. To assist with lucid dreaming, tuck one beneath your pillow, or meditate with one right before bed to encourage a restful night.

​Black Tourmaline

If you’re afraid of the dark or bothered by nightmares, add a black tourmaline to your crystal collection. “Black tourmaline is known for its protective energy vibrations,” says Christal Medina, a reiki master and crystal specialist at Modrn Sanctuary, a New York City-based wellness spa. It’ll help prevent bad dreams, ease night terrors, and provide you with a sense of safety in your space. Ovsepian equates ​black tourmaline’s powers to wearing a cloak of invisibility, hiding you from negative energies. “Its pure crystalline blackness sets the stage for travel to the sleep realm, creating a clear separation from our daytime selves that is restorative and crucial to well-being,” she says.

How to use it: To prevent negative nighttime energy, keep a ​black tourmaline close by as you sleep — whether that’s on your nightstand, under your pillow, or on a windowsill. Its grounding properties will provide a feeling of security that’s crucial for a calm night of sleep.


If the energy is off in your bedroom — maybe there’s a lingering presence of a fight you had with an ex in there, or simply stagnant vibes in the space — put a selenite stone to work. “Selenite will recharge, refresh, and restore the energy vibration of the person near it,” says Medina. Another benefit to selenite: if you or your bedmate snores, it’s thought to be helpful for clearing and expanding the throat and sinus area, providing clearer breathways.

How to use it: Since selenite has a high vibrational frequency — that’s why it works so well! — some might find it difficult to sleep near. Bring it into your bedroom, but don’t sleep with a selenite under your pillow or on your nightstand. Instead, keep your selenite on top of your dresser, so it can radiate its energy-clearing powers onto your whole bedroom.


Labradorite, a stone of transformation, brings balance to an overactive mind — crucial for falling asleep. “Labradorite is fitting for a peaceful sleep when there is a lack of harmony,” says Medina. By helping to cultivate deep inner peace, it’ll let you let go of negative thoughts, ruminations, and other things that keep your monkey mind up at night.

How to use it: Place a labradorite on your nightstand, or tuck one under your pillow. As you sleep, it’ll calm your subconscious, and release creative energy and wisdom. Maybe you’ll finally finish that knitting project you started in 2019.

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