9 Vision Board Ideas TikTokers Swear By

Manifest your best life.

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Hoping to become more mindful in the new year? Perhaps looking at a photo of yourself meditating, or a serene landscape that reminds you of inner peace, can motivate you towards this goal each day. Ready to land that dream job? Reading an affirmation about your inner power can help you step into your inner go-getter. Or, maybe you’re manifesting less screen time. If that’s the case, ignore what we’re about to say next: Some of the best vision board tips can be found on TikTok.

Whether you already manifested your way through surviving 2021, or you’re ready to take control of the new year, one of the most popular practices for manifesting your 2022 goals is by vision boarding. Based in the meditative practice of visualization, where one envisions a future goal in order to center oneself towards making that goal a reality, a vision board is essentially just a physical representation of one’s goals. By narrowing these goals down, figuring out what they look like and mean to you, and placing them on a board that you can look to for inspiration each day, you’ll be in shape to start approaching your goals more intentionally and realistically.

If your algorithm is more attuned to spiritual content, the amount of TikTok vision board ideas might not be a surprise to you. One look at the nearly 13 billion views under the hashtag #manifestation, and more than 6 billion views under the hashtag #visionboard makes one thing clear: TikTokers are serious about creating their dream future.

If you already deleted the clock app once midnight struck on Jan. 1, or you just don’t know where to start, let this guide serve as a vision board for your vision boarding journey. (Sorry, was that too meta?) From technical tips like what materials to use, to conceptual guidance like how to optimize your vision board’s effectiveness, TikTok has dreamt up plenty of ways to make your vision board journey a fruitful one.

Grab a poster board (or a Pinterest board) and get to manifesting. Here are TikTok’s nine best vision board ideas.

Make Vision Boards On Pinterest

While old-school vision boarding might have called for an old stack of magazines to collage from, many TikTokers suggest heading to Pinterest for a wider array of photos at your fingertips. Not only is going paper-free more sustainable, but you can format photos on your computer much easier. Save is as your phone background or, if you still want that physical touch, print it and hang it on your wall.

Make Vision Boards for Shorter Time Periods

As TikToker @chakrafinder shared, vision board expert Joyce Shwarz recommends making vision boards for shorter time periods rather than an entire year. By focusing on an upcoming season or other time interval, you can envision goals that are more specific and focused (or even SMART). Not to mention, doing vision boards more regularly can help you to re-center what it is that you’re striving towards, and make adjustments as you go.

Make A Physical Vision Board

While many TikTokers are opting to make digital vision board, there are some extra benefits to making a physical version. For one, the process of manually creating a vision board can create more of a ritual surrounding the process, allowing you to be more intentional and connected with your vision board. Also, having a physical vision board in your space can serve as a more meaningful reminder of your goals than a phone or laptop wallpaper might be able to provide.

Place Your Vision Board Somewhere You’ll See It Every Day

A key component of many vision boarders’ process is placing the board somewhere you will see it every day. This allows you to be reminded and inspired by your goals regularly. Having a vision board in your room will also likely strike up conversations with friends about your goals, which can help you hold yourself accountable and reflect on your progress.

Be Specific With Your Vision Board Goals

Being as specific as possible with your goals will make them more accessible. Focusing on the details helps you be more realistic about how you’ll attain them, and you may find what it is that you truly connect with in your goals. Rather than throwing up that picturesque-but-random photo of a beach, think of what you emotionally connect to about the image. Do you want to travel? Do you want to get more outdoors? Find a photo that depicts the “why” that you emotionally connect to, not the “what” that your eyes are attracted to.

Try A Vision Board Ritual

Making a ritual out of creating your vision board can make the process much more meaningful. By setting aside some time to create your vision board, lighting some candles, putting on some music, or doing anything else to “set the mood,” you can be much more intentional about this process. Not to mention, this will make the end product that much more powerful to you.

Vision Board With A Friend

Vision boarding with a friend can be a great practice for mutual accountability and encouragement. It can also show how much you care about them achieving their own goals, and can spark conversations about how you can support one another in achieving your dreams.

Organize Your Vision Board Into Categories

Getting organized is another great way to make a vision board that is actually effective. TikToker @myzencoach recommends dividing your goals into eight sections: Physical environment, career, fun, financial security, personal growth, health and wellness, romance, and family and friends. When it’s time to convert these goals into a vision board, you’ll feel much more clear-headed and focused on how to manifest change in each section of your life.

Focus on Pairing Images and Statements

When making a vision board, pairing images and statements is a helpful way to approach each goal. As TikToker @chakrafinder explains, images can reach us on an emotional level, while statements reach us on a mental and logical level. By connecting with both sides of our brain in this way, you can depict your goals in a way that deeply resonates with and motivates you.