Virgo Season 2022 Dos & Don'ts

It's time to change your money habits.

A woman poses in front of a bush. Virgo season begins August 22.
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Virgo season is upon us, which means organizing, planning, and getting your act together. Beginning Aug. 22, the earth sign is pushing us to be our best selves — and it's going to be a doozy (hello again, Mercury retrograde!). Prepare yourself with these do’s and don'ts.

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DO: Get Your Routine In Order

Virgo is the queen of getting their ducks in a row. This season is all about restructuring your day-to-day so it reflects your goals and organizing your priorities, especially during the Virgo new moon on Aug. 27.

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DO: Change Your Money Habits

Between Venus, the planet of love and money, entering Virgo on Sept. 4 and Uranus, the planet of change, going retrograde in money-making Taurus, this is a great moment to review your spending habits, save more, and cancel those pesky subscriptions.

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DO: Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone

It may be Virgo season, but Uranus' backspin in homebody Taurus is pushing us to take more risks. But it doesn't have to be intimidating, start small like explore a neighboring city or try something new on the menu at your favorite restaurant.

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DO: Break Up With Your Old Rituals

With Uranus retrograde supercharging Virgo's organized energy, it's a great moment to assess what's been working in your routine and what hasn't — and then make some healthy changes.

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DON’T: Make Any Big Decisions

The year's final Mercury retrograde arrives on Sept. 9 in socially-oriented Libra, meaning hiccups in your social network and miscommunication in your love life. Avoid making big decisions — like breaking up or moving in with a partner.

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DON’T: Get In The Middle Of Drama

Mercury's backspin is known to stir the pot when it comes to our relationships — even more so this time since it's retrograding in Libra, which rules our intimate relationships. Be on the lookout for misunderstandings and try to avoid gossiping.

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DON’T: Forget About Self-Care

Virgo rules health and wellness, so ultimately, this season is about focusing on your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Reserve time for your self-care rituals and introduce practices like yoga, nightly meditation, or exercise.

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