Dos & Don’ts For The June 6 New Moon

Aim for lasting results, not instant results.

Dos and don'ts for the June 6 new moon.
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It’s a new month, and an inspiring new moon is here to double down on the feeling of new beginnings swirling through the springtime air. Rising on June 6, this month’s lunar cycle kicks off in the airy and effervescent sign of Gemini, and this refreshing cosmic reset is the perfect time to manifest some magic ahead of the summer solstice. You’ll want to know what to do and not do under this new moon to make the most of it.

Gemini season is well underway, and this new moon peaks at the midpoint of the sun’s journey through this mutable air sign’s buoyant territory. At the time of the new moon, there will be five major planets in Gemini, so expect your brain to be abuzz with new ideas, stimulating conversations, and curious observations about life’s little details. Gemini zodiac energy is quippy and quick-thinking, making this lunation a great time to socialize and connect with people intellectually.

But there’s more to this new moon than meets the eye, as it’s making some powerful aspects to both love planet Venus and down-to-business planet Saturn. These cosmic connections can present additional challenges in your new moon journey, but they’ll subsequently bring even greater opportunities that feel fully aligned with your heart. Keep the do’s and don’ts of the June new moon in your mind this week to ensure you make the energy work for you.

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DO: Embrace Your Curious Side

A whole new moon stellium is happening in Gemini during this lunation, and having so many planets in this bubbly air sign at once puts everyone in a more curious and zippy state of mind. Embrace this energy by connecting with your curious side and asking questions.

Be inquisitive about your surroundings as it can help you more fully embrace what’s happening in the present moment. Whether this means digging into how something works or picking someone’s brain about their opinions, don’t be afraid to probe a bit or go down a rabbit hole of information.

DON’T: Try To Do Everything Alone

New moons are generally more introspective periods of the lunar cycle, but during the season of the cosmic twins, two is always better than one. So during this lunation, lean into the power of multiple perspectives. Getting other people’s input on your plans could be especially helpful now, as it could make them even stronger than they would have been had you kept your thoughts to yourself.

Asking for help or collaborating with others in some way is favorable too, as the new moon is aligning with relationship-oriented Venus, which infuses any new social connections or conversations with a greater feeling of harmony and balance.

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DO: Take A Chance In Love & Relationships

If you have goals relating to your relationships or hope to manifest a fun summer romance, start making moves under this lunation — as the sun and moon will be nearly perfectly aligned with the amorous planet Venus. This triple conjunction opens the portal to a brand-new cycle in everyone’s love life and combined with the rejuvenating energy of the new moon, it’s the perfect time to pursue a new connection with someone or turn over a new leaf with a current partner.

DON’T: Expect Instant Results

While this is a prime time for setting intentions, you shouldn’t expect your new moon wishes to come true overnight, as this lunation is squaring off with tough-love planet Saturn. This could put some challenges on your path to success, forcing you to step up and do some problem-solving to keep the momentum flowing. Your patience might be tested, but if you persevere and stay disciplined about your goals, the things you start now could be successful in the long run. You may not see instant results, but you can look forward to lasting results.

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DO: Pay Attention To The Present Moment

Gemini’s busy-bodied and multitask-y energy is always focused on the little details of what’s happening around them, so this new moon is a good time to do the same. Instead of future-tripping or getting lost in your head, focus your energy outward and pay more attention to what’s right in front of you.

Connecting with your surroundings more intentionally will allow you to pick up on things you wouldn’t have otherwise — and you might even stumble into some serendipitous alignments sitting right under your nose. There are more resources around you than you think, so tap into them.

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DON’T: Be Wishy-Washy About Commitment

As a mutable sign, Gemini is known for being a little flighty and often changing their mind about things. But with Saturn’s serious influence on this lunation, it’s important to be able to fully commit to your intentions if you want to actualize them.

Be willing to own whatever new responsibilities come along with the goals you’re pursuing, and don’t immediately fold if you run into a struggle. Saturn rewards hard work, maturity, and resilience, so if you put your heart and soul into your new moon manifestations, you’ll be more supported in making them happen.