Coleen Rooney & Rebekah Vardy’s Friendship Was Destined For Destruction

One astrologer’s take on the famous frenemies.

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Coleen Rooney & Rebekah Vardy’s Friendship Was Destined For Destruction

Famous frenemies and British footballer's wives Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy’s infamous drama has gripped the public's attention since 2019. What started off as an alleged mastermind plan and a public accusation ended in a dramatic and expensive libel trial.

In case you haven’t kept up with the celebrity gossip, Coleen Rooney (the wife of footballer Wayne Rooney) accused Rebekah Vardy (the wife of footballer Jamie Vardy) of leaking private information about her to the tabloid newspaper, The Sun. Rooney even went as far as to fabricate stories and limit access to them on her private Instagram story to catch Vardy in the act. In 2019, Rooney shared her alleged findings with the world through a viral Tweet that named Vardy as the culprit. It was this tweet that sparked the whole ordeal, which would come to be known as “WAGatha Christie.” In an attempt to defend her name, Vardy took action in 2020 to sue Rooney for defamation and settle things in court.

The WAGatha Christie trial may have ended this summer (with Rooney leaving court victorious), but there’s still much to explore in the astrological dynamics of Rooney and Vardy’s friendship. From analysing the women's synastry (which is the astrological compatibility of their birth charts), it’s clear that their similar desire to look out for themselves and their innate rivalry caused them to clash.

They Have Some Major Similarities

It may not seem like it, but – when it comes to astrology – Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy have a lot in common. Rooney (born on April 3, 1986) is a passionate and determined Aries while Vardy (born on February 17, 1982) is an individualistic Aquarius. Both Aries and Aquarius have independent spirits and like to do things their own way. When you look beyond her strong-willed sun sign, Rooney has an impersonal Aquarius Moon which forms a near-exact conjunction with Vardy’s Mercury in Aquarius — which is a powerful blend of energy formed when two planets come together in exact alignment. This suggests that the women have a good understanding of each other’s points of view and are both highly intuitive yet stubborn with their perspectives.

Both Rooney and Vardy have their Venus grounded in and controlled by earth signs, allowing them to bond over their shared values and ambitions. Venus is the planet which oversees friendships, finances, and materialism, and when positioned in earth signs, reveals that Rooney and Vardy both hold trust and loyalty in high regard. Rooney’s Venus resides in security-loving Taurus, and Vardy’s Venus is in reserved Capricorn, so they likely built a friendship on the foundation of their shared values, similar lifestyles, and cautiousness when letting someone new into their inner circle.

Their Stubborn Natures Caused Them To Clash

While they may share similar values, it’s clear from their astrological compatibility that rivalry and competition were destined to play a significant role in their friendship. Vardy’s Mars (the planet of action and defence) in non-confrontational Libra is facing off with Rooney’s warrior-like Aries Sun. This argumentative energy may incite tense power struggles and ego clashes between the footballer's wives, who are both unlikely to admit their judgement was wrong. They both dislike being told what to do and likely look out for themselves first — which is where things can quickly go wrong in their friendship.

In addition to this, they are extremely incompatible communicators. Rooney has her Mercury (the planet of mindset and speech) in sensitive Pisces. Rooney’s more likely to react to her emotional instincts and trust her intuition when it leads her to believe someone has wronged her. It’s no surprise she took the dramatic route to share her sleuthing with the public instead of confronting Vardy privately. Vardy, on the other hand, has an Aquarius Mercury, making her stubborn, logical, and unlikely to be pushed into agreeing with claims made against her — especially targeted tweets which attack her reputation. As an Aquarius Mercury, Vardy separates her feelings from her intellect and appreciates the strength and security in numbers, so it's understandable why she made the first move to take legal action to defend her version of events.

A Reconciliation Is Looking Unlikely

From an astrological perspective, it may be hard for Rooney and Vardy to hit the reset button. With Vardy’s stubborn Aquarian nature and Rooney’s sensitive Pisces Mercury, they may struggle to forgive and forget. However, Vardy has an optimistic Sagittarius Moon, which may help her in moving forward from the ordeal.

A love-hate relationship may be brewing between the two women, which could cause them to stay within each other's orbit in the future. Rooney’s Taurus Venus — which is merged with her lunar north node (an astrological point which marks someone's destiny) — faces off with Vardy’s Pluto. While this is an out-of-sign opposition — meaning the two celestial bodies aren’t a perfect 180º degrees away from each other — it still generates powerful and karmic energy. This could perhaps stir feelings of jealousy and obsession with Rooney’s business on Vardy’s part. Rooney, however, may have learned from this experience that, despite attracting friends with ease, an invitation into her inner circle (or her private Instagram story), should be done with more intuitive awareness.


It appears that a clash between Rooney and Vardy was written in the stars but, now that the Wagatha Christie trial has come to an end, the public is waiting to see if the pair can mend their fragmented relationship. While their astrological compatibility offers some hope, with the two women having shared values and lifestyles, their stubborn and sensitive signs threaten to undermine this and even lead to further dramas.

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