3 Mercury Retrograde Spring 2022 Manifestations

The backspin is a time for reflection.

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When you think of Mercury retrograde, DMs from exes, misunderstandings, and overall chaotic vibes likely come to mind. After all, the pesky transit is notorious for throwing travel and communication off balance. However, the cosmic rewind offers a great time to reflect on the lessons learned, like old flames and friendship drama, and as such, Mercury retrograde manifestations can help you revisit your past so you can move forward.

Manifesting is a spiritual practice that helps you attract your dreams by believing you’re already living the lifestyle you want. Through techniques like journaling and candle magic, you can make your biggest goals a reality. Because Mercury retrograde flips things upside down in terms of communication and thought processes, harnessing its chaotic energy can help you manifest with clarity. That’s because retrograde periods are a time to slow down and review what you’ve learned in your past relationships and break up with your bad habits, which is incredibly important when shaping the future life you want.

“[When manifesting] you want to make sure that you are working with the energy instead of against it,” Imani Quinn, astrologer and author of Astrology SOS tells Bustle. “The reflection point of a Mercury retrograde can allow you to see where you maybe had a blindspot in your manifestations, it can ask you to get clearer on what it is you truly desire.” Let’s say you’re manifesting a new job but weren’t clear on your intentions — you might attract any job, whether it’s a fulfilling one or not.

Ready to keep the Mercury retrograde blues away? Keep reading to find out how to productively attract your dream life with these Mercury retrograde manifestation ideas.

Mercury Retrograde Spring 2022 Manifestation Ideas

1. Free Association

Mercury is the messenger planet, ruling all forms of communication like writing, speech, poetry, and music. Since a powerful way to manifest is to get clear on your wants and needs, what better way to do that than to tap into your subconscious mind via stream of consciousness? “Free association can be a helpful tool for manifestation during Mercury retrograde periods, because language isn’t necessarily operating under its normal rules,” Erin River Sunday, consulting astrologer for Birthdate Co. tells Bustle. “Quiet your mind and visualize what it is you’re trying to manifest. Once you have a clear image, write down anything and everything that surfaces for you.”

Because Mercury retrograde blurs communication and information processing, it can be difficult to discern your wants, but free association can help you tap into your underlying needs. “We often have self-imposed blocks around our manifestations, and this method can reveal where the mind is complicating, and ultimately getting in the way of, our pure desires,” says Sunday.

2. Journaling Manifestations

Manifesting requires getting real with yourself. By journaling, you can dive deep on your needs, which in turn strengthens your ability to attract your goals. “Journal writing is the inception point of creative visualization and law of attraction,” explains Quinn. “Utilize Mercury retrograde to journal on your intentions and pay attention to any tension that is arising around your manifestations.”

Often, the past is what makes it difficult to move forward. When your karmic lessons, habits, or past relationships return in time for Mercury’s backspin, there’s likely still something for you to learn. “Journal to find your missing pieces in the process,” says Quinn.

3. Revisit Old Writing

Mercury’s backspin revives your past karma — which explains why you seem to be having major deja vu during this period. Going back and reading your old manifestations and journal entries is a great way of channeling the power of Mercury retrograde. “Mercury retrograde is a period to revisit previous manifestations so you can express gratitude for the process,” says Sunday. Gratitude can help channel positive energy towards your future goals or aspirations.

Revisting old writing can also offer a new perspective on your manifestations. For example, if six months ago, you wanted to attract more money, you may look back to see how it manifested as help from others, rather than in the form of a new job. “People often get frustrated when manifesting because whatever they wanted changed and they don’t realize that they were once wishing for the very thing they have right now,” Sunday explains. “Chances are you’ll realize you’re great at manifesting, but what you want is just always evolving.”

While Mercury retrograde can be a chaotic period, it’s a great time to practice strengthening your manifestations. Take time to rewind and confront your past so you move forward with clarity and a deeper understanding of your desires. “Most importantly, use reflection as a time to revise your manifestations so that they can come into alignment at the moment that they’re ready to,” Quinn explains.

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