43 Genius Tricks To Save You Money Around The House

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When sprucing up your home, there are a plethora of genius tricks you can use to save you money. With the placement of a few items that organize and enhance your space, you’ll be able to quickly see added value while enhancing your lifestyle and the way to handle day-to-day activities. To make things a bit easier, I’ve created a list of brilliant products that will help you save cash while also conserving your precious time and energy.

Items like bidet attachments or remote-controlled light bulbs automatically give your home a more sophisticated look and feel. Meanwhile, waxing kits, facial steamers, and hot air brushes help you cut down on salon appointments, giving you the option of self-grooming at home at a lesser cost.

Adding products to your life that are reusable like makeup remover pads, wipeable notepads that upload notes to your cloud service, and staple-free staplers can also save money while reducing waste, protecting your pockets, and saving the earth at the same time.

Other items like pet hair removers that trap debris and lint and lazy Susan organizers do a great job of ensuring that your home and personal items stay clean and efficient while providing an easy way to tidy things up.

These are just a few of the many brilliant products this list has to offer — and with Amazon, they are all quick and easy to buy and have shipped to your home. Keep scrolling to find your favorites.


A Pack Of Reusable Food Storage Bags That Are Freezer Safe

Safe and eco-friendly, this 10 pack of food storage bags can be used over and over again to store fruits, vegetables, leftovers, and more. They are food-safe, BPA-free, leakproof, and easy to seal and use. Made to handle low temps, these bags can store in your refrigerator or freezer and be hand-washed in between uses.


An Area Rug You Can Literally Toss In The Washing Machine

How great is this machine washable area rug? It's soft, fluffy, and super easy to clean with mild detergent. Resistant to shedding, it is made of faux fur that is hypoallergenic and additionally features a non-slip bottom to prevent slipping and sliding. Choose your favorite of several colors and add it as an accent to any room.


A Gallon-Sized Vegan Hand Soap That Refills Your Soap Dispenser

This vegan and cruelty-free hand soap gently washes away dirt and bacteria. The unscented formula is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and botanicals that are suitable for all skin types, but particularly nourishing for dry and sensitive skin. Great for refilling smaller soap dispensers, this 1-gallon bottle is additionally paraben, sulfate, and gluten-free.


A Pair Of Menstrual Underwear, So You Don’t Have To Keep Buying Disposable Products

Do away with uncomfortable pads and tampons with this pair of menstrual underwear. Made with built-in leak protection, they're made with soft, breathable bamboo fabric and are designed to eliminate the need or be used in conjunction with feminine care products as desired. This pair of underwear is washable and reusable, saving money while reducing waste. Choose from packs of one, two, or three pairs, in a range of colors.


A Set Of Reusable Makeup Pads That Will Replace Your Disposable Cotton Ones

These organic makeup pads are made of bamboo terry cotton designed to be reused over and over again. Offered in a set of 10, they work to remove makeup and impurities while also exfoliating the skin. Use them with water or your favorite cleanser, and then toss them into the washing machine for laundering.


These Mop Pads That Can Be Used Wet Or Dry

These microfiber mop pads are thick and super absorbent. Sized to fit most mop heads, it easily cleans all hard floor surfaces and can be used both wet and dry. Attach them to your mop to clean dirt, dust, lint, pet hair, and more, then place them into the washing machine and reuse them as much as you’d like.


A Set Of Unbreakable Wine Glasses That Will Last You Forever

Enjoy your favorite wine with a worry-free mind using these unbreakable wine glasses. Made of non-toxic plastic material, these durable, shatter-resistant glasses are great for outdoor events and gatherings. These are sold in a set of four and can be cleaned in the dishwasher between uses.


This Rust-Resistant Rose Gold Razor That Will Replace Your Disposable One

This stainless steel shaver offers five double edge blades for a clean and close shave every time. Designed in a unique rose gold hue, this shaver is rust-resistant and constructed for easy blade replacement. It features a non-slip handle and comes with one raze and five blades in each order.


A Reusable Notebook That Allows You To Upload Your Notes

Use this smart notebook to write notes, then erase and reuse. It allows you to upload your writings to cloud services such as Google Drive, iCloud, and Dropbox for saving before wiping them clean with a damp cloth. This set comes with a notebook, a Pilot Frixion Pen, and microfiber cloth.


This Bidet Attachment With Adjustable Water Pressure Will Help You Cut Back On Toliet Paper

This bidet attachment uses a dual nozzle design with adjustable water pressure for extra cleaning and care. There is a knob that allows you to adjust the settings easily during each use. This device is easy to install on your own and doesn't require batteries or electricity to operate.


The Pet Hair Remover That Doesn’t Use Sticky Tape Or Batteries

Use this pet hair remover to quickly lift and clean lint, pet hair, and more. Great for use on sofas, beds, clothing, carpets, and more, this roller doesn’t require sticky tapes or batteries to operate. It has a neat little storage area that collects and holds all of the debris until you’re ready to dump.


