21 Absolutely Adorable Christmas Gifts For Dogs

Make their tail wag with pure joy.

The cutest dog Christmas gifts to buy for your fur baby.
Spark Paws; Best Friends by Sheri; Susan Alexandra
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If you’re the kind of pet parent who dresses your pup up for Halloween, has paid for your fur baby to get the dog equivalent of 23andMe, and whose dog has more sweaters than you do, you already know it’s the season to shop for dog Christmas gifts. While your pup would be thrilled with a tennis ball — or even an old sock, let’s be honest — they’ll positively lose it if you present them with something extra special.

Dogs seem to be big fans of Christmas, after all. There’s food to smell, people to visit, cozy naps to take, and wrapping paper to tear to shreds when nobody’s looking. It’s basically a day filled with all of their favorite things, and that’ll be even more true if they have a pile of prezzies (or a stocking!) that’s all theirs. As the pet parent, all you have to do is loosely wrap your dog’s gift in a bag or tissue paper, then kick back and watch as they have a field day on Christmas morning.

This list of dog gifts includes toys for your pup, cute gear and apparel, and even dog-approved treats. Whether you have a puppy of your own or know someone who does, keep scrolling for 20 fun dog gift ideas that’ll have any fur baby wagging their tail with joy.


A Tasty Bag Of “Coal”

No dog is bad, of course — but you can gently imply you weren’t thrilled with their behavior this year by giving them a bag of (faux) coal for Christmas. These all-natural treats are made with peanut butter, rolled oats, flaxseed, and a hint of charcoal to soothe the stomach while tasting delectable.


A Cute Moose

This durable plush squeaky toy should last through Christmas, the new year, and beyond. It’s 12.5 inches long, made with a double layer of fabric that’s resistant to bites, and includes six squeakers hidden throughout to keep your pup’s attention. When they’re done playing, they can use it to snuggle with, too.


A Fancy Collar & Leash Set

Gift your dog this incredible beaded collar and leash set that’s handmade in New York City by designer Susan Alexandra. It’s beautiful, stylish, and guaranteed to turn the sidewalk into your pup’s personal runway.


A Ball That’ll Keep Them Busy

This winter-themed wobble toy lets out a “giggly” sound as your dog plays — perfect for keeping them preoccupied while you unwrap your own gifts.


A Calming Dog Bed

If your dog tends to be a little nervous, they’ll absolutely love this cushy bed that’s designed to support their head and neck to create a sense of security. (Aww.) All they have to do is nestle down into the donut shape and they’ll be all set to dream about chasing squirrels.


A Turkey Sampler

Is your dog super jelly that they didn’t get any people food? If so, they’ll be all about these leftover turkey sandwich-flavored treats from The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Made with wholesome ingredients like rolled oats, honey, and sweet potato, your puppy will be too busy having her own snacks to ransack the table.


A Chewy Wish Bone

In keeping with the holiday dinner theme, go for this wishbone-shaped dog toy. It’s made of sturdy rubber so your dog can fetch, play tug of war, or simply kick back and chew.


A Refreshing Water Fountain

OK, so this gift might be more for you than for them: It’s a large-capacity bubbling drinking fountain that comes with an LED light that shows how much your pet drinks. The tank holds 95 ounces so you’ll know they won’t be thirsty while you’re out and about — plus, the flower design on top will look cute in your kitchen.


A Thrashy Toy

This toy is specifically made for thrashers, aka dogs who like to shake their head and destroy toys on contact. It’s packed with fluff and, at 16.54 inches tall, is big enough for any size dog to have some fun.


A Gingerbread-Flavored Snack

Give your dog one of these festive gingerbread-flavored treats and they’ll brush their teeth without even knowing it. The toothbrush-shaped sticks are made with a unique texture that’s designed to clean along your pup’s gum line to fight plaque, tartar, and bad breath. A perfect stocking stuffer.


A Bouncy Ball

What dog doesn’t love a good ball? This one has an interior tumbling tennis ball and a loud squeak that’s super fun, and it also comes with handles so your pup can pick it up and shake. The best part? Kong toys are almost impossible to destroy.


A Doggy Body Spray

Keep your pup smelling fresh even after a romp in the park with this cherry blossom body spray from The Bark Shoppe. The water-based hydrating spray is infused with natural essences for long-lasting deodorizing that won’t mess with the natural oils in your pet’s fur. It’s vegan, too, and safe for both dogs and cats.


A Festive Collar

If you plan on taking holiday pics this year, make sure your dog looks the part with a tartan collar. This one is made with soft, natural fabric so they won’t feel itchy while you all pose for the camera. Most importantly, the nylon webbing and reinforced box stitching can withstand over a thousand pounds of pull pressure.


An Assortment Of Cookies

Everyone loves their yearly tin of Christmas cookies, so why not recreate that for your dog? These treats from Claudia’s Canine Bakery are made with human-grade ingredients, so you could technically try one, too. Your pup gets about 50 cookies in various shapes and colors, like Christmas trees and paw prints.


A Cozy Couch

Treat your fur baby to the high life by presenting them with their very own couch. This adorably chic option features a contoured back so your dog can really get in there and nap — all while looking fancy and refined on their throne.


A Sturdy Dog Bowl

How pretty is this bowl? Made with high-quality ceramic, it has a glossy interior for easy cleaning, a weighted base so it stays put, and durable, food-safe construction — all while being the opposite of an eyesore.


A Stylin’ Hoodie

If you see a hoodie for dogs, you pretty much have to buy it, right? This one from Spark Paws isn’t just cute, but it’s also thoughtfully designed with a four-way stretch and fleecy interior so your pup feels comforted. There’s a leash opening, too, so it won’t get in the way. To be even more extra, pick up the matching human hoodie.


A Personalized Treat

Present your dog with not just any treat, but personalized treats with their name on them from Bark Organix. Send over your pup’s name — up to 26 letters and spaces — and you’ll receive eight tasty snacks made with oat flour, pumpkin, apples, and rolled oats.


A Dapper Bow

This cute bow slides right onto your dog’s collar for a dash of holiday cheer. Your dog will know they’re cute as you snap pics of them in front of the tree.


A Comfy Leash

If your dog is a big fan of long walks, then they’ll live for this extra-comfy leash from House Dogge. It’s made with anti-microbial materials and comes in an assortment of cool colors.


A Fresh-Smelling Shampoo

Let your dog’s hair smell as good as yours with this pet shampoo, made by celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin (who works with stars like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber). Their coat will be fresh and supermodel-shiny after just one wash.