Venus Retrograde Is About To Shake Up Your Love Life

Breakup season is here.

Venus retrograde in Leo will affect your love life this summer.
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No one’s safe from Venus retrograde’s drama. It reportedly claimed one celebrity marriage during its shadow period, and unfortunately, this is only the beginning. That’s because Venus retrograde which arrives on July 22, 2023 in warmhearted Leo, is getting ready to set our love life ablaze. It’ll linger until Sept. 3, 2023. Harnessing the fire sign’s courage and heart will help you navigate the theatrics.

“The classic happenings of a Venus retrograde include breakups, and in Leo, the sign of celebrity, expect plenty of headlines about romances gone awry,” Erin River Sunday, lead astrologer for Birthdate Co., tells Bustle. “Collectively we can expect those to continue, with resolution happening on the other side of the retrograde. And the strikes in Hollywood? Sunday says that’s not a coincidence, as Leo totally dominates the creative field.

What Is Venus Retrograde?

First, for background: Venus spends approximately two to three weeks in each sign and about 225 earth days orbiting the sun according to NASA. In astrology, Venus rules everything related to the heart: love, romance, creativity, and beauty. When the heavenly body is direct, it grounds our relationships and balances life’s natural flow.

Approximately every 18 months, however, Venus retrogrades (appears to be moving backward), throwing off our love lives and sense of peace. Retrogrades are about reevaluation, and Venus prompts us to revisit the conditions of our relationships. Because Venus is stationed in Leo, we can expect our ego to be on full display as we reflect on our values when it comes to love and romance.

How Does Venus Retrograde In Leo Affect My Love Life?

Since Leo is associated with our heartspace and sense of self, Venus retrograde is a tug-of-war between the desire of our hearts and our egos. It’s a time to bravely face the underbelly of your romantic bonds. Since Leo energy is all about how we show up in the world, Sunday says, this is your moment to consider how you support your loved ones, and how they prop you up, too.

When Venus is in Leo, it’s a particularly potent time to attract your deepest desires, says Iva Naskova, astrologer at Nebula. “When Venus sets in the zodiac sign Leo, it inspires us to embrace life with full fervor and live with unbridled passion,” Naskova says. ‘

If you’re in a relationship, use this retrograde to honestly reflect on how your partner enhances your creativity or drains your energy. “When it comes to Venus, that means, ultimately, a review of our values,” Sunday says. That said, crucial decisions about whether your significant other is contributing to your heart’s purpose may put a pause on your relationship.

If you’re single, this could be a time to reconsider the values you seek in others. Do you want a partner who supports your dreams? A lover who prioritizes your emotional needs? A fling that reminds you to let loose and have fun?

“Especially because this retrograde happens just after the North Node has entered Aries this year, it’s about leaning into our ego,” explains Sunday. In other words, this isn’t just about how your love life serves you. “It’s about discovering how we might have previously put our own desires aside within love and relationships,” Sunday adds.

It wouldn’t be a retrograde without a few exes popping up, would it? Per Naskova, expect past flings to resurface during Venus retrograde. But rather than a greenlight to get back together (because let’s be real, it’s tempting), Naksova explains that it’s all about introspection. “We’re urged to scrutinize our past relationships and present relationships to evaluate the dynamics, allure, ardor, and intimacy that was present with our current or ex-partners,” she explains.

Venus retrograde doesn’t always spell a breakup. Ultimately, this planetary alignment wants us to focus on personal growth and consider how love plays a role in that. “Doing so isn’t selfish, it’s what will serve to [increase your] joy, fun, pleasure, and creativity,” Sunday explains. Take a step back from romance in order to focus on your inner passions.


Erin River Sunday, astrologer

Iva Naskova, astrologer