15 Matching Halloween Costumes For You & Your Dog

Plus, plenty of options your pup won’t totally hate wearing.

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Halloween costumes with dog and owner
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If you’re a dog owner, Halloween is probably one of your favorite holidays. I mean, is there anything cuter than dressing up your furry friend? And while it’s always fun to dress up with other people, nothing tops matching Halloween costumes with your dog. Besides, there’s a good chance that you already do everything together; celebrating the spooky holiday should be no different.

The first step, however, is taking into consideration how your dog feels about clothes. Some pups don’t mind wearing outfits. In fact, dogs with thin coats might actually like the extra layer during the cooler months. Meanwhile, other dogs might not love it, so don’t forget to pay attention to their reaction and body language.

For pups who don’t mind (or notice) when you dress them up, there are so many ways to wear matching outfits. The key is to choose a Halloween dog and human costume pairing that is nice and simple. Sure, you want to get the point across, but you also want to make sure your dog feels good. You can always add most of the details to your own costume. Better yet, consider getting the whole family involved with an easy group Halloween costume.

Ready to dress up with your furry friend? Here are some adorable Halloween costumes that you can wear with your dog.

1. Dorothy & The Cowardly Lion From The Wizard of Oz


If you grew up loving The Wizard Of Oz, you'll adore this matching Halloween costume. First, your pup will need a lion's mane. You'll need Dorothy's classic outfit, complete with shiny red slippers. Alternatively, you can wear a blue gingham or plaid dress over a white shirt and throw your hair in pigtails.

And if your dog already looks like Toto? All you need to do is dress up as Dorothy, and you're good to go.

2. Hogwarts Student & Owl From Harry Potter

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Calling all Hogwarts students! This Halloween, consider dressing up your pup as an owl. It's the perfect match for a Hogwarts student costume. Simply choose the uniform based on your house and you're all set.

To emphasize the look, attach an envelope to your dog's leash. Extra points if the envelope looks like parchment paper and has a fancy wax seal. Another idea is to roll up a piece of parchment paper and tie it on your furry friend’s collar.

3. Ash & Pikachu From Pokémon

Nintendo/Creatures/Game Freak

If you grew up trading Pokémon cards (or if you still play Pokémon GO on the daily), you'll love this dog and human costume idea. First, dress up your pup Pikachu or your favorite Pokémon. To dress up as Ash, you can wear a denim vest, white shirt, and red hat. Throw on some sneakers and wear a backpack for good measure. (I mean, you’ll have to store your candy somewhere, right?)

Again, you can elevate the look by attaching a lightweight Pokéball keychain or charm to your dog’s leash. So cute.

4. Ariel & Sebastian From The Little Mermaid

Walt Disney Pictures

When you celebrate Halloween under the sea, this Sebastian and Ariel costume idea is a must. Your four-legged pal will need a crab costume, but if you can't find one, a lobster costume works just as well. Meanwhile, you'll need a purple tank top or bra, a glittery green maxi skirt, and a red wig.

If you prefer a more practical outfit — or if it’s chilly where you live — replace the maxi skirt with green jeans or leggings. You can also throw on a purple cardigan or hoodie to stay warm.

5. Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf

Does your pup look like a wolf? If so, you’ve got the perfect excuse to dress up as Little Red Riding Hood. Otherwise, you can get your furry friend a cozy wolf (or werewolf) costume. To dress up as Little Red Riding Hood, you'll need a red hooded cape, a dress, and a small basket.

Since there are many versions of Little Red Riding Hood, this costume works well with many types of dresses. A black, white, or red gingham dress works well, but you can also slip into something warmer like denim jeans and a white t-shirt. It’s all about the cape, after all!

6. Han Solo & Chewbacca From Star Wars

The Walt Disney Company
The Walt Disney Company
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Dog owners who are die-hard Star Wars fans will get a kick out of this matching Halloween costume idea. You'll need a Chewbacca costume for your pup and a Han Solo costume for yourself. It also doesn’t hurt that Chewbacca costumes are super cozy, so you’ll feel good knowing your pup is warm on Halloween night.

If you’d like to create a group Halloween costume, other members of your crew can dress up as characters like Princess Leia and Darth Vader.

