If You’re Disorganized, You’ll Wish You’d Known About These 40 Things Sooner

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If you have trouble getting — and staying — organized, you’re certainly not alone. Those of us who tend to be disorganized know that tidying up and decluttering can feel like a constant uphill battle. Fortunately, there are so many Amazon products that can help make it easier, regardless of how big or small your space is. With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of dozens of things to help you organize different parts of your life — and you might just wish you’d known about sooner.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of organization is, well, storage. That’s why, when compiling this list, I tried to include plenty of storage solutions for every room in your home. You’ll find everything from super-versatile bins, caddies, and shelving to organizational products with more specific uses, like a magnetic knife bar you can mount on an empty wall to free up counter space. Vacuum storage bags, space-saving hangers, and shelf dividers can all help you keep your closets more organized from day to day. And in the living room, a multifunctional ottoman can serve as seating and a storage space to stow extra stuff.

Beyond adding storage space, think about what else might help you keep track of your stuff. A label maker can make it easy to designate specific places to put your things. Or, if you’ve lost your keys one too many times, a Bluetooth-enabled location tracker can make finding them a thing a breeze.

Of course, there are plenty more products to go around, and each of them can make organization a little less overwhelming. Read on for the full list of Amazon finds below.


These Plastic Bins For Organizing Your Fridge Or Pantry

Keep your cabinets, pantry, and refrigerator organized with a six-pack of these clear plastic storage bins, which are durable enough to store your favorite snacks, drinks, and kitchen essentials. Their stackable, space-saving design is especially ideal for those who are tight on storage, and they’re even equipped with built-in handles.


A Set Of Packing Cubes To Keep Your Suitcase Tidy

Whether you’re traveling for a weekend getaway or extended trip, these packing cubes make both packing and unpacking simpler. The seven-piece set features one large cube (holds up to 12 shirts), a medium cube (holds up to nine shirts), and one small cube (holds up to six shirts) — plus a lingerie bag, toiletry bag, dirty laundry bag, and zippered bag. The bags are made with waterproof oxford fabric, durable double zippers, and mesh material. Choose from 20 colors to match your luggage.


This Handy Organizer For Food Container Lids

Keeping your food container lids in one place can be tricky, but that’s where this nifty organizer comes in handy. Its five tiers hold round- and square-shaped lids measuring up to 9 inches. And it’s adjustable: You can move the dividers around to suit the lids you have.


A Portable Label Maker That’s Easy To Use

This handheld DYMO model has racked up an overall rating of 4.7 out of five stars, and it can help make at-home organization fun and easy. You can use the keyboard to quickly create labels for your household essentials, and the LCD screen allows you to preview your text before printing. The label maker also comes complete with three rolls of label tape to get you started.


This Caddy To Store & Carry Your Cleaning Supplies

This convenient caddy has amassed more than 7,800 Amazon ratings. With a 4-gallon capacity, it can be used to store all of your regular supplies (think: gloves, scrubbing brushes, and disinfectants). Plus, its built-in handle makes it easy to carry around the house. One reviewer raved, “This caddy is amazing. It’s large enough to fit all of my day to day cleaners, but easy to carry and organize the cleaning products.”


A Set Of Color-Coded Nesting Food Containers For Leftovers

When it’s time to pack up your leftovers, reach for one of these plastic food storage containers, which come in colorful packs of 10. The stackable set features containers of different sizes, along with snap-on lids in corresponding colors. They’re designed to prevent leaks, and each container is freezer-, dishwasher-, and microwave-safe.


The 13-Pocket Insert For Your Purse

Forget having to scramble through your handbag trying to find your keys, wallet, or pen: This handy purse organizer features 13 pockets to hold your everyday items. Just take it from one reviewer who wrote, “These organizers have a place for everything so you no longer have to rummage through your purse!” Other highlights include durable nylon fabric, two handles, and a foldable design. Select from three sizes and 27 patterns.


A Set Of Fan-Favorite Stacking Drawers For Makeup

With more than 13,000 ratings and counting, these stackable cosmetic organizers are a hit on Amazon. Reviewers have loved using them to store makeup and skincare products. You can either opt to stack the drawers on top of each other or display them side by side. And since the material is transparent, you should be able to find everything you need with ease.


The Adjustable Cutlery Holder With 20,000-Plus Ratings

This bamboo silverware organizer has racked up more than 20,000 ratings, thanks in part to its innovative construction. Offering between six to eight compartments, it has a retractable design which can be adjusted to best fit your silverware drawer. One reviewer described, “Makes my drawer more organized and easy to find what I’m looking for.”


A Chic Woven Basket For Laundry, Linens, Or Toys

This woven storage basket can be used to hold bedding, toys, laundry, and more. Along with a stylish yet neutral color-blocked design, it has handles for easy carrying. It’s space-efficient, too: When you’re not using it, simply fold it up and place it flat in your closet. It’s available in seven color combinations.


