The 4 Best Robotic Vacuums For Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors are beautiful, but they're also tricky to take care of — mopping can cause water damage and vacuums can scuff and scrap the finish. Luckily, the best robot vacuum for hardwood floors can make cleaning your floors a whole lot easier. Just tap a button, kick up your feet, and just relax. These robotic cleaners do all the dirty work for you.

To choose the best robotic vacuum for your hardwood floors, you should consider a few things. The first is your cleaning needs. Do you have a pet that tends to shed a lot? If you so, you'll want a robotic vacuum with a HEPA filter for eliminating allergens and bristles that won't get knotted with hair. For cooks or family members prone to spills, you might want to opt for a mopping robot. Additional features like Wi-Fi connectivity and scheduling are also great to have, especially for busy individuals who want to clean even when they're not at home. And for a more efficient clean and minimal effort, many Roombas and other brands of robotic vacuum cleaners have built-in sensors to detect dirt, adjust to floor type, and maneuver around the furniture to thoroughly clean your home.

If you're ready to ditch the broom or dump the mop and bucket, I've checked out the reviews and specs to find you the best robotic vacuums for hardwood floors to get your place squeaky clean!

In case you might need it, here are the best mops for hardwood floors, as well.


The Overall Best Roomba For Hardwood Floors

The iRobot Roomba 891 robot vacuum is the best all-around option for most homes. It features a three-stage cleaning system to thoroughly loosen, lift, and remove dirt or pet hair from your floor. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can schedule cleanings via the iRobot app or use voice command via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to start or stop the unit.

Its powerful filters also gets dust and allergens as small as 10 microns. "We chose this make/model over others mainly because of the rubber rollers that we felt confident wouldn't scuff up our floors. It transitions easily from carpet to hardwood to rug. It does sometimes get stuck in an odd spot, but I'd say that's happened once since we bought it a few weeks ago. [...] Emptying it is easy, as is cleaning the rollers and filter," one customer raved.


The Best Robot Vacuum For Under $100

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money for a quality clean, this Pure Clean robot vacuum cleaner has all the basics covered according to the more than 400 five-star ratings (and nearly 600 overall positive reviews). For less than $100, you get many of the same features as more expensive hardwood floor vacuums like an allergen filter. Plus with its design helps avoid hair tangles. There’s also built-in anti-fall sensors to prevent it from attempting to vacuum the down the stairs and getting damaged. It works well on hardwood floors, tile, linoleum and even hard carpets. With its low profile, it can also easily clean under sofas, too. However, there's no Wi-Fi connectivity, so you'll have to start or stop the robot manually.


The Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair

If you have a pet that constantly sheds, the Samsung PowerBot R7040 robot vacuum is a great pick. This robotic cleaner was designed with a powerful cyclone suction to pick up all types of pet hair and dander. The built-in brush is easy to clean, and you can even set a schedule for it to run at specific times of day. "It has saved my back, my time and sanity with dealing with the abundant dog hair. I love the ease of scheduling the POWERbot R7040 to clean twice a day," says one Amazon reviewer.

There's also an extended rubber blade to help get those difficult corners and wall edges for a thorough clean. This robotic vacuum is Wi-Fi enabled with the ability to control and schedule cleaning times via smartphone. You can also operate it with voice commands using Alexa or Google Assistant.


The Best Mop Robot

If your family is prone to spills and other messes on its hardwood, tile, and stone floors, a mop robot like the iRobot Braava Jet 240 is ideal. This mopping robot uses a precision jet spray and vibrating cleaning head to scrub stains and remove spills quickly. The power is in the adjustable pads. Just choose the pad type for wet or damp mopping, or dry sweeping modes and attach. When you press clean, it'll automatically detect the cleaning mode. There's also a convenient eject button so you can toss the used pad in the trash without touching it.

And for a clean, fresh scent, you can add cleaning solution as well. With its unique design, it can get into corners and around difficult-to-reach places making it a great choice for cleaning kitchens and bathroom floors. However, there is no Wi-Fi, remote start and stop with this.