The Spiritual Meaning Of September’s Full Harvest Moon

Embrace the power of the fourth consecutive supermoon.

Here's what you need to know about the spiritual meaning of the September 2023 full Harvest moon.
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The dog days of summer came to a close on Sept. 23 after the Sun traveled south across the celestial equator, marking the autumnal equinox. Though the seasonal change can be bittersweet, there’s no need to fret. Fall is a time of fresh starts and great blessings, which is why you may feel an overwhelming amount of gratitude when the full Harvest moon arrives on Sept. 29 at 5:58 a.m. ET.

As the first full moon of fall and the last supermoon of the year, la luna’s energy will be extra strong. But in order to harness its power, you must understand the spiritual meaning of the September full Harvest moon first.

IYDK, the moon is deemed a “supermoon” when it orbits Earth closer than usual. As a result, the floating rock can appear bigger and brighter in the sky, making it basically impossible to miss. The Harvest moon will not only be the fourth consecutive supermoon of 2023, but the final one as well, which means now is the time to release anything that was holding you back this summer.

Ahead, astrologer Catherine Gerdes shares what you need to know about the importance of the full Harvest moon so you can take advantage of the supermoon’s potential one last time this year.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of The Harvest Moon?

Whether you believe autumn starts as soon as the PSL makes its return to Starbucks or refuse to say goodbye to summer until the calendar says so, there’s no denying we’re officially in fall. Now that the debate is over, we can embrace the cozy vibes with open arms. One of the best ways to do that is to honor the Harvest moon, as the lunar event has close ties with autumn.

Per Gerdes, the relationship between the Harvest moon and the fall season goes way back to before electricity, when farmers would rely on la luna to light up the fields as they tended to their crops. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the Harvest moon has a history of rising around the same time for several days in a row in late September. This used to help agriculturists “finish their harvests” before it was too cold. “Then and now, it marks a season of gratitude for a literal harvest,” Gerdes tells Bustle. “It also signals a time for acknowledging the blessings in our lives.”

The Harvest moon may no longer serve its original productivity purpose, but that doesn’t diminish its significance any less. With so many opportunities for new beginnings, like the start of the school year and countless changes in weather and wardrobe, this time of year often inspires a re-examination of priorities. And because full moons are all about completing cycles and letting go of old habits, there’s never been a better time to break the patterns that are no longer serving you.

How To Work With The Harvest Moon’s Energy

The Harvest moon will be radiating with gratitude, so don’t be afraid to show your appreciation for your blessings this lunation. Whether you’re acknowledging a specific gift, like your career or relationship, or recognizing your good fortune as a whole, Gerdes recommends taking a moment to celebrate the abundance in your life and feel gratitude for the “crops” you've harvested during the full moon.

As the Harvest moon will be opposing the Sun in Libra, you may find yourself questioning the “I” versus the “we.” Instead of overthinking everything (a classic Libra trait), Gerdes suggests using your inner wisdom to guide you.

Make sure to take care of these things now, because “suppressed feelings might bubble to the surface and refuse to be ignored,” per the astrologer. Practicing shadow work is a great way to address these emotions head-on, especially if you’re feeling particularly overwhelmed or anxious this lunation.

The solar eclipse on Oct. 14 will put a major focus on partnerships, but you can get ahead of all the drama by opening up a line of honest communication with your friends, family, co-workers, and roommates right now. “Get ready to witness breakups and boundaries, and most importantly, prepare to take a stand for what you desire,” says Gerdes. In other words: drop those situationships ASAP.


Catherine Gerdes, astrologer