The 4 Most Compatible Matches For Life Path 9s, According To A Numerologist

They want someone who can help them change the world.

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Numerology is the study of numbers and their mystical meanings, and calculating your life path number can help you feel more aligned on your spiritual journey. Knowing your life path number can also help you connect with others in a more meaningful way, as different life paths have varying levels of compatibility (just like zodiac signs). If you’re a life path 9, then you’ve got a deep drive to be of service to others — and it’s important that your partnerships are supportive and understanding of your altruistic life goals.

Life path 9 people are the inspiring and spiritual humanitarians of numerology. These natural givers are full of compassion for others, and they need to feel like they’re genuinely helping to make the world a better place in order to feel fulfilled. “The 9 life path is special in that they use their empathy to work for the collective,” master numerologist Josh Siegel tells Bustle. “They do have a personal life, yet it must be balanced with their more public and altruistic aims — and this means their partner must fit into this lifestyle.”

Because of their adaptable personalities and strong ability to empathize with others, life path 9s usually have an easy time connecting with people — so they’ll find they have a decent level of numerological compatibility with almost any other life path. While there would be mutually beneficial aspects to any pairing, there are a few numbers that could be challenging. For example, Siegel notes that life path 4s can help ground 9s, but could also make them feel bogged down with their practical mindsets. Similarly, life path 8s could find common ground with 9s, but eventually the 9 might be put off by their materially-minded aspirations.

Read on to find out about the life path numbers most compatible with life path 9 in numerology.

Match #1: Life Path 9

Not everyone will be compatible with people who share the same life path number as them — after all, opposites attract, and we often seek partners who can balance out some of our own qualities. But in the case of life path 9 people, connecting with other 9s can create a powerful pairing. “The most obvious compatible number for life path 9s are other 9s, as they can work together to change the world,” Siegel says. Because 9s are so mission-driven, they can find a partner-in-compassion in their fellow 9s, and they’ll motivate each other to continue on a selfless path.

Match #2: Life Path 6

Life path 9s are gentle souls who are sensitive to energy, so the nurturing personalities of life path 6 people can be a beautiful match for them. “6 life paths can closely resemble the 9, as they share similar ideals and can be service-oriented,” Siegel says. “The 9 could help the 6 find a larger outlet for their desire to help, and the 6 can remind the 9 about the importance of home and family.” Life path 6 people inspire 9s to fill their own cup before filling others’, which will allow them to contribute even more to the world around them.

Match #3: Life Path 2/11

Both life path 9s and life path 2s (as well as their corresponding master number 11s) have a deep desire to promote peace and understanding between people — so they can work really harmoniously together in a relationship. “Life Path 2 or even 11/2 master numbers can link up with 9s, as the 2 or 11/2 person is highly intuitive and aspirational,” Siegel says. “This can be a powerful combination with the 9, and they could have an impact on society.” 9s will bring out the service-oriented side of both 2s and 11s, and they’ll in turn be able to naturally vibe with 9s mutable and go-with-the-flow way of living.

Match #4: Life Path 3

Connecting with people in a meaningful way is super important to life path 9 people. So with a communicative and charming life path 3 by their side, they have an opportunity to learn even more about effectively building relationships with others. “3s are sociable, affable and creative, and in public settings, the 3 can make the 9 look good,” Siegel says. “However, they are notorious for being a bit detached in their personal lives, which is contrary to the 9s social compassion and friendly disposition.” While life path 3s can certainly help 9s develop and express their ideas to the world, their cool and aloof demeanor could make it difficult for the pair to find emotional common ground, despite their other compatible traits.