The Cold Brew Maker That Will Help You Break Your Coffee Shop Habit.

This cold brew maker can make up to four servings of hot or iced coffee with just about any type of coffee grounds. It features fine mesh to keep grounds out of your beverage while withstanding both hot and cold temperatures. Sized to fit in most refrigerator doors, it allows you to brew, chill, and save your coffee for later.


The Nail Gel Kit That Gives You A Salon-Quality Finish

Get a salon-quality manicure in the comfort of your home with this gel nail polish kit. It comes with a nail dryer, 20 gel polishes, base coat, topcoat, and other manicuring tools. The lamp is designed to cure all kinds of gel and acrylic and comes with


Artificial Grass That’ll Take The Place Of Those Disposable Puppy Pads

Use these faux grass pads to easily housebreak or train your pet. They're great for smaller homes and also provide a place for your pooch to go when you're not at home. It operates on a three-layer system with a mat that sits on top of a tray that allows liquid to drain into it for easy clean-up.


This Budget Planner That Helps You Get Organized

This budget planner helps you keep your money organized and achieve financial goals. It’s filled with tools to help you track your finances, including trackers for your savings and debt as well as your monthly budget and expenses. There are also pages for you to record your saving tactics and motivating affirmations.


A Plush Memory Foam Topper That’s A Cheap Way To Upgrade Your Mattress

Use this plush memory foam topper to comfort you as you sleep. It conforms to your body and aligns your spine while helping to regulate temperature to prevent overheating. Use it to cushion your existing mattress or place it on a new bed to extend its life.


A Digital Coin Jar That Counts Your Change

This digital coin counter jar helps you save while tallying your money. It accepts pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollar coins for your convenience and features an easy-to-read digital LCD display that helps track your saving and comes with an easy-to-remove lid that twists off with ease.


This Rechargeable Lighter With A Long, Bendy Neck

Keep your fingers out of harm's way with this long neck lighter. The long flexible neck bends and rotates 360 degrees for convenience and safety while lighting candles and other items. It comes with a LED battery display and easily provides up to 600 uses in a full charge.


These Stackable Resistance Bands That Help You Get A Full Body Workout At Home

Increase endurable and strength with this set of resistance bands. They help you get a full-body workout and can be stacked in any combination from 10 to 150 pounds to suit your fitness level. The set comes with five stackable bands, a door anchor, two ankle straps, handles, and an instruction guide.


A WiFi Extender That Boosts Your Home’s Internet Capability

Give your Wi-Fi coverage a major boost with this internet extender. Compatible with all routers, it covers up to 800 square feet, helping to eliminate dead zones around your home or office. With two steps, it's simple and easy to set up.


These Assorted Greeting Cards Keep You Prepared For Any Occasion

Never miss a birthday, anniversary, or chance to say "thank you" with this box of assorted greeting cards. Offered in a pack of 24, these cards come with coordinating envelopes and a storage box that keeps everything neat and easy to access. Each order is made of high-quality paper and includes 14 birthday cards, two baby shower cards, a wedding/anniversary card, two condolence cards, a ‘thinking of you’ card, a thank you card, a congratulations card, and two blank cards for any occasion of your choosing.


A Hair Dryer Brush That Gives You A Salon-Quality Blowout At Home

Dry and style your hair at the same time with this hot airbrush. It features nylon pins and bristles that smooth and create volume and comes with three heat and speed settings that allow you to adjust as needed. Keep it on hand to make your morning hair routine easier than ever before.


The Window Insulation Kit That’ll Reduce Your Energy Bills

This window insulation kit comes with shrink film and tape to cover and insulate windows from cold and heat. No measuring is necessary, simply place on a clean, dry surface and shrink it to fit. It's both easy to install and remove as needed.


A Bottle Emptying Kit That Reduces Waste

Get the most of your products and condiments with this bottle emptying kit. It helps you quickly transfer every bit of product from one bottle to another. Use it on all-sized bottles, wash it, and use it again.


The Pet Feeding Mat That Prevents Spills & Messes

Protect floors food and water spills with this silicone pet feeding mat. The textured top helps keep bowls secured while raised edges contain accidental spills and mess. This mat is durable and easy to clean when not in use.


This At-Home Spa Kit That Moisturizes The Skin

Get the relaxing experience of a spa at home with this facial steamer. It combines nano steam combined with ionic water to deeply penetrate the skin and features a handle that makes it convenient to take with you when you're on the go. The set comes with one facial steamer, four stainless steel ance needles, one essential oil cotton kit, and detailed instructions.


A Magnetic Eyeliner & Eyelash Kit That’s Easy To Use

This magnetic eyelash and eyeliner kit makes it simple to apply lashes at home. It comes with an eyeliner with magnetic particles and five sets of magnetic eyelashes that easily adhere to a perfect finish. Each set is simple and quick to apply on your own.


