The 3 Most Compatible Matches For Life Path 1s

The leader needs their supporter.

by Kristine Fellizar
The most compatible matches for life path 1s.
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In numerology, your life path number, which is determined by your birthday, can say a lot about why your personality is the way it is, what you’re destined to do in this lifetime, and even what kind of partner matches you best. When you’re a life path 1, you’re a highly driven leader who takes charge and is always up for discovering new things. You have big ideas, even bigger goals and you’ll stop at nothing to achieve them all. You’re also known for your independence. Because of this, it takes a special kind of person to catch your interest and keep it, and there are three life path numbers that are most compatible with life path 1.

As Katie Fink, spiritual mentor and founder of MindBodySoulMarket, tells Bustle, life path 1 is the sign of potential. “It symbolizes ideas, leadership, and an ambition to be the best at everything they do,” she says. “They are independent and express their individuality with ease — truly born to lead with their own uniqueness.”

Unsurprisingly, these natural-born leaders tend to take on more of a dominant role in relationships. According to Fink, the best love matches for life path 1s would be individuals who are content being a little more on the submissive side.

“They also need to feel appreciated, heard and valued, while having space for autonomy,” Fink says. It’s important for life path 1s to find a partner who’s just as independent as them, understands their priorities in life, and can help them find balance between work and fun.

Match #1: Life Path 3

Like life path 1s, life path 3s are leaders who express themselves through creativity. But unlike life path 1s, who tend to be more self-focused, life path 3s are all about the community and building close relationships. If these two were to combine their natural talents, they could make one serious power couple.

“Some would call this combination a match made in heaven,” Fink says. “Life path 3 brings ideas to the table but struggles to execute, which is where life path 1 thrives. Both of these life paths love to have fun. While life path 1 will drive the relationship, life path 3 will continue to bring lightness and a ray of sunshine.”

Since life path 3s are constantly surrounded by friends and usually have several creative projects they’re working on at once, they’ll have no problem giving life path 1s the space they need to do their own thing.

Match #2: Life Path 5

Life path 5s are known for being free-spirited and unpredictable. Like life path 1s, they value their independence, crave adventure, and are always looking forward to the next new exciting thing. According to Fink, their similarities make them a great match.

“These two get on great together,” she says. “They are both very strong and have a need for achieving big goals. They’ll enjoy exploring all life has to offer. As long as they don't get in each other's way, they make a good pair.”

Both signs are also committed to growth, so they’ll push each other to reach their full potential. They’ll have a relationship that keeps evolving and moving forward.

Match #3: Life Path 9

The number 1 in numerology symbolizes new beginnings, while the number 9 represents the end. “This combination is a straight example of 'opposites attract’,” Fink says.

Life path 9s are humanitarians who are meant to use their gifts to help the collective. While 1s tend to have more vibrant, youthful energy, life path 9s are old souls who are wise, spiritual, and emotional.

Although they are different at their core, they’re both free-spirited. “These two will create an environment in which both can thrive, as long as they appreciate each others need for space and freedom.” Life path 1s and life path 9s can balance each other out nicely.