17 Apps That'll Help You Organize Your Life

Get a handle of that to-do list.

The best organization apps to download in 2021.
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Whether you’re returning to the office, managing a newly IRL (!) social calendar, or simply jugging a crowded to-do list, let’s face it: It’s hard to stay on top of all the things. That’s where the best organization apps of 2021 come in.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an iPhone loyalist or an Android enthusiast — there are bundles of apps that help sort you through the havoc of having one-too-many tasks or plans on your plate. An organization app can do things like, say, remind you to pick up your dry cleaning, track your finances, or sort through the mountain of unread emails in your inbox. And finding the right download to transform your phone into a pocket-sized personal assistant can make those tasks much more of a breeze than a headache.

In the world of organization apps that are currently available, there are visual thinker-friendly options, checklist-based setups (because you know how satisfying it is to cross something off your to-do list), outlines, calendar-syncing apps, and so much more. Ready to get your ducks in a serious row? Keep scrolling for the ones that’ll do the trick.



Dropbox/Apple App Store

If you’ve got more files than you know what to do with, Dropbox is the app for you. Available on iOS and Android, Dropbox provides cloud storage that lets you organize photos, documents, or whatever you have that needs filing. And it lets you share links and access to large files that would otherwise take forever to upload into an email (#technology). Added bonus? The display is neat and user-friendly, so you won’t feel frantic trying to find the right presentation to send to a co-worker.




Mint is an app that can help you organize your budget. More than that, it's a tool that can be used to track your bills and receive a reminder when it's time to pay so your credit score can skyrocket in no time.




Thinking about putting a personal assistant ad up on Craigslist? Don't put yourself through an interview process, just download 24me. The app is an easy-to-use tool that organizes your life: your to-do lists, calendars, appointments, and more, all in one neatly arranged digital space.




If you’re a note-taker, then Evernote is the app for you. Consider it the mother of all notes apps: It stores all your reminders and notes in one place, syncs them to your devices, and lets you organize your thoughts in tables with checklists, timestamps, and more. You can even add images, audio, scans, and documents to a note so that everything is in one place. Also key? The app’s search function ensures nothing ever goes missing.




If you need to keep track of your stuff — whether you're a business or an individual with an impressive shoe collection — Sortly can help organize your things. If you're starting a new job or moving apartments, this is the app to get.



Let's say that you lose your keys constantly. There's an app that can keep track of their whereabouts so you don't waste half a day frantically pacing around your living room. Pixie can be downloaded for free on iOS and two fobs connected to Bluetooth can be purchased for $50.




If you have trouble remembering the little things, Reminders can do it for you. Built into Apple devices, this app is like a fancy to-do list: You can create separate checklists; organize reminders by priority; and add notes, locations, and alerts to each list item. You even have the option to let the app nudge you so that you’re given a reminder at exactly the right moment.


The Vault

The Vault/Apple App Store

Stop writing your passwords down on a piece of paper — or I should say from experience, multiple pieces of stray paper that get lost. The Vault is an app that will organize all your hundreds of passwords for all your hundreds of online accounts and secure them.



Asana/Apple App Store

Asana can help clear up a chaotic to-do list. Basically, you can use the app to organize your work by project and divide it into more detailed subtasks so you can check off specific responsibilities along the way. You can also use the platform to message co-workers, assign tasks, store files, share calendars, and more. Opt for free or paid versions of the app depending on the size of your team (the free version allows for up to 15 users) to streamline your work across the board.




You’re browsing content on your phone constantly. Have a long commute? You're probably sifting through all the articles ever uploaded online. While the volume of content to read can seem overwhelming, Pocket allows you to save and organize what you want to read so you stay in the know — on your own time.




Keep all of your checklists in one location with Todoist. The app allows you to sort to-do items into different categories, organize your goals by priority level, and even delegate tasks to other people. You can also celebrate how responsible you are by checking the app’s productivity analytics, which shows you all that you’ve accomplished.




If you waste precious minutes figuring out what to wear each morning, there's a solution. Cher from Clueless had her wardrobe connected to a PC so she could match a plaid blazer to a plaid skirt without turning her closet upside down. And, with Stylebook, you can too. Organize your wardrobe and assign an outfit to each day of the week so you can focus on getting out the door on time.




Things ($50) combines all of your outstanding tasks and projects into one place, so it’s no surprise it made the list for best organization apps 2021. It gives you a daily outline of everything on your agenda and allows you to make checklists, schedule plans, create email reminders, and more from a single interface so that you don’t have to keep switching windows to stay on top of your life.



Shoeboxed/Apple App Store

Perhaps the biggest threat against staying organized is loose receipts. Unless it's a CVS receipt, which is so long it leaves a trail, you're probably stuffing them in odd pockets never to be recovered in time for expenses. That was the way of the past! With Shoeboxed, you can scan and organize receipts before they find their final resting place in some pair of jeans.


Google Calendar

Google Calendar/iTunes

Google Calendar is a must. The staple app helps you keep track of all your appointments and integrates with your Gmail so you can sync calls, meetings, and social hangs. And, of course, it uses color-coding — so it’ll make your life easier one color at a time.


MindNode 5

MindNode5/Apple App Store

How do we organize thoughts? They're a thing you have in your head, that sometimes you scribble down on paper. MindNode 5 is an app that helps you clarify what’s going on in your brain so you can connect Thought A to Thought B. Write them down and then expand upon them with pictures until a single idea is a full-fledged, detailed presentation.




If having zero unread emails in your inbox seems like an impossible dream, ActiveInbox ($4/month) can help make that a reality. It installs right into your Gmail account so you can turn emails into tasks — so no more slipping through the cracks.