Your July 2022 Monthly Tarot Reading

The more you achieve, the more attention you receive.

July 2022 tarot reading.
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I like to approach these monthly five-card tarot spreads by asking, “What do we need to know this month?” In the tarot reading for July 2022, the message is to commit to your own path to happiness, despite other people’s opinions, or even your own internalized criticism.

How I Read Tarot Cards

This month’s message reminds us that the more that you accomplish, the more attention you get. People might be giving you a lot of feedback that makes you self-conscious. There is a difference between constructive criticism and judgment, and it’s time to leave the haters behind. While you might make adjustments along the way, ultimately you know what makes you happy better than anyone.

I’ve been criticized for working as a fortune teller, an old Romani family trade born out of persecution, beginning when Roma arrived in Europe from India around the 1400s. Some Roma are proud of this job, which is one of many traditional professions, while others feel shame because of racist media representations of the “Gypsy fortune teller,” Gypsy being the slur for Roma. With the criticism I received, I had to think carefully about whether I was doing something wrong by practicing this trade while being ‘out’ as Romani. In the end, I decided that I love my work, and I use it to help people, and to educate others about Romani culture and issues. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, I learned that I will never be able to please everyone, and I can only do my best as I move forward, which is essentially the message of this month’s reading.

The five cards below represent embodiment, or your energy right now; situation, or what’s around you at the moment; obstacle, or a struggle you’re facing; action, or what to do about it; and a lesson, or what you will learn from this month.

Embodiment: Seven of Wands

Rider-Waite Tarot

The Seven of Wands is a card that suggests opposition, particularly after some achievement or positive attention. That’s the risk of putting yourself in the spotlight — when people are looking, they might be critical, and not always in a helpful way. Sometimes this card can represent the internal criticism and confusion that arises when you progress down your path. As the embodiment card this month, this card asks you to stand your ground and keep moving toward your goals, even if the obstacles you meet feel destabilizing.

Situation: The Sun

Rider-Waite Tarot

The Sun, a major arcana card, represents happiness, so the situation calls for optimism, even though you may be in the midst of some adversity or pushback. Your positive approach will help you problem-solve your way forward, and the appearance of the Sun suggests the hard times will be short-lived anyway. Whenever I pull this card, I see it as a reminder that prioritizing happiness is worthwhile in itself. Take time in the present to seek out experiences just for the joy of them: Re-watch your favorite movie, listen to some great albums, go on a cute getaway on your own or with a loved one. Seeking out pleasure in small ways will motivate you to go after bigger achievements.

Obstacle: Judgement

Rider-Waite Tarot

Judgement is a fascinating major arcana card because it represents rising up. This metaphor suggests you are on a path of transformation and spiritual awakening. However, because this card appears in the position of the obstacle, it’s not so easy to level up. You might feel judgmental of your own desires, and let other people’s opinions distract you as a result. It’s likely that you will be sensitive about feedback you receive this month, as indicated by the Seven of Wands. You’ll have to work hard to take the parts of the criticism that are constructive and leave the rest. Being hard on yourself won’t help you, and you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. Instead, practice accepting and understanding yourself and your personal version of happiness.

Action: Ten of Pentacles

Rider-Waite Tarot

The Ten of Pentacles calls you to share your success and work toward completing your projects. There are long-term, enduring benefits to your goals right now, and they will bring you prosperity. Be generous with the people you care for along the way. If you have a little extra, treat friends and family who have less, or give to charities you believe in. If you’re short on cash but blessed in other ways, share those instead. If you’re having trouble finding the optimism of the Sun card, think about how all your efforts, even the baby steps, create more stability and abundance.

Lesson: The High Priestess

Rider-Waite Tarot

The High Priestess appeared as the obstacle in June’s reading, so I love that it is the lesson this month: It shows how much you’ve overcome and learned about trusting your intuition. The High Priestess is a leader, but she isn’t out in the streets spreading the word. She’s quiet, thoughtful, doing good work, and there if you need her — but otherwise, she’s keeping to herself. As you go forward this month, perhaps gaining positive and negative attention along the way, be like the High Priestess. Stay focused on what matters to you, listen to your gut, stay humble, help others when they seek your help, and work on creating tranquility within yourself, no matter what’s going on around you.

How To Use July 2022's Tarot Lessons

Ground yourself in positive feedback this month so you can tune out the haters and focus on what matters. Write down the compliments you get and make sure to give yourself love, too. Since the intuitive High Priestess is the lesson in this reading, I suggest using divinatory tools for encouragement. One option is oracle cards, which use words or phrases on cards often paired with images to guide self-reflection. They’re beginner-friendly yet still potent enough for seasoned witchy-types. My favorite is The Living Altar Oracle Deck, an LBGTQ- and Romani-created deck by Ylva Mara Radziszewski and Kiki Robinson. Pull a card whenever you need guidance, and read the spells that accompany each card aloud to help you claim that energy.