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What Does “The Rizz” Mean On TikTok? The Viral Slang Term, Explained

We’ve all got it in us.

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It’s hard out here for people in the dating scene. You’ve spent what feels like hours strategizing what video prompt to use on your Hinge profile. Maybe you’re still working on your go-to Bumble opener. Then, when you actually get to the first date portion of the process, you might automatically feel like it’s not a good fit. Or, in some cases, you might feel an immediate connection, that “there’s just something about them” kind of feeling. That, my friends, is what TikTok is now referring to as “the rizz” and here’s everything you should know about the viral slang term.

Sometime starting in October 2022 the term “rizz” started making its rounds on Tiktok and come November 2022 it seems to have officially joined the app’s lexicon. Despite its latest popularity, the term has been around since May 2021, when two online streamers started using it to talk about their dating life. It can be compared to “having game” or one’s ability to attract a potential partner. In chronically online terms, it’s basically the 2022 version of 2018’s “BDE.” Although it has not been confirmed, some people think “rizz” might be short for “charisma” which would make sense given its definition.

As for how people are using “rizz” on the app, it can come in the form of videos or as a recurring theme in comments sections. The hashtag #rizz has 3.8 billion views on TikTok and videos under the tag feature users showing off how smoothly they try to pick up potential partners on the street or examples from popular culture of characters showing off their own rizz.

User @fazrambles shared that “rizz” can potentially be measured based on someone’s attractiveness and their success when using pick-up lines, although like most dating terms and slang these days, everything is truly up for interpretation.

What makes someone have the “ultimate rizz” or “W rizz” is all in the eye of the beholder. The only way to know if someone has rizz is for the person they’re throwing their rizz at to accept it. Like BDE, maybe rizz is something you don’t understand until you see it for yourself. And of course, one should never use rizz as an excuse for trying to lock down a potential partner that clearly isn’t interested.

For some, their rizz is simply showing off their doe vs. siren eyes. For others, it’s a simple look up and down at the person they’re trying to attract.

Ultimately, everyone has their own special sort of rizz. Maybe it’s a pick-up line (are you from Tennessee?) or the fact that they go to therapy (that’s hot). The rizz is inside all of us in some way, shape, or form. So, what’s your rizz?