3 Ways To Manifest Your Dreams During The October Full Blood Moon

The pumpkin-colored moon will shine on Oct. 9 and 10.

October full Blood moon arrives on Oct. 9 in fearless Aries.
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Amid partnership-oriented Libra season, the rare October 2022 full blood moon prompts us to return back to ourselves. Arriving on Oct. 9 at 4:54 p.m. ET (1:54 p.m. PT), the moon moves into fearless Aries, reminding us of the value of independence. Full moon energy symbolizes a period of finalization, action, and emotional clarity, letting bold Aries grant us the courage and confidence to press forward on our goals and creative endeavors. Ready to harness your inner power? Try these manifestation rituals.

“During the full moon, the vibes are especially nourishing, magical, creative, and intuitive in nature,” astrologer Lauren Ash tells Bustle. “It’s a time when we feel deeply connected to our other-worldly powers, which can aid in visualizing and dreaming of the future.”

If you spent a considerable amount of time in the mystic space, you might have heard about manifestation, which is essentially the belief that you can attract your dream life by simply believing it’s already true. Being that Aries is the sign of passion and action, this full moon provides the perfect time to manifest courage and the tenacity to take risks in getting what you want. Plus, October’s full blood moon also being a rare double moon means there are two whole nights of la Luna’s jack-o’-lantern glow to ignite our typical manifestation rituals.

“The lesson in this lunar cycle is about learning how to manage expectations and building confidence in yourself,” explains Ash. “This full moon will also have an added boost from Saturn, which is currently spinning through retrograde motion in the sign of Aquarius.” Combining the headstrong energy of Aries, this aspect is a reminder of self-discipline and having the fortitude to embrace tough decisions.

October’s rare double blood moon is all about plunging forward even in the face of adversity and the unknown. Read on to learn how you can absorb the fire sign’s intense energy using these October 2022 full blood moon manifestations.

October Full Blood Moon Manifestation Ideas

1. Cleansing Bath

Full moons are all about letting go. Traditionally, a cleansing bath ritual is a prime way to center yourself and your manifestations. This is especially helpful if you need to release the stress and negativity you’ve been holding onto during this completing lunar phase — but it doesn’t need to be fancy.

“Light your favorite candles and grab some crystals to place around the tub. Drop a few splashes of lavender essential oil or bath salts into your tub and practice repeating your full moon mantras as you submerge yourself into the waters and wash away your stress,” says Ash. Get into the Aries spirit by reciting affirmations like, “I am confident and deserving of everything I want.”

2. Tarot Reading

What better way to spread Halloween cheer than a tarot card reading? This is a good ritual to try when you’re at a crossroads and want to use the full moon’s glow to gain some clarity. Ash advises a simple three-card pull, where one tarot card represents your current path, and the remaining cards symbolize the two directions you’re currently facing. As you shuffle your tarot cards, focus on the two different outcomes as you ask the Universe for guidance.

“If you’re still unsure which direction the cards are pushing you in, ask a question and draw a fourth card to help clarify,” she says. “Set the stage with some relaxing music, burning incense, and your favorite tarot deck.”

3. Throw An Intimate Gathering

Libra season highlights our close partnerships, making the blood moon a great time for connection. Channel your inner Aries by trying out a new restaurant or having a spontaneous night on the town with your inner circle. “For a little added fun, make your gathering a potluck and have everyone bring their favorite comfort dish,” says Ash. “The cozy and welcoming environment will feel like the perfect remedy to Arie's hot-blooded impact on the moon.”