You Can Get Custom Podcast Recs From Spotify Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Their playlists are spot-on.

Listen to Astrology Club on Spotify for custom podcast playlists based on your zodiac sign, designed...
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When Spotify Wrapped introduced its audio birth chart in 2021, users could see what artists represented their sun, moon, and rising signs based on their listening stats. Now, the streaming giant is taking its celestial game a step further with Spotify Astrology Club, a hub of astrological content in collaboration with Aliza Kelly, celebrity astrologer, podcast host, and author of This Is Your Destiny. Using algorithms and an interactive quiz, Spotify hand-picks your ultimate playlist that aligns with your zodiac sign — so you can confidently lean on the stars for everyday guidance, no matter if you’re an astro newbie or your friend group’s go-to astrologer.

Whether you’re an inquisitive Gemini or a sensual Scorpio, Astrology Club, which launched on Sept. 12, has a playlist for you. Users can unveil a personalized playlist of music and podcasts, hand-picked with your sun sign in mind, along with other factors, like your answers to a thoughtful personality quiz. For example, if you’re a daydreaming Pisces, the app will serve up plenty of podcasts that stoke your creativity. But beyond that, it may also suggest content that helps you stay grounded to reality, like a meditation podcast. That way, you’re not just getting information that defines your zodiac sign, but also content that can help you grow, too.

Kelly hopes that the Astrology Club experience can strengthen your understanding of yourself. Her podcasts, Stars Like Us and Astrology Dating, along with other celestial pods like Cosmic Rx Radio and What’s Your Sign?, are among the many resources to help seasoned astrologers and cosmic novices alike sharpen their astro skills. Plus, since Kelly is Bumble’s resident astrologer, users can learn more about using astrology in dating with Bumble’s Compatibility Corner feature. If you have the Bumble app, you can access zodiac compatibility and Astrology Tuesdays in the message tab.

Here, Kelly chats with Bustle about Spotify’s new Astrology Club, her podcast, Stars Like Us, and how to use astrology to delve deep into your personal development.

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Can you tell me a little bit about what Astrology Club is and how it can serve as a resource for beginners and experts alike?

Astrology Club is a space within Spotify that is curated and organized around astrological signs and also individual taste and interest. We are encouraging people to move through this flow where they are exploring their zodiac sign, they're also exploring their proclivities, the things that they like, their taste, their situations, their conditions, all of these variables in order to receive this amazing content that is basically the best recommendations that you can get based on who you are and what you enjoy.

As the host of Stars Like Us, have you learned anything surprising or anything exciting about being a talk show personality or just about astrology in general?

Well, one of the things that I really love is just how many different approaches there are to astrology, to metaphysical practices. I love to sort of fold the origin story, the narrative, the real sort of honest experience into the practice because I think that that's what makes astrologers as metaphysical practitioners so special and so magical, is that they have their point of view.

How can users use Astrology Club as a reflection tool?

The way that we set up Astrology Club and the corresponding recommendations, we didn't just focus on the obvious. For instance, with our Capricorn friends who are extremely motivated and ambitious and entrepreneurial, we certainly included podcasts that are about how to manage employees and how to get funding for a new business idea, but we also incorporated podcasts that are about burnout culture and self-care and the implications of the capitalist structure.

What do you wish people talked about more in conjunction with astrology?

Well, I think that boundaries are a really important topic as it relates to astrologers and metaphysical practitioners. How to protect your own energy, how to avoid burnout, how to stay grounded, and how to establish a safe personal life to complement your professional life.

You're also Bumble's resident astrologer. Can you talk a little bit about your collaboration with Astrology Club and Bumble, and how we can use this feature to help guide us through our relationships?

My relationship with Bumble existed sort of independently from Spotify's relationship with Bumble, but all of it was around astrology. And I have a relationship with Spotify, I have a relationship with Bumble, so we basically became a throuple. Using astrology as a tool for interpersonal dynamics, compatibility, relationships, and then, of course, self-development has always been my primary motivation.

We have a subsection in Astrology Club called Bumble's Compatibility Corner. You'll be able to access a lot of the videos we made that are the explainers for the different zodiac signs, as well as lots of the dating guides and written content.

How does Astrology Club fit into the current culture of astrology in terms of social media, and what specific features does it have that set it apart from TikTok or Instagram Reels?

When you first go to Astrology Club, you are prompted to take this really beautiful quiz. So already, it’s creating a distinct relationship between the platform and you as this astrological being. So, you’re being ushered into this experience, and then the recommendations that you receive surrounding it are ones that aren’t featured anywhere else, and that have been organized by an algorithm and all hand-selected.

What do you hope users will take away from their experience with Spotify's Astrology Club?

My hope is that it is going to be an entry point for deeper understanding, contemplation, reflection, and self-actualization.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.