7. Hot Dog Vendor & Hot Dog

Here's another clever matching Halloween costume for humans and dogs. First, your furry friend needs a hot dog costume. (This will be even funnier if you have a dachshund, the most hot dog-looking dog of all dogs.) All you need is an apron and server hat to dress up as a hot dog vendor. A red apron will really emphasize the look, but any apron will do. Plus, since you can throw on these items over your normal clothes, this costume is ideal if you prefer simpler Halloween outfits.

8. Jasmine & Rajah From Aladdin

Walt Disney Pictures

As always, you can't go wrong with Disney-inspired costume ideas, especially when it comes to your pup. To dress up as Rajah, Jasmine's majestic tiger, your dog will need a tiger costume. Meanwhile, you’ll need a Jasmine-inspired outfit. Adorn yourself with chunky gold jewelry to complete the look.

This is another awesome opportunity to create a group costume, by the way. Simply round up other people (or more dogs) to dress up as Aladdin, Jafar, Genie, and even the magic carpet.

9. Minions From Despicable Me

Illumination Entertainment

There is nothing cuter than a pair of minions wandering around on Halloween night. To recreate this simple costume idea, both you and your pup will need minion costumes. However, since the movies in the Despicable Me multiverse literally feature thousands of minions, there isn’t a limit to this costume idea in your entourage. This means all of your human and dog friends can dress up as minions. How hilarious would that be?

A licensed Minion costume will do all the work for you. Otherwise, just throw on denim overalls over a yellow long-sleeved t-shirt and wear a pair of goggles.

10. Belle & The Beast From Beauty & The Beast

Walt Disney Feature Animation/Walt Disney Pictures

It's surprisingly easy to dress up your dog as the Beast, especially if they already have shaggy fur. To create the costume, you'll need a blue shirt and a lion's mane. You can also get away with a dog-sized blue hoodie. To dress up as Belle, wear a yellow off-shoulder dress with yellow long-sleeved gloves. Finish off the outfit with a yellow bow or headband, and slip into yellow shoes.

11. Eggs & Waffles

On Halloween, you can't go wrong with food-themed costumes like this egg and waffle pairing. Your pup will need an egg costume, and you’ll need a waffle costume. If you’re the DIY type, grab a white t-shirt for your dog and paint a yellow “egg yolk” on top.

To complete the breakfast-inspired look, your friends and family can dress up as other delicious foods like pancakes, bacon, and coffee. (On that note: Need a DIY Starbucks Frappuccino costume?)

12. Alice & The White Rabbit From Alice In Wonderland

Walt Disney Productions
Walt Disney Productions
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Another iconic pairing is the White Rabbit and Alice. Your dog will need a white rabbit costume and you’ll need an Alice-inspired outfit. To DIY the look, wear a blue dress, white apron, white stockings, and black shoes. Don’t forget the black headband or bow, too.

If you’d like to make your dog’s outfit as accurate as possible, add a black bow tie. You can even cut out hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds from felt and glue them to your dog’s rabbit costume.

13. Santa & Reindeer

If you celebrate Christmas — or if you just love the holiday — this matching costume idea is an awesome way to get a head start on the festivities. Your pup will need a reindeer costume, and you'll need a Santa outfit or Santa-inspired sweater. Top it off with a Santa hat, and you’ve got yourself a warm Halloween costume.

This idea is especially adorable if you have more than one dog. Can you imagine walking down the street with a group of reindeer dogs? Love it.

14. Daenerys Targaryen & Dragon From Game Of Thrones


Halloween is coming. And if you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, you’ll love this clever costume for dog owners. Your pup will need a dragon costume, and you'll need an outfit or dress inspired by Daenerys. Don’t worry too much about the color of your dog’s dragon costume, though. Any type of dragon outfit will get the point across.

For extra laughs, your dog can dress up as Daenerys, and you can dress up as a dragon. How’s that for a ‘gram-worthy moment?

15. Rainbow & Unicorn

If you’re all about the bright colors and glittery details, why not dress up as a rainbow and unicorn with your dog? Your pup will need a rainbow costume, while you’ll need a unicorn outfit.

Since unicorn costumes are usually available as hoodies or onesies, you will also stay comfortable all night long. Finally, finish off the look with a glittery rainbow trick-or-treat bag.

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