The Spiritual Meaning Of June 21’s Full Strawberry Moon

Think of it as the full moon of the entire astronomical year.

The Spiritual Meaning Of June 21’s Full Strawberry Moon
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The summer solstice is approaching here in the northern hemisphere, and this astronomical event rings in a fresh season with the longest day of the year. This special celestial moment is made even more meaningful by the June 2024 full moon, which peaks the next day on June 21. This lunation is traditionally known as the Strawberry Moon, and its spiritual meaning asks all zodiac signs to tap into a bit of practical magic to bring some of their 2024 goals to fruition.

Full moons occur approximately once a month and mark the midpoint of the lunar cycle. They’re also the most illuminating, as spiritually, the climactic energy of this moon phase is known for bringing matters into the light and preparing people to let go of what’s no longer serving them. The Strawberry Moon’s ultra-close proximity to the summer solstice gives even more depth to its spiritual meaning. In fact, you can think of the vibe of the summer solstice as sort of like the full moon of the astronomical year — as it symbolizes the point in the sun’s annual journey where it sits highest in the sky and gives off the lengthiest amount of sunlight, bringing illumination and abundance.

This year’s Strawberry Moon is taking place in the productive and practical earth sign Capricorn, so it’s a powerful time to check in on your long-term goals and put some plans in place to make them a reality. It’s the first big lunation of the summer season, and knowing the spiritual meaning of June’s full moon will make it extra special.

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What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of June’s Strawberry Moon?

According to Farmer’s Almanac, Strawberry Moon is a traditional indigenous nickname given to the full moon that falls during June. This succulent moniker originates from the ruby red fruit’s ripening period in North America, which occurs around this time of year. Other traditional Native American nicknames for June’s full moon include Berries Ripen Moon, Blooming Moon, and Honey Moon, all of which allude to the lush and delectable sweetness of the summer season.

Just as this is an ideal time to enjoy an abundance of ripe and juicy berries, it’s also a great time to check in on the growth of your tangible goals. With this lunation rising in Capricorn — the cardinal earth sign associated with career matters, financial security, and foolproof planning — the cosmic energy is ripe for paving your path to material success.

The moon will also be facing off with value-oriented Venus, pushing you to find a way to connect your worldly ambitions with your heart’s most meaningful desires. What’s really worth investing time and effort into at this moment? The spiritual meaning of June’s full moon asks you to consider what in your life is ready to be harvested and what might need a little more time on the vine.

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Additionally, the Strawberry Moon will appear especially large and golden-hued thanks to a phenomenon known as the “moon illusion” — a result of its close alignment with the date of the summer solstice. During every full moon phase, the sun and moon sit directly opposite from each other in the zodiac.

So because the summer solstice marks the time of year when the sun is at its highest point in the sky, the full moon will be peaking unusually low in the sky, making it appear much bigger than usual due to its proximity to the horizon. This aligns beautifully with the astrology of this lunation, as the full moon will be squaring off with the numinous and illusory planet Neptune, which can lead to some internal illusions. Remember that objects in your rearview mirror may be closer (or further, or larger, or smaller) than they appear, so channel Capricorn’s grounding and no-nonsense energy and err on the side of caution when you make moves.

How To Work With The Full Strawberry Moon Energy

Because June’s full moon is hitting nearly the exact midpoint of the year, it’s a fabulous time to think back to six months ago and revisit any intentions you set for yourself in 2024. If you’ve already hit some milestones, use the succulent energy of the Strawberry Moon as an excuse to celebrate your accomplishments and relish in the fruits of your labor.

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If you’ve gotten off track with some things, this is a powerful time to realign your plans and ensure they’re fully in tune with your values. It’s important that you can get behind your goals wholeheartedly and take pride in your ambitions under this lunation.

This is also the first of two back-to-back full moons in Capricorn, so you’ll have another chance to work with similar themes during July’s full moon. To fully capitalize on this rare astrological blue moon next month, June’s Strawberry Moon is well-suited to freeing yourself from unrealistic goals and focusing on tending to the endeavors that have the potential to bear more fruit. Clear away the obstacles to success in career, money, and material matters now so that you have space to manifest something big under next month’s follow-up lunation.

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