4 Things To Do & 3 Things To Avoid During Mars Retrograde

Time to unplug and reflect.

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Mars goes retrograde on Oct. 30 in loquacious Gemini, where it will be until Jan. 12. The fast-paced air sign is restless and flighty, but expect the next four months of Mars’ backtracking in the skillful sign to inspire us to slow down, recharge, and trust the process.

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Mars reflects our impulses, aggression, and libido. This intense planet’s backspin slows our progress on projects and hinders our plans. But it also prompts us to unplug and reflect on the milestones that we’ve made. Be ready for the cosmic drama with these dos and don'ts.

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DO: Recharge Your Social Batteries

Mars backtracking in friendly Gemini will have your social life feel like it’s on pause — but it’s OK to pass on party invites. Now’s the time for solo outings, getting comfortable in your solitude, and learning how to be your own best friend.

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DON’T: Rush Your Projects

Spearheading goals and hard-launching projects are going to seem unfruitful, so you may as well put a pause on what you’re working on. Now’s the time for reflecting and reorganizing your game plan so they can flourish when Mars stations direct on Jan. 12.

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DO: Sharpen Your Communication Skills

With chatty Gemini at the center of this transit, there’s no better time to work on your conversation skills. Are you analytical or tend to have your head in the clouds? This is the perfect moment to reflect on how you express your ideas.

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DON’T: Spread Yourself Thin

Geminis are the skillful air signs of the zodiac, which can translate into taking on more than they can handle. Mars’ slowdown offers a chance to create boundaries, especially when it comes to work and other commitments.

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DO: Take A Break From Work

Even superstars need a day off. This retrograde is all about taking a pause from the hustle and bustle of your typical day-to-day and replacing it with much-needed rest. Take advantage of that PTO, and pencil in time for self-care.

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DON’T: Revel In Conflict

With reckless Mars orbiting in social butterfly Gemini, be conscious of how it impacts your friendship circle. This period is ripe for drama and misunderstandings, so steer clear from asserting yourself in conflict and getting in the middle of things.

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DO: Practice Mindfulness

With Mars’ brazen energy on backorder, take it as a sign to restore some zen in your life. Try meditation and nature hikes to clear your head when things get heated.

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