An Organizer For Your Pots & Pans

If unsteady piles of cookware are cluttering up your kitchen, you might benefit from a pot and pan organizer. This one can be set on its side (pictured) or upright, depending on what’s most convenient for your space. One reviewer exclaimed, “I love the way it organizes my frying pans so that they don’t get scratched and is a space saver.” Snag it in bronze, silver, or white.


These Removable Grips For Hanging Brooms & Mops

Keep your brooms and mops in place with a set of these super-sturdy Command grips, which have garnered nearly 20,000 five-star reviews. Each “gripper” is strong enough to hold up to 4 pounds and can be easily installed without damaging your wall, thanks to Command’s removable adhesive strip.


A Mini Dry-Erase Board With A Hidden Storage Drawer

Organize your thoughts — and your things — with this miniature whiteboard, which has earned a near-perfect overall rating of 4.8 out of five stars. It fits perfectly between your computer screen and keyboard, and it’s ideal for jotting down important notes and reminders. It’s even equipped with a small sliding drawer, which you can use to stash away pens, pencils, keys, and other small items. A dry-erase marker is also included.


This Set Of Fabric Bins For Your Clothing

If you struggle to keep your dresser drawers organized, you’re not alone — but these 4-inch-tall storage organizers might come in handy. They come in sets of eight with three types of storage bins to hold different items. Plus, they’re available in 16 colors and patterns.


An Accessory Organizer For Your Backpack & Luggage

Everything from electronic cords and pens to jewelry and makeup are no match for this streamlined accessories organizer. Fill the elastic bands with the items you need to keep secure, and slide it into your purse, carry-on, backpack, or briefcase. It has a zippered pocket on the back to store some larger items as well. One reviewer raved, “This has organized my life (backpack). I was looking for something flat like a notepad instead of a case that makes my bag bulkier. This was the perfect solution.”


The Over-The-Door Pocket Organizer With Windows

With more than 14,000 Amazon reviews, this ultra-versatile over-the-door hanging organizer makes a great option for those who are looking to take advantage of vertical storage space. Its six see-through compartments are especially convenient when it comes to spotting what you need, when you need it. People have used it to hold diapers, shoes, craft supplies, medicine, toiletries, and snacks. “Perfect for organizing!” raved one reviewer.


A 2-Tier Turntable You Can Use Practically Anywhere

This spinning organizer offers two rows of storage space, which can be used to hold everything from condiments to office supplies. Its skid-resistant lining prevents your items from slipping and toppling. Keep it on the counter, stick it under the sink, or pop it inside a shelf.


The Magnetic Knife Bar With 24,000-Plus Ratings

This magnetic knife holder, which has garnered more than 24,300 Amazon reviews, is a space-saving alternative to a bulky traditional knife block (especially if you have knives that don’t actually fit in the knife block). Instead of taking up space on your counter, it can be mounted directly to the wall. One reviewer remarked, “This magnetic knife bar was perfect for my smaller kitchen. Looks great and really helped keep my cook space organized.”


This Lined Organizer For Up To 8 Pairs Of Glasses

Neatly display your eyewear — and keep them protected — inside this sleek faux leather organizer, which can accommodate up to eight of your favorite pairs. It has a transparent acrylic top plus a plush lining to offer additional protection. “I have a ton of sunglasses and eye glasses,” wrote one reviewer, adding: “This keeps them all organized and free of dust.”


A Rotating Stand For Your Beauty Products

This has amassed more than 15,000 Amazon ratings — and for good reason. Though this rotating makeup organizer is fairly compact, its adjustable tiered construction offers you tons of storage space. It’s designed to hold a whopping 30 makeup brushes and 20 products — as well as a handful of other small accessories. One reviewer wrote that it “holds a lot of items and cleared up my countertop.”


This Set Of Rolling Under-Bed Storage Boxes

Take advantage of underutilized storage space beneath your bed with these rolling storage containers. They can be used to stow up to 35 pounds of footwear, clothing, bedding, and more. One reviewer exclaimed, “Great sturdy storage solution for under the bed. Easy to put together and love that it rolls!” Plus, the sturdy handle lets you easily access your stuff.


A Dry Erase Board For Meal Prepping That Sticks To The Fridge

This magnetic whiteboard for your fridge is designed to make meal prep a little less daunting. It’s separated into multiple categories (there’s a line for each day, as well as general notes and grocery list sections) to help you stay organized throughout the week. Three markers and an eraser are an added bonus.


The Sturdy Ottoman With Tons Of Hidden Storage Space

This storage ottoman offers 80 liters (that’s about 21 gallons) of storage space under its lid, which is a great place to toss extra throw blankets and pillows. Plus, it doubles as seating, and it can even fold up to save room when you don’t need it.


This Tiny Location Tracker So You Never Lose Your Things

Attach this tiny Bluetooth-enabled location tracker, which has amassed 27,000-plus ratings, to keep track of your must-have belongings, including keys, wallets, and bags. If your item goes missing, you can use the corresponding app to find the Tile’s location. The water-resistant device is compatible with a variety of voice assistants, too.


A Rotating Utensil Holder With Built-In Dividers

This rotating utensil holder can fit up to 15 kitchen tools, thanks to its spacious design and stainless steel construction. It features three built-in dividers, allowing you to organize the utensils according to your liking.


