Here’s How To Get Verified On TikTok

You’ll first want to optimize your account.

How to get verified on TikTok

With one billion active users scrolling their FYP each month, the chance of getting exposure as a creator on TikTok seems higher than any app before it. As niche communities continue to sprout out of the algorithm, more and more users are getting their fifteen seconds (or 60 seconds, or three minutes) of fame. If you’ve been steadily blowing up on the app, you might be wondering, “Where’s my blue check?”

The blue verified check is something of a rite of passage for content creators. Though it’s meant to simply verify your identity (in case you have imposters on the loose), it has also become a major status symbol on social media. On many social media apps like Twitter and Instagram, you can simply request a blue check once you’ve proven your notability on the app.

However, much like how the TikTok algorithm works in mysterious, getting verified on TikTok can be pretty mystifying. TikTok is one of the few apps that does not allow users to request verification, so there’s no set path to acquiring your blue check — even if it’s well-deserved. However, a quick look a TikTok’s verification requirements can at least make sure your ducks are in a row for whenever the divine entity of TikTok verification makes its judgment of you. Here are some of the best tips for getting verified on TikTok.

How To Get Verified On TikTok

Since TikTok does not allow users to request verification, your best bet is to just make sure that your account is eligible for verification and keep growing your audience. Think of it as a manifestation practice, only swap your vision board for an image of that fateful, clout-heavy blue check.

TikTok does at least spell out its requirements for verification, which can be found on its support page. The key elements TikTok looks for when verifying a user are as follows: active, authentic, complete, notable, and secure.

To show that your account is active, you must have logged in within the past 6 months. So, if you’re planning to do a social media detox before your inevitable TikTok fame era, consider staying signed in before you delete the app. Luckily, TikTok’s “authentic” requirement doesn’t mean that you need to be posting vulnerable story times or candid vlogs. You just need to be a real person, and not have multiple accounts.

As for making your profile “complete” this just means that your profile is public, and that you have a bio, name, profile photo, and at least one video. Be sure to turn on multi-factor authentication and verify your email address, too. Since a key reason for verification is to avoid impersonators and ensure someone’s authority, TikTok requires these preventative measures so that your account doesn’t get hacked.

Seems pretty straightforward, right? Well, there’s one requirement for verification that makes the process a bit ... vague. And that is being “notable.” The only criteria TikTok lists for this is that they review accounts “featured in multiple news sources.” As for how many followers or views you might need to be considered “notable,” the app does not specify.

So, go try to snag some publicity — but remember that the old saying “No publicity is bad publicity” doesn’t always apply to TikTok. Once you’ve checked off this list of requirements, all that is left to do is wait. With some patience, and some strategic clout-chasing, a blue check might be closer in reach than you think.