How To Pin Posts On Instagram

Who says life isn’t a highlight reel?

A young woman tries to pin posts on Instagram using new test feature.
bojanstory/E+/Getty Images

When it comes to your digital footprint, most people like to put their best foot forward. You’ve likely pinned your most viral tweets to the top of your profile, added your best candids to your “Featured” album on Facebook, and saved your most aesthetically pleasing Instagram stories to your highlights. Now, with a new feature potentially on the way from Instagram, you may soon be able to pin your favorite posts to your profile, too.

On April 26, Instagram confirmed to TechCrunch that the social media platform is testing out a new pin-to-profile feature among select users. The feature would let you choose up to three posts to feature at the top of your profile grid.

If you’re a frequent Instagrammer, then you know that this can be a game changer. After all, if you keep your grid up-to-date, then some of your most cherished posts might have become buried underneath endless thumbnails of weekly photo dumps. Pinned posts are yet another way to curate whatever vibe you’re hoping visitors will get from your profile.

Maybe you want to ensure that your crush has easy access to your preferred “This is them” photo. Or, you want to set the record straight for any sleuthers by placing your soft launch up-top on your profile. Perhaps you just want to make sure everyone sees that Eat Pray Love-level trip you went on last summer. With pinned posts, you get to decide what your first impression will be.

How Does Instagram’s Pinned Post Feature Work?

Mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi shared a sneak peek of the possible pinned posts feature on Twitter in January, explaining that users who have access would be able to pin up to three posts to display at the top of their profile. It appears from photos that users would be able to pin a post by tapping on settings and clicking “Pin to your profile.”

How Do You Pin A Post?

If you have access to the feature, then pinning posts to your profile is fairly simple. If anything, the most difficult step will likely be deciding which three posts you’d like to pin. Once you’ve selected your most pin-able posts, head to each and click on the three horizontal dots in the top right corner of the post. You can choose any three photos, videos, or reels to pin to the top of your profile. As PC Mag reports, an option to “Pin to your profile” will appear on the menu if you have the feature. Tap this button, and the post will automatically show up at the top of your grid.

If you change your mind about your pinned posts, you can un-pin a post by heading back to the same menu and clicking “Unpin from your profile.”

Why Can’t I Pin Posts On Instagram?

If you don’t see the option to pin a post, then you likely don’t have access to the test feature yet. A spokesperson from Instagram confirmed to Bustle that the feature was testing with a small number of accounts globally. Instagram often tests new features on a limited audience to see how they work (and if people use them). Until the social media platform decides to roll out pinned posts more widely, sit tight and maybe work on pinning your favorite stories to your highlights.