Will You Get A Glow-Up During Gemini Season?

It might be time to finally try out bangs.

What Gemini placements can look forward to the most during their season.
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Happy Gemini season! The sun entered the sign of the twins on May 20, kicking off Gemini season 2024 and giving all zodiac signs a refreshing boost of social and mental energy to work with. This quizzical and quick-witted air sign’s vibe is perfectly suited for taking advantage of this beautiful final stretch of springtime, as it will coax your inner social butterfly out of its cocoon and have you fluttering excitedly from one thought, project, or conversation to the next.

As the zodiac’s mutable air sign, Gemini energy is open-minded, chatty, and loves absorbing all sorts of information. That’s why Gemini season can inspire you to be more social, connect with your surroundings more observantly, and feel a bit more curious about the people and situations happening around you. This is a fabulous time to meet new people, learn new things, and ask plenty of questions.

This Gemini season in particular is set to be especially powerful and auspicious, as lucky planet Jupiter entered Gemini on May 25 for the first time in more than a decade. Jovial Jupiter generally spends a little over twelve months in each sign, so the first week of Gemini season 2024 kicks off a whole year full of fresh opportunities, blessings, and good fortune in the Gemini-ruled portion of everyone’s birth chart.

Everyone can enjoy the magic bestowed on them by the cosmic twins over the coming weeks, but if you’re someone with significant Gemini placements in your chart — specifically sun, moon, rising, Venus, or Jupiter — then expect to have double the fun. Here are a few things Geminis can look forward to most during their season to shine.

Lucky Breaks

The most epic event of Gemini season 2024 is most definitely Jupiter’s grand entrance into this air sign’s territory on May 25. Jupiter only changes signs once a year, and it hasn’t visited Gemini since 2013, so this shift is bringing all sorts of big opportunities and lucky breaks to people with Gemini placements over the coming year — starting right now. With Jupiter’s lucky and optimistic energy on your side this season, you may find that taking a leap of faith can really pay off.

Open Minds

Giant Jupiter is also the planet of expansion, so Geminis can also look forward to lots of mental, spiritual, and philosophical growth during this season. You might feel like you’re being fast-tracked into new ways of thinking or having a lot of mind-expanding experiences, so dive right in. You’ll feel especially switched on and attentive come June 3, when your ruling planet Mercury enters Gemini and brings you an added burst of social and intellectual energy. Keep an open mind and look at everything as an opportunity to broaden your horizons and expand your perspective.

Glow-Ups Galore

Another perk Geminis are experiencing this season? A major glow-up thanks to Venus entering Gemini on May 23. Venus is the planet that rules beauty, romance, and love, so having its luxe and amorous energy gracing your sign from now through June 17 will give you an especially enchanting aura. Venus only visits your sign once a year, so this is a great time to get glammed up or try some new fashion or beauty. After all, you’re the star this season!

You may also find it’s easier to create harmony in your relationships and naturally attract the things you want into your life, so embrace your irresistible cosmic allure over the coming weeks and use it to your advantage. You’ve got that coveted je ne sais quoi.

New Opportunities In Love & Money

On June 4, the sun will meet with love planet Venus in Gemini to form what’s known as a Venus cazimi. Because Venus rules romance and money, this is a powerful moment for Geminis to put their manifestation powers to work and start setting some intentions in both areas. The annual new moon in your sign two days later will infuse your intentions with even more helpful energy, so seize this opportunity to embrace new beginnings and move toward your desires.

Mental Breakthroughs & New Ideas

Geminis will feel especially sociable, clever, and creative from June 3 throughout the rest of their season thanks to the presence of their chatty ruler Mercury in their sign. But some major moments of clarity and mental breakthroughs can come around June 14, when the sun and Mercury meet in Gemini for a Mercury cazimi. Your mind will be buzzing with new ideas, and the universe will give you the green light to initiate important conversations. This is the perfect time to say what you need to say and make some solid connections.