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Why “Gorgeous Gorgeous Girls” Are Everywhere On TikTok Right Now

Here’s why your FYP is overrun with them.

The high of Hot Girl Summer (and Shot Girl Summer) has come and gone. Your fall photo dumps have been published, feminine urges fulfilled, and autumn attire retired. How does a hot girl show off her inner hot girl when the weather gets cold? Well, one TikTok trend has arrived with a movement for hot girls that can happen any time, anywhere. Enter: the gorgeous gorgeous girl.

With the absurdist rallying cry, “Gorgeous gorgeous girls love soup,” a hot girl revolution has begun on the For You page. Gorgeous gorgeous girls can do pretty much anything they want, so long as they can rhyme it. Gorgeous gorgeous girls eat pickles as a snack. Wear balaclavas. Get their booster shots. The possibilities are endless.

The trend all boils down to one TikTok shot over a bowl of soup. (And, no, it’s not the Adam Driver “Good Soup” trend.) On Aug. 23, TikTok creator Serena, known as @fishdress, shared a TikTok shot at a diner with their friend Alanna. In the video, the duo eat soup and perform what is best only described as soup spoken word.

“Gorgeous gorgeous girls love soup,” says Serena, as they sift through a bowl of chicken noodle soup, “Soup girls are the most popular girls in the chicken coop.” Serena and Alanna proceed to riff back and forth with an improvised Gorgeous Gorgeous Girl manifesto.

The original video now has almost 2 million views, and the sound has been used in over 14,000 videos along with countless renditions — from TikTokers recreating the video while out to eat with friends, to foodies sharing soup recipes, and more.

Serena told Rolling Stone’s “Don’t Let This Flop” podcast that they were shocked by the video’s popularity. “My friend and I just kind of talk like that all the time, like, just saying random things like that,” they said, “So, when it started picking up so immensely, I was kind of like, ‘Why? Why do people think this is so funny?’” Serena added that a part of its popularity likely comes from a newly-embraced trend to “identify as hot, or gorgeous, or sexy, not in a form of conceit, but just in appreciation of one’s gorgeousness.”

Associating beauty with one’s love of soup opened up a wave of fellow gorgeous gorgeous girls sharing the behaviors that make them gorgeous — often totally removed from typical beauty conventions. Other gorgeous girl activities, according to TikTokers, include crying, loving their nose, wearing sunscreen, and, of course, pretending to be Beth March dying of scarlet fever every time they’re near the sea. Videos with the hashtag #gorgeousgorgeousgirls have gained over 36 million views as of late December.

In response to the original video’s popularity and its various remakes, Serena and Alanna even shared their own Gorgeous Gorgeous Girls sequel about their love of sushi.

If one thing’s clear, it’s that being a gorgeous gorgeous girl is a mindset open to everyone. So, whether you and your friends want to use the original sound to show off your shared love of soup, or you want to make your own spin-off, there’s always room for another gorgeous girl in this trend.