An Astrologer Explains Sagittarius’ Hidden Powers

The archer’s optimism and thirst for adventure make them luck magnets.

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Every zodiac sign is blessed with a special set of skills that help them navigate life’s unpredictable waters. For the certified explorer Sagittarius, their ability to aim high, explore great depths, and always find the silver lining are only a few strengths that earn them such a strong reputation for being bold and optimistic. But these archers have a few lesser-known superpowers that set them apart from the rest. Understanding the hidden powers of a Sagittarius won’t just make you appreciate them more, but also feel inspired by their authenticity and bravery.

Before we jump into the archer’s power moves, it helps to get a little background on their celestial patterns and traits. Sagittarius is one of the zodiac’s three mutable signs, so they’re typically unfazed by unpredictability due to their ability to adapt to life’s ever-changing nature with ease. They’re also fire signs, meaning they’re passionate and lively, so you can count on a Sagittarius to stand up for what they believe in and to follow their bliss, wherever it may take them. Because their ruling planet is lucky Jupiter, they have a perpetually rose-tinted outlook on life and can find the silver lining to just about any situation.

Adventurous and curious, Sagittarius zodiac signs are committed to exploring the ends of the earth, just to say they did it. While they can be an open book, they have plenty of tricks up their sleeves that may surprise you. Continue reading to reveal the hidden superpowers and traits of a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius Zodiac Signs Are Good Luck Charms

Sagittarius zodiac signs can be heedlessly optimistic at times, but can you blame them? Their ruling planet is Jupiter, the celestial body that literally symbolizes fortune and prosperity, so it makes total sense that these signs would have a positive outlook on life. And according to the laws of manifesting, being in a constant state of optimism helps you attract the reality you want. That explains why Sagittarians are luck magnets; a Sagittarius is always subconsciously attracting an auspicious life. Because they can see the bright side to every situation, you can bet on them manifesting a bold comeback even on their bad days.

“These passionate go-getters are known for their charisma,” MaKayla McRae, also known as The Starry Eyed Mystic, tells Bustle. “Their passionate attitude allows them to boldly go after what they want without fail! This brings them a lot of good fortune where courage is required.”

Sagittarius Zodiac Signs Can Shapeshift

Maybe it’s because they’re mutable signs or the fact they have lots of appreciation for diverse perspectives, but Sagittariuses have the ability to easily blend and adapt to different situations. Their respect for different vantage points can also explain why Sagittarians have the sensitive ability to see from different points of view without feeling too attached to their own. They’re able to easily relate to others and empathize with their experiences, making these free-spirited signs able to work well with others and, at the drop of a hat, transform into a totally different version of themselves.

“Sagittarius’ seventh house of relationships is also ruled by Gemini, another mutable, changeable sign. In interpersonal interactions, they’re capable of shifting their communication to suit other people’s needs and perspectives,” explains McRae.

Sagittarius Zodiac Signs Are Always Evolving

Sagittarius signs aren’t scared of change; in fact, they welcome the unknown with open arms. They believe life is all about embracing the unpredictable and seeing each experience — good or bad — as an opportunity to grow. They’re ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance, so they’re always looking for bigger, better, and more, especially when it comes to their mindset, philosophies, and spirituality. They don’t see any value in staying comfortable or in one place for too long, they’ll even push themselves to the edge just to see how much they can learn and mature. So while it can be tough to hold down a Sagittarius, you can bet they’re always expanding and working on their personal development.

“Sagittarius like to view life as one great, big adventure. They learn best through trial and error, meaning they’re not afraid to fail and get back up in order to intuitively learn the best approach to things. This brings them lots of luck!” says McRae.

Sagittarius Zodiac Signs Have Endless Knowledge

Because they’re lifelong learners, it’s important for a Sagittarius to immerse themselves in different philosophies and cultures. The archer is always hungry for knowledge and constantly pushing themselves to try new experiences, even going so far as challenging their own beliefs. They’re wise and well-rounded with a diverse skillset, making Sagittarians excellent teachers, mentors, and motivators. They believe experience is the greatest teacher, so they’ll always be authentic and give you solid advice. Always count on a Sagittarius to help you work through just about anything with the boundless experience they have under their belt.

“Sagittarius is known as ‘the philosopher’ sign. They’re capable of holding many different perspectives about the same situation, allowing them to relate to many people. This makes them a social magnet, with people respecting their ability to understand their point of view or lifestyle,” explains McRae.