Here's Your Horoscope For Today: March 5, 2021

We're encouraged to find the silver lining where we can.

Astrologer Mecca Woods shares each zodiac sign's horoscopes for March 5, 2021.
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In this daily horoscope for March 5, Bustle's resident astrologer Mecca Woods, founder of My Life Created, shares the astrological events happening today that will affect every zodiac sign. Below, here's a look at how astrology will affect our lives today.

The moon remains stationed in optimistic Sagittarius today, encouraging us to find the joy and the silver lining where we can. As the day gets started, the moon meets up with supportive Saturn in friendly Aquarius, making it a great time to connect with others for community and companionship.

Later in the day, the moon goes on to face off with the Sun and love planet Venus in dreamy Pisces. As a result, the vibe of the day could go either way as this Sagittarius-Pisces mix could give us the inspiration and hope we're seeking. At the same time, we can run the risk of overindulging in things that might not be healthy for us or seeing what we want to see versus what's really there. As such, we could end up feeling more disappointed than hopeful. The best way to harness this cosmic combo is into anything that nourishes the soul and feeds the heart.

Read below to see what the stars mean for your zodiac sign today, and make sure to check out your March 2021 monthly horoscope.

If Your Zodiac Sign Is Aries (March 21 - April 19)

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You might have a big idea you want to jump on, but it may be best to consider if it's something that's achievable or even what you really want. Think long-term.

If Your Zodiac Sign Is Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

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A friend could unknowingly rub you wrong today, bringing up uncomfortable feelings for you. Rather than sweep the issue under the rug, be straightforward about your emotions.

If Your Zodiac Sign Is Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

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Someone might want to join forces with you, but before you agree to anything, do your homework. Know what you're getting into. If anything feels off, discuss it openly.

If Your Zodiac Sign Is Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

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You might have plans you'd like to execute, but you could be getting overwhelmed in just getting started. Don't let pride get in the way. Reach out and connect with people who can help.

If Your Zodiac Sign Is Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22)

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You're in the mood for fun and eager to spend money, though it may be best to save now rather than splurge. In a love-related matter, discernment and communication are powerful tools.

If Your Zodiac Sign Is Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)

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You might not be on the same page with a family member or roommate today, which could have you trying to accommodate them to keep the peace. It's OK to put your well-being first.

If Your Zodiac Sign Is Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)

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It might be hard to know if you're coming or going today, making it necessary to slow down and re-center yourself. Some things might not be worth your attention today. Protect your joy.

If Your Zodiac Sign Is Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)

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You might have your eye on someone special, but make sure you're not seeing only what you want to see in effort to make it work. You're worthy of getting what you want.

If Your Zodiac Sign Is Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

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If feeling tender or sensitive today, ramp up the self-care. If you're in the mood to help others, be sure that you can actually make good on your offer. Keep it simple today.

If Your Zodiac Sign Is Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)

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Your fears and worries could be trying to get the best of you today. Though when you believe in yourself and your abilities, nothing can get in your way. You are the author of your success story.

If Your Zodiac Sign Is Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

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You may be feeling discouraged around something you've been hoping or wishing for, especially if it concerns money. But don't lose faith. You're the one you've been waiting for.

If Your Zodiac Sign Is Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20)

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You're focused on your goals today. Though in terms of your reputation or self-image, try not to put unnecessary pressure on yourself. Some things aren't worth worrying over right now.