15 Festive Food Advent Calendars For The Holiday Season

Cheese and candy and coffee, oh my!

by Mia Mercado
2020 holiday food advent calendars include everything from 24 days of coffee to 12 days of cheese.
Copper Cow Coffee/Sam's Club

The year is nearly over and I think I speak for everyone when I say good honkin' riddance. As we count down the days, what better way to celebrate than with some food and drink advent calendars for 2020. If there’s anything we collectively deserve, it’s a calendar that rewards us with a tiny treat simply for making it to another day.

Lest you doubt the ubiquity of seasonal celebration, there is a holiday calendar for most every small vice. There are booze advent calendars filled with wine, beer, or your spirit of choice. There are health and beauty advent calendars that give you small samples of creams and serums before you commit your morning routine to a 10-oz bottle. There are advent calendars for Disney lovers, holiday calendars for Harry Potter fans, even advent calendars for cats and dogs so your pets can participate in the celebration, too. Basically, if you want itty bitty goodies throughout the month of December, you won't be lack for choice.

Food advent calendars have long surpassed the traditional tiny chocolate-a-day you remember from childhood. Whether you're obsessed with coffee or hot sauce, here are 15 food advent calendars for the 2020 holiday season to treat yourself tenfold.

Pour-Over Coffee Advent Calendar

This extremely adorable drawer-a-day set from Copper Cow Coffee has a dozen different kinds of pour-overs to enjoy throughout the holiday season including ginger coffee, churro coffee, and pumpkin spice coffee.

Cheese Advent Calendar

Cheese lovers, rejoice! For unto you an advent calendar from Sam's Club is born. This set includes 24 different kinds of cheese including Jarlsberg, Ilchester, and Applewood varieties.

M&M's Countdown Calendar

Why limit your holiday calendar to one kind of chocolate a day when you can have 24 days of your favorite Mars treats! This countdown calendar includes everything from fun-size Snickers to Skittles to, of course, M&M's.

Hot Sauce Holiday Calendar

Grocery chain Lidl has a handful of advent calendars for 2020 including this 24 Days of Hot Sauce set that has flavors like Habanero Red Hot, Carolina Reaper, and Wasabi.

Cheese Advent Calendar

Aldi doesn't mess around when it comes to advent calendars. In addition to their usual beer and wine holiday calendars, the grocery store has a 24-day cheese calendar for a dairy-filled December.

Chocolate Truffle Advent Calendar

If you're looking for an upgrade to your standard chocolate advent calendar, this holiday calendar from Aldi has chocolate truffles that are almost too gorgeous to eat. Almost.

Coffee Advent Calendar

Pair your chocolate truffle advent calendar with this coffee advent calendar from Aldi. It comes with 24 cups of coffee to enjoy throughout December. Happy caffeinating!

Fruit Preserves Set

While their 2020 advent calendar is already sold out, you can still snag this 10-mini jar set from Bonne Maman's that includes classic flavors from apricot to cherry to orange marmalade.

Matcha Advent Calendar

In addition to their 24 Days of Tea advent calendar, Davids Tea launched a new 24 Days of Matcha calendar for the 2020 holiday season. You'll get matcha. You'll get sweets to go with your matcha. There's even a jar of matcha honey hiding behind one of the doors.

Cookie Advent Calendar

Don't want to spend all of December baking? Same. Treat yourself to a dozen different cookies from Cheryl's Cookies with their 12-Day advent box.

Popcorn Advent Calendar

Looking for something less sweet and more savory? This popcorn advent calendar from Williams Sonoma has a mix of salty and sweet snacks for every day in December leading up to Christmas.

Candy Advent Calendar

For a range of sweet treats, check out Williams Sonoma's Post Street Advent Calendar, which includes chocolate along with candies like peppermint puffs, candy cane taffy, and cherry sours.

Herbal Tea Advent Calendar

Start out the first 24 days of December with a cup of tea courtesy of Pukka Herb's holiday calendar. All of their tea varieties are organic, gluten-free, and vegan.

Haribo Advent Calendar

Satiate your inner child with this all-gummy advent calendar from Haribo. Each day comes with a mini pack of gummy candies.

Sugarfina Advent Calendar

For an elevated candy advent calendar, Sugarfina's 2020 holiday set includes everything from Apple Frogs to Birthday Cookie Bites to Pumpkin Spice Almonds. You may not get your calendar on Dec. 1 if you order after Nov. 22, but that just gives you an excuse to double up on days.

Truly anything can be a countdown calendar if you parse it out properly. A pack of Oreos? A box of La Croix? A bunch of string cheese? To each their own advent calendar.