Here’s The Spiritual Meaning Of October New Moon

It’s the ultimate fresh start.

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If you’ve dabbled in the world of astrology, you’ve probably caught on by now that the moon has a significant influence on us, especially in terms of our moods and energy. Suffice to say, it’s an exciting and monumental phase in the moon’s rotation, not unlike the vibes you get before New Year’s Eve. When it comes to the October 2021 new moon, which moves into cardinal air sign Libra on Oct. 6, we may feel less energized, which opens up an opportunity for us to relax and rejuvenate as we aim to strengthen our close relationships and plan for future social gatherings ahead. Knowing the spiritual meaning of the October 2021 new moon can help you align with this fresh and powerful energy through quiet reflection and planning, so you can make the most out of this lunation.

In a literal sense, the new moon indicates the start of a new lunar phase, resetting the cycle approximately every 29 days. While starting fresh can be fun, these new changes can come with their own set of challenges, so knowing the spiritual meaning of the new October moon will help you move forward in a new direction with confidence. With the new moon moving into socialite Libra, this energy is all about transforming our relationships and striking balance in our social lives.

Using the energy of this new moon can help us get clear on our wants and desires for our future. Ready for the balancing act? Read on to know the spiritual meaning of the new moon so you can maximize its benefits.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of The New Moon In Libra?

Apropos of its literal clean-slate meaning, new moons indicate a fresh start for the collective, almost as if we’re pushing a reset button. New moons are usually an ideal time to brainstorm ideas for creative projects or manifest our deepest desires. However, since the October 2021 new moon is ingressing into the balanced air sign Libra during Mercury retrograde, starting new relationships or making big business plans might not be a good idea, since Mercury retrograde is known to cause blunders and miscommunication. Instead, you may want to take extra care of your energy by recharging your social batteries and focusing on establishing harmony within the relationships you already have.

Libras are the diplomats of the zodiac, so they’re all about keeping the peace. They’re also romantic and super relationship-oriented, so how you relate to others will be called into the spotlight. During the October 2021 new moon, we’re being encouraged to make careful, level-headed decisions moving forward. Just as Libras are represented by the scales, the new moon is bringing clarity by helping us to see both sides to situations among friends and bring balance to our social lives (which is much needed during Mercury’s backspin). While it’s not advised to go start new relationships, this lunation is a great time for reflection and finding ways to improve so we can move closer in alignment with our higher spiritual selves.

How To Work With The New Moon Energy

Since the October 2021 new moon occurs in the cardinal sign of Libra, the biggest theme is striking a harmonious balance. What areas do you feel unstable? Where are you experiencing lack or excess? The new moon is a push to tackle the areas of life where you feel wobbly, giving you a sensible and diplomatic perspective so you can apply different habits to restore peaceful equilibrium in these areas. Since new moons are about fresh starts, that usually comes with releasing that which no longer serves a spiritual purpose — so be prepared to part ways with people or situations that bring a negative influx or disorder to your life.

Libras are also all about romance, so your intimate relationships will be at the forefront during this lunation. The new moon is an opportunity to investigate your romantic relationship (or ideas of romance) and decide whether this partnership is pushing you in the direction you want to be in or if they’re holding you back from your true potential. While taking inventory on the state of your relationship may feel intense, Libra’s balanced energy can help you weigh both sides of situations, so you can make diplomatic decisions and move forward with balance and grace.