The Spiritual Meaning Of A Supermoon, Explained

Shine bright like a diamond.

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When you think of the spiritual significance of the full moon, hyperactivity and emotional intensity may come to mind. But the magic of the moon isn’t limited to what it radiates during its usual orbit. Supermoons are moons that appear much brighter and bigger than usual because la Luna’s orbit brings it closer to Earth, and they’re basically an emphasis of the full moon’s typical spiritual meanings. That’s the case with the July 2022 full Buck moon, which arrives on July 13 in industrious Capricorn and happens to be our most massive supermoon this year. The pragmatic earth sign is amplifying our passions and goals, so you’ll want to know the spiritual meaning of the supermoon to take full advantage of its ambitious energy.

When the moon is at its fullest and orbits closest to Earth, it’s called a super full moon or supermoon. It looks significantly larger and brighter than an average full moon. Typically, there are three to four supermoons annually. In 2022, there are two, June’s full Strawberry moon being the other.

While the full moon would typically shed light on your professional and public arenas, the supermoon is amplifying your sense of self-discipline and need to succeed, leaving you feeling more exposed by the moon’s proverbial high beams than usual. “Under the sign of Capricorn and amplified by the energy of the supermoon, the major theme here is changes to our vocations, the legacy we want to leave, and the long-term dreams we have for ourselves,” astrologer Lauren Ash tells Bustle.

When you understand the spiritual meaning of the supermoon, you can navigate its intense waters. Keep reading for the scoop on the supermoon’s spiritual meaning and how to harness its fullest potential.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Supermoon?

Astrologer Richard Noelle coined the term “supermoon” to denote when the full moon is at perigee, or the point at which when the moon’s orbit is the closest to the earth, in 1979, according to Encyclopedia Britannica. Being at Perigee makes the moon look about 7% bigger according to the Farmers Almanac. Spiritually, the supermoon emphasizes your hidden emotions, ideas, and thoughts. Just like it’s hard to ignore the elegant brightness of the supermoon, it’ll be difficult to brush off the things you keep suppressed in the daylight.

Since the supermoon takes place during Cancer season, the supermoon in Capricorn symbolizes the balance between your work and home life. Cancer rules the inner world, while Capricorn is a reflection of how you’re recognized by others, so one of the themes of the supermoon is being able to set clear boundaries when it comes to managing your personal and private life.

July’s supermoon also symbolizes your sense of urgency and self-discipline, especially since the sea goat’s planetary ruler, Saturn, is retrograde. Are you an overachiever who tends to neglect their social circle, or the type of person who prioritizes fun over hard work? The supermoon is pushing you to focus on your biggest aspirations.

“This summer, the astrological energy revolves around making big adult decisions and career moves,” says Ash. “This isn’t a hot girl summer, it’s a booked and busy girl summer.”

How Can You Work With Super Full Moon Energy?

Full moons are a time for release. With July’s being a super full moon, this lunation is all about confronting our hidden agendas and parting ways with bad habits. That’s why reflection through journaling and meditation can help you address your needs and align your soul’s purpose. “Full moons are thought to shine pure energy and intuition into our lives, especially when we perform full moon rituals and meditations,” explains Ash.

The super intense energy of the supermoon is coupled with the fierce clash between Neptune and Saturn’s retrograde periods, which is laying the foundation for another major transit. According to Ash, “On August 1, Uranus and the north node with form a conjunction in fellow earth sign Taurus.” Your north node represents your destiny, meaning this cosmic shift can cause many to reevaluate their professional lives, making it the perfect time to consider pursuing a new career, picking up a profitable skill, or job hunt.

“In order to be prepared for this shift, this full moon is offering you the chance to ask yourself what you could accomplish if you put in the work and believed in yourself,” explains Ash. That means giving credit where it’s due! Whether you’ve gotten promoted or are taking the first steps toward your goals, celebrating your wins is a great way to work with the Capricornian vibes this full moon.