The Face Wax That Helps You Shape Your Eyebrows At Home

This stripless face wax helps you groom your eyebrows, lip, and other areas with ease. It heats up in the microwave and glides on smoothly and doesn't need a strip to remove. The kit comes with microwavable wax, an application spatula, a tweezer, brow guides, post-treatment lotion, and a full guide of instructions.


An Organizer That Stores Coupons & Circulars

The clip and organize to save tons of money using this coupon organizer. It features 20 pages that can hold a variety of coupon sizes. There's a list and terminology sheet included as well as two pockets that can hold larger circulars.


These Cloth Napkins That Can Be Washed & Reused

The 12-pack of poly-cotton blended dinner napkins are durable and of high quality. They are durable and machine washable for easy reuse, saving lots of money and reducing the waste associated with paper napkins. Pick your favorite color and use them over and over again.


The Staple-Less Stapler That Makes It Easier To Recycle

This stapler fastens papers together without the use of actual staples. It joins up to five sheets of paper and is safer for the environment, making the paper easier to shred and recycle. Small, lightweight, and compact, it fits into any drawer or bag when not in use.


A Reusable Ear Swab That Replaces 1,000 Single-Use Cotton Swabs

Great for you and the environment, this reusable swab is designed to replace 1000 single-use cotton swabs. Made with flexible silicone on each end, it comes in a biodegradable carrying case and comes in eco-friendly cardboard packaging. Clean it with soap and water or alcohol and use it over and over again.


The Refrigerator Deodorizer That Delays Food Decay

Extend the life of your produce and other foods while reducing smells with this deodorizer. It stores inside of your refrigerator and uses activated oxygen to block and slow the dreaded ethylene gas that causes foods to mature and rot so quickly.


A Mini Spatula That Helps You Get The Most Out Of Your Products

Reduce waste and get the most out of your products with this mini spatula. It's durable and flexible and easy to fit down into small containers to scrape out every last bit. The BPA-free tool is 6-inches in length and dishwasher safe for cleaning and sterilization.


This Universal Lid That Fits All Of Your Pots & Pans

Place this tempered glass lid on your pots, pans, and skillets to prevent a mess while cooking food to perfection. The universal size fits most pots and pans and is made of durable glass with a stainless steel outer ring. This lid can handle up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and can be placed in the dishwasher after use.


A Pack Of Super Absorbent Dishcloths To Replace Your Paper Towels

Great for the kitchen, these dishcloths hold up to 20 times their own weight in water. They can be reused over and over again, saving you lots of money. Each lasts up to eight weeks and can be washed up to 200 times in the dishwasher or washing machine.


These Cord Protectors That Help Prolong The Life Of Your Charging Cables

These cable ends help you keep track of wires and cords while preventing them from fraying. They’re stretchable and snug to fit most charging cords and come in a variety of colors that help you identify them when needed. Each pack contains eight that are quick and easy to use.


A Cookbook That Helps You Make Quick & Tasty Recipes

Save tons of money on takeout by trying some of the tasty recipes in this cookbook. Produced by America’s Test Kitchen, it features 200 tasty concoctions that are instructed in straightforward directions and can be made in 30 minutes. You'll instantly feel like a home chef and be the star of all of your family dinners.


This Digital Frame That Plays Your Favorite Photos

Enjoy daily slideshows of your favorite photos with this digital frame. The 7-inch display offers great colors while not taking up too much space in the process. This device can be configured to play in various display modes to suit your needs and allows you to connect a USB flash drive or SD card to play your photos.


A Cheap, Easy Way To Make ‘Uncrustables’ At Home

Make delicious lunches with this sandwich cutter and sealer. Offered in three different shapes, it removes crust and instantly seals the contents of your sandwich inside. Made of BPA-free plastic, it can be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


This Non-Toxic Stain Remover

This non-toxic stain remover is great for lifting stain out of clothing, carpets, and upholstery. It's fast-acting and, more importantly, safe to use around for your family and pets. The biodegradable formula is simple to use and is made without peroxide, chlorine, phosphates, sulfates, or parabens.


The Water Filter Bottle That Makes Stream & Lake Water Drinkable

Perfect for travel and outdoor activities such as camping and hiking, this filtered water bottle turns water from streams, lakes, and other sources suitable for drinking. The filter removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and protozoa parasites, leaving you with clean drinking water with no aftertaste. This 23-ounce bottle is made of BPA-free plastic with a leakproof, food-grade silicone straw and mouthpiece.


A Shower Curtain You Can Throw In The Washing Machine

This waffle weave shower curtain and the removable liner will look great in any bathroom. The inner sheet snaps on and off as needed for easy cleaning or replacement. It comes with 12 metal hooks and has a mesh upper panel that promotes light and air circulation.

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