Think Your Partner Is Cheating? These Tarot Cards May Confirm Your Suspicions

If you see these paired with court cards, watch out.

by Kristine Fellizar
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Which tarot cards mean cheating?
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If you suspect cheating in your relationship, consulting a tarot deck isn’t a bad idea. After all, tarot is meant to provide spiritual guidance and insight into situations that may be troubling you. While it may not have exact answers, it can help you decide how you’d like to move forward, whether your course of action is confronting your partner or waiting for more substantial proof. If you’re pulling cards on your own, there are a few tarot cards that may indicate cheating you should watch out for.

In a standard tarot deck, the cards are split into the major and minor arcana. Oftentimes people will look for major arcana cards when they’re asking about big life changes like the start of a new relationship or marriage. But when it comes to infidelity, the cards you want to look out for are actually found in the minor arcana.

The minor arcana are split into four suits: wands, cups, pentacles, and swords. Like a typical playing card deck, each suit has numbers and court cards. According to Davida Rappaport, tarot reader and spiritual counselor, swords aren’t exactly the most positive cards to pull in a love reading as they’re typically associated with thinking and pain.

Pulling court cards (King, Queen, Knight, and Page) along with cards that can represent infidelity might be the confirmation you need to know that your partner is being unfaithful. With that said, here are the three tarot cards that can indicate cheating in a relationship, according to Rappaport.

Three Of Swords


Just one look at the Three of Swords is enough to make you feel uneasy. According to Rappaport, the card is considered to be the tarot card of divorce, separation, stalemate, and termination. “Since the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) decks and its clones show a heart with three swords in it, yes, that can be a love triangle or, you guessed it, cheating,” she says. “It’s always best to see court cards near it in a reading so you can confirm this.”

Seven Of Swords


In tarot, the Seven of Swords is commonly referred to as the “Thief of Swords.” Because of that, readers tend to see it as a card about infidelity, especially in a love reading. “In the RWS decks and its clones, the person in the image is trying to get away with a few swords while leaving a few behind that he doesn't need,” Rappaport says. “Most importantly, he’s looking over his shoulder so he doesn't get caught.” If you pull this card, along with a court card or two, this could be a message that someone is doing something that they’re trying to hide.

10 Of Swords


Like the Three of Swords, the 10 of Swords doesn’t exactly give off the most positive vibes. On the card there’s a person laying on the ground with 10 swords in their back. According to Rappaport, this could mean that someone is being figuratively stabbed in the back. If you pull this card in your love reading, it may also indicate that an ending may be in your future.


Davida Rappaport, tarot reader and spiritual counselor

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