Here’s How To Change Your Instagram Username

Out with the old.

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A woman goes to change her Instagram username on her phone.
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Since Instagram debuted in 2010, many users have grown a lot alongside the app. Gone are the days of snapping a picture of a Starbucks frappuccino, slapping on the X-Pro II filter, and adding a million hashtags in the hopes you’d get more than nine likes. A look back at anyone’s old grid will likely have you cringing — not just because of the lesser technical capabilities that Instagram used to have, but because, well, you might have been cringe. You live, laugh, love, and you learn.

There’s plenty of ways to clean up the cheugier aspects of your digital footprint — whether it’s deleting those duck-face selfies, or archiving them for a personal memory book. However, there’s one ghost of your Instagram past that might feel as though it’s been haunting you for years: Your username.

Whether you had to opt for a totally random Instagram handle because your own name was taken, or you were feeling particularly inspired in 2012 to show off your inner @PurpleGurly1996, there’s plenty of reasons why you might be having growing pains with your Instagram presence. But before you prepare to head off the grid and banish yourself from social media forever, there’s a much easier fix. Read on to learn how to change your Instagram username.

How To Change Your Instagram Username

To change your Instagram username, open your Instagram app and head to your profile tab by clicking on your profile picture on the bottom right corner of your screen. Under your bio, you should see a black button with white text that says “Edit Profile.” Click this button, and you’ll be able to change your profile picture, name, username, pronouns, website, bio, and more.

Your username will be listed just under your name. Click on it, and you’ll be led to a page where you can type in a new username. Once you settle on a new username that feels right for you, click “Done” in the top right corner.

If you try to type in a username that is already being used, Instagram will notify you when you try to save these changes. If you get cold feet and realize you want your old username back, Instagram says that “in most cases” you will be able to change back to your old username for 14 days. Meaning that no one will swoop in and steal @PurpleGurly1996 from you right after you’ve changed it to @VioletWoman2022.

Once you’ve found the perfect Instagram ID — or alter-ego — perhaps consider debuting it by posting to the grid.

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