The 3 Most Compatible Matches For Life Path 8s

These resourceful leaders need someone to support their many aspirations.

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Two women snuggle in bed. Life path 4, 6, and 9 are compatible matches for life path 8.
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Numerology is all about figuring out the energies that surround you. Through calculating your life path number, you can get a new perspective into your motivations and find your soul’s purpose. The dynamic energies of numbers can also give you an idea of your chemistry with others. In numerology, if you’re a life path 8, you’re highly motivated by success and power, so finding compatible matches who are supportive and independent is important to your growth.

People with a life path 8 are recognized for their high ambition. They’re very persuasive and disciplined, which makes them extremely powerful leaders and effective business people. Life path 8 is all about acknowledging their inner power and learning how to use it fairly. Deeper than that, life path 8 is a journey about finding a balance between the natural and supernatural world — aligning themselves with their soul’s mission and their earthly ambitions.

“Life path number 8 signifies an intense, resourceful person who always manages to control the outcome,” Ryan Hart, a numerologist and spiritual author, tells Bustle. That’s why it’s important for life path 8s to make connections with people who are able to be supportive of their lofty goals but also remind them of the importance of spiritual maintenance. “A match for life path 8 would need to be independent enough to go their own way, but with a willingness to compromise,” explains Hart.

Curious to find out what matches mesh well with this life path? Keep reading to reveal the life path numbers most compatible with life path 8.

Match #1: Life Path 4

Life path 8 values hard work and discipline, so having a relationship with a person who has the same will of determination can motivate them to stay focused. Both life path 8 and life path 4 are very in tune with the material world, allowing them to have a deep understanding of how the other operates.

“Life path 8s gravitate towards a sense of cause and responsibility in their relationships,” Hart explains. “They are not afraid to take on a partner's difficulties as theirs and will do so without being asked. Life path 4s have a dramatic approach to life — they love deeply with all their heart and chase after partners with great enthusiasm. These two attractors respond to each other beautifully because life path 4 is usually more grounded than a life path 8 and can provide stability for both themselves and their partner.”

Match #2: Life Path 6

People with life path 8 have a keen sense of self-control and awareness. They get along with those who are self-sufficient and responsible. Life path 6 people are nurturing, which can be helpful to a life path 8, who can easily get swept away by earthly matters. They can also restore balance to a life path 8 by helping connect with their emotional side.

“A life path 6 is an intuitive spirit. This person often feels a meaningful connection with the world around them and may feel like they know what is right for other people even when they don't say anything,” says Hart. “They offer their opinion in a non-intrusive way, and they are friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand. Life path 8s are highly independent, whereas a life path 6 is fiercely loyal. This can be a difficult combination to maintain, but there are plenty of areas of common ground between the two.”

Match #3: Life Path 9

Life path 8 people and life path 9s are pretty much night and day. But underneath, people who are life path 9 share the core value of independence and wisdom. Life path 9s value expansion so they can give life path 8s plenty of room to grow while being supportive.

“A life path 8 and life path 9 will both feel like they have plenty of room for adventure and exploration and want someone who can understand their need for expansiveness even if it's not shared by the partner,” explains Hart. “Personality-wise, a life path 8 is more extroverted and lives in the moment while a life path 9 prefers to think through every decision from all angles. Life path 9 people are often active visionaries and need their creativity encouraged on a daily basis. They enjoy coming up with new plans and making big changes in their lives.”

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