The Handbag Organizer That Hangs In Your Closet

This hanging handbag organizer holds up to eight purses — four on one side, four on the other. It features see-through compartments and a rotating hook so you can easily view and access both sides of the organizer. According to one reviewer: “Excellent way to organize my many many purses. It makes them easier to see (they had just been piled up on my closet floor before) and helps keep the shape of the purses really well.”


An Adjustable Caddy To Hold Your Shower Essentials

This adjustable shower pole is made of rust-resistant steel and features four tiers with storage baskets that can hold up to 7.5 pounds of toiletries and bath accessories each. It also has plenty of hanging space for washcloths, loofahs, and razors.


These Minimalist Floating Shelves

These acrylic floating shelves have a discreet design that will match with just about any decor — so it’s no wonder that they’ve earned an overall rating of 4.8 stars. They’re super versatile: Use them to display anything from baking ingredients in the kitchen, skincare products in the bathroom, or books in the living room. “These are so awesome!” raved one reviewer, who added that they’re “an inexpensive solution for adding storage to small spaces.”


An Adjustable Plastic Storage Box For DIY Supplies

If you have an overfilled junk drawer that you loathe to open, consider snagging one of these plastic storage boxes (or a few). The small compartments are great for wrangling everything from tools and craft supplies to jewelry and other small accessories. While there are a total of 36 compartments, some can be removed depending on your needs.


This Wire Basket That Slides Underneath Shelving

Slide this wire hanging basket underneath any existing shelf to instantly add even more storage space. It’s easy to install — just slide it onto the shelf measuring up to 1.25 inches thick. Consider using it to hold surplus linens, clothing, toiletries, pantry staples, or office supplies.


These Sturdy Hangers That Can Hold Up To 5 Pairs Of Pants

These innovative hangers for pants feature a squiggly-shape design to maximize closet space — without causing clutter. Each hanger is made with sturdy stainless steel and can hold up to five pairs of pants. One reviewer wrote: “I have a small closet, these hangers saves space and helps organize my pants.”


A 3-Tiered Shelf To Maximize Closet Floor Space

This closet organizer features a three-tiered design that’s strong enough to hold up to 33 pounds. It comes with two foldable bins for the bottom shelf. One reviewer remarked, “Easy to assemble, great for organizing my closet. Sturdy yet lightweight.” Tools are included for (almost) effortless installation.


This Daily Planner To Keep You Organized Throughout The Day

This 100-page daily planner offers plenty of room to jot down daily tasks, appointment reminders, and to-do lists. Its waterproof cover offers added durability. One reviewer described it as “the perfect calendar for busy people who need to organize one day at a time.”


An Over-The-Door Holder For Pot & Pan Lids

This hanging organizer, which can be hung on a wall or inside a pantry or cabinet door, can hold up to six lids for your pots and pans. It’s made with iron for extra sturdiness, and it comes with the hardware you need to set it up. “One of the best kitchen organizer for lids,” raved one reviewer.


This Set Of Dividers To Streamline Your Closet Shelves

Just because you lack shelving space doesn’t mean you can’t stay organized. That’s where these shelf dividers come into play, allowing you to sort your clothing, linens, and accessories and keep them all neatly stacked. The dividers’ are designed to stay upright and in place.


A Swiveling Plastic Drawer That Clamps To Your Desk

Looking for a place to store your desk supplies? This plastic drawer features a strong steel clamp that you can attach to any tabletop up to 1.75 inches thick. Plus, its unique swivel design lets you swing it underneath your workspace when not in use.


The Rack That Can Hold Up To 34 Pairs Of Shoes

If you have a hard time tracking down matching pairs of shoes in your closet, check out this shoe rack. Between the six shelves and eight transparent pockets on the sides, it can accommodate a maximum of 30 pounds and hold up to 34 pairs of footwear. If you’re looking to store larger shoes, such as boots or high tops, simply remove some of the tiers to make room.


A Variety Pack Of Fan-Favorite Vacuum Storage Bags

Refresh your wardrobe at the end of each season or declutter your linen closet with the help of these vacuum storage bags, which have garnered more than 17,000 Amazon ratings thus far. The bags are sold in packs of 10 and include five bag sizes, ranging from jumbo to travel size. The double-zippered, waterproof design keeps your items safe and secure, and the set comes with a hand pump.


A Streamlined Plastic Organizer For Your Bathroom

With an overall rating of 4.8 stars, this five-compartment organizer is ideal for toiletries and beauty products alike. According to one shopper, “This organizes everything I use on a daily basis on the bathroom sink counter without looking messy.” Choose from two colors: this pretty pale blue or clear.


This Six-Pocket Organizer That Tucks Into Your Bed Frame

No nightstand? No problem. This convenient bedside organizer has six pockets (four mesh and two cloth) for your phone, glasses, reading material, headphones, water bottle, and other nighttime essentials. One reviewer described that they “hated clutter on the nightstand and this took care of everything!” It’s available in 14 colors.

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