7 Ways To Channel The January New Moon's Good Vibes

There couldn't be a better way to kick of the new year.

Here are 7 dos and don'ts for January's new moon.
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Welcome to 2024, star angels! The first new moon of the year peaks on Jan. 11, 2024 at 6:57 a.m. ET (3:57 a.m. PT) in tough-as-nails Capricorn. This earth sign is all about success and recognition, giving us the confidence to set new goals and the diligence to achieve them — no matter how difficult the journey gets.

Like any new moon, this is a chance to start fresh. But that goes double for January’s new moon, which arrives on 1/11. From a numerological POV, the angel number 111 signifies independence and new beginnings. Exciting opportunities might drop right into your lap.

Jan. 11’s good vibes are practically unshakeable. “This lunation will be positively supported by all three outer planets, pushing the collective to a deeper moment of reflection and change,” says astrologer Lauren Ash.

Set yourself up for a successful 2024 by following these dos and don’ts for January’s new moon.

DO: Tidy Up Your Home

New moons are a sensible time to declutter, and considering that this is the first new moon of the year there’s no better time to turn your space into a sanctuary. “Take this as an opportunity to donate your old things and reorganize your home to fit your daily routines,” says Ash. Practical earth sign Capricorn is all about utility, so the more functional your surroundings are, the more alignment you’ll feel with your intentions.

DON’T: Dredge Up The Past

Between Mercury going direct on Jan. 1 and a new calendar year, there’s only room for bigger and better things. And let’s face it, there’s no need to hold onto energy that belongs in 2023. “The new moon is a time for new opportunities and fresh beginnings, so it’s best to avoid getting stuck in repetitive cycles and revisit the past,” Ash says. “Don’t get caught up in anything that drains your energy.”

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DO: Take Initiative

With Mercury retrograde behind us now, this is the perfect time to revisit those goals you’ve put on the back burner during the pesky transit. “This new moon takes place just as Mercury settles back into Capricorn, giving you the opportunity to put your plans into action,” she says. From taking the wheel at work to initiating the next step in your romantic relationship, the ball’s in your court.

DON’T: Give Up On Your Goals

Capricorn’s ruling planet Saturn is all about discipline, so a focus on long-term goals is a major theme during the new moon. If hesitation and doubt have been clouding your confidence, expect those worries to pass. “Fortune favors the bold during these lunations. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone when something unexpected comes your way,” Ash says. The moon is making a harmonious sextile movement to Neptune, so allow the innovative planet to remind you of what motivates you.

DO: Kickstart New Routines

Task-oriented Capricorn is always up for a challenge especially if it means accolades will be waiting around the corner. This is the perfect time to finally get up for a 7 a.m. run or join that pottery class. “They say it takes one month to get a new routine to stick, and there are 28 days between each new moon cycle,” Ash says. “This makes the new moon a perfect ‘Day 1’ to begin a new ritual to help improve your life.”

DON’T: Miss Out On Opportunities

Whether you’re hesitant to take a leap or just a bit dizzy post-Mercury retrograde, there are plenty of reasons we let golden opportunities pass us by. But the new moon has a way of supercharging your potential, allowing you to reach new heights. “While it’s an exciting time to begin again, it’s important not to let established routines that work for you fall by the wayside in favor of a passing fancy,” Ash says.

DO: Self-Reflect

New moons are excellent for slowing down and setting intentions, which you can’t really do without taking a look inward first. “If you’re not sure where you want to focus your energy or what goals deserve your attention, the new moon could be a good time to self-reflect,” Ash says. Get cozy with your journal and meditate on the successes and obstacles you’ve faced in the past year. You may have a breakthrough about the kind of energy you want to bring into the new year.


Lauren Ash, astrologer