Here's Why September 9 Will Be The Luckiest Day Of The Month

Let go of the old to make room for the new.

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As you may know, the astrology of the second half of 2020 looks just as chaotic as the first. But that doesn't mean it won't be sprinkled with some lucky moments. As we look over the coming month, mark your calendars for Sept. 9 — as this date is set to be one of the luckiest days of the month for everyone, thanks to the powerful numerology of the date and some fortunate planetary alignments that'll offer us an astrological window of opportunity and growth.

In numerology, the number nine represents completion, and it carries the energy of both endings and new beginnings. We're getting a double dose of this energy on Sept. 9 (or 9/9), making it an ideal time to release things that are naturally coming to a close in our lives in order to make room for bountiful fresh starts — and on top of it, a lucky Sun/Jupiter trine aspect in the skies will blast us with an added dose of cosmic good fortune on the very same date. Here's the full scoop on why Sept. 9, 2020 will be a lucky day, according to both numerology and astrology — and how you can make the most of September's high point of good vibes.

The Numerology Of 9/9

The number nine represents the energy of completion because it's the last of the single-digit numbers (also known as cardinal numbers in numerology) before the double-digit numbers begins — and thus it symbolically holds a culmination of wisdom, experience, and a drive to be of service to others.

"The number nine is a powerful number, as it's seen as a cardinal number," ascension guide and quantum shaman Laura Brown tells Bustle. "It carries a very high spiritual energy that helps confirm we are entering a phase where, although we may experience endings in our life, it's to make room for something aligned with our purpose to enter." Don't fear the endings that the number nine's completion-energy can bring. It's all about moving in cycles, so this energy also indicates the beginning of something new — and in the case of 9/9, something that's even more in sync with our soul's higher purpose.

Given that 9/9 is the ninth day of the ninth month of the year, this date is charged even more powerfully with the number's meaning — making it an even more auspicious time to release stagnant energy and embrace new beginnings. "Nine is the only number that when you double it (99), its energy actually increases — doubling your spiritual evolution, alignment with purpose, and increasing fortuitous events that enter your life," Brown says. Numerologically, this is a time to accept the completion of certain cycles in your life instead of fighting them, and acknowledge all the fortunate new beginnings that are on the horizon. Letting go of things can be tough, but aligning yourself with the energy of this date can help you make the transition and gain clarity on ways you can make a positive and uplifting mark on the world around you.

The Astrology Of 9/9


We just happen to have one of the luckiest and brightest astrological aspects of the season taking place on Sept. 9, which is a lucky trine aspect between the Sun and Jupiter. When these two powerful celestial bodies are in harmony with one another, you can guarantee there's an abundance of luck and good fortune headed our way. This planetary meetup serves as a cosmic self-esteem booster that inspires us to broaden our horizons and embrace a more positive attitude, which can give us the confidence we need to seize the opportunities and walk through the open doors that 9/9's energy helps us gain access to.

The cosmic energy is upping your confidence and inspiring your creativity for a reason — so that you can take advantage of the good fortune and make some power moves. We are presented a slight challenge here, as ambitious planet Mars is beginning its retrograde period on 9/9, which can make us feel less motivated to charge forward on our goals. However, having the sun's lucky synergy with Jupiter on our side will push us toward more higher-minded spiritual goals and growth — and its those dreams that we should work toward now.

This is our last opportunity in 2020 to take advantage of such an auspicious alignment between the brilliant sun (which represents our creativity, vitality, and spirit) and knowledge-seeking planet Jupiter (which represents luck, expansion, and growth) — so you'll want to make the most of this cosmic lucky streak while it lasts.

How To Take Advantage Of The 9/9 Energy

"Combine the 9/9 numerology with the current astrological energy, and you have a day primed for massive shifts that open so many doors of possibilities within our lives and grant us access to our true purpose," Brown says. The blessings of the sun/Jupiter trine blended with the numerological power of the number nine gives 9/9 a mystic sparkle that'll bring you good luck — if you're willing to embrace the energetic changes that are afoot.

If you want to take advantage of the lucky energy of 9/9, align yourself with your higher purpose. You can do this by thinking more about life goals that involve spiritual growth, service to others. While it's great to have goals related to money and success, the energy of 9/9 is more geared toward lighting up and supporting higher-minded pursuits of the soul. Doing a simple meditation or visualization for 9/9 can help get you in touch with your spiritual side and focus your mind on more these types of humanitarian goals.

Because the energy of 9/9 corresponds with completions and endings, this is also an important time to acknowledge any cycles in your life that appear to be coming to a close — as well as anything no longer serving you that has run its course and needs to be released. It's not easy to let go, but once you do some spiritual house-cleaning and clear space in your heart and mind, you'll have more room for new things to enter your life — and that's what 9/9 is all about. Journaling exercises can be really helpful in identifying habits, situations, relationships, or patterns in your life that need to be released. Try setting your phone's timer for nine minutes and free-writing on the topic until the alarm sounds. You might be surprised to see what naturally